X-Planet 8 team 3 man Event

Alright so the dust has settled and just got back from having a few drinks at the bar.  Today was the 3 man event here in Southern Ontario.  8 teams showed up for X-Planets send off to MK2.

Nick, Jeremy and I played in the last 3 man a few weeks ago but Nick couldn’t attend this event so we had to find a replacement.  By the time I started asking everyone else was already on a team!  SOB!  6-7 messages later still couldn’t find someone who wasn’t already on a team or free that day.  In a last ditch attempt I thought I would try Charles.  I knew Charles was traveling in Asian and wasn’t sure when he was getting back but thought I’d ask and see.  Fired him a FB message….waited a few hours when he replied yes! His only condition was he was playing Mercs.   Charles is an expert at Skorne….but I had never seen him play Mercs.  But we didn’t care.  We needed a third!

Night before the event…time to plan lists.  Yes I was that lazy.  I figured since it was a send of to MK 2 I should play something that I wanted to say goodbye too.  I thought about taking Haley 3 with Jakes so I could have a Def 14 Stormwall.  That just sounds fun.  I played 1 game with the list and I almost clocked.  Maybe that wasn’t the best choice.  Thought about taking EE and Runes of War.  But I haven’t played Trolls in a LONG time.  I had put my Cryx away for a break but thought about Skarre and Gore 3.  That would be the easy button for me.  Since I played that primarily for the last year.  But I have been playing Khador….and it was already in my bag….and it would piss Greg off.  Ok Butcher 2 and Butcher 3 it is!

So first list was simple Mad Dogs.
War Dog
Doom Reavers x 8

I mean 48 Doom Reavers is just retarded and since I won’t be able to play that in MK3 I figured this would be a good send off.  Now what to pair it with?

Butcher 3
War Argus
War Dog
Beast 09
Press Gangers x 2

Now this list is basically to handle anything that can deal with Doom Reaver spam.  I figured I’d go the exact opposite with lots of jacks.  The Press Gangers are just there so I don’t lose on scenario.  And as fodder.

First match up I got paired vs  Kyle and his Skorne.  He was using P Xerxis  and E Xerxis.  I figured he was going to run Fist.  Thats a lot of AOE’s he can scatter onto my doomies to make them die to fire.  I figured B3 would be ok into Fist.  But I didn’t want to play it into his E Xerxis list.  He had 4 of his own heavies in it and I didn’t want to try and get the trades to go correctly.  So I picked B2.  He picked E Xerxis.

I won the die to go first.  He picked sides.  First turn was pretty easy.  Full camp and run everything.  He had almost no ranged so I didn’t have to spread out at all.  Just RUN!

Kyle’s turn he doesn’t really move that far up.  Since I am at the 25″ line I can charge him to the 36″ line.   So he stayed back.  Too far back.

My turn 2.  He stayed so far back that I couldn’t charge anything.  So I just ran and jammed him with 90% of my Doom Reavers.  I put Fenris on his flag and Butcher on mine.

Kyle’s turn 2.  Now he is in a bad place.  He can’t get out of his deployment really and it is a kill box scenario.  He kills a bunch of the reavers  about 12.  But he does kill box himself as I thought he would and I scored 2 more for 4.  Now its an auto win for me I just pass the clock and score to 5.  So I do a few things that don’t matter and get a few charges on his caster and roll the massive amounts of damage to kill him.

This was Kyle’s first time in a tournament.  He learned a lot. Time to come out from the home games and join us on Wednesday nights!

Round 2 we get paired up with some friends.  I get Travis!  We always have nice tight clean games.  So I was looking forward to this match up.    He was playing Saeryn and Abby 2.  Now Mad Dogs probably isn’t going to like not being able to make attacks with Saeryns feat….I have played Jeremy with his Saeryn tier list and he wins games effortlessly on scenario.  So I went B3.  Travis took Abby 2.  He won the die to go first.  Bastard.

Travis turn 1.  He takes a ton of board space.  I am a little more cautions moving up as I have played vs Abby 2 and I know she has some CRAZY threat ranges.

My turn 1.  I barely put my PG’s in the right zone.   I move up and energize and take a shot with Behemoth and kill a couple Legionaries.

Travis’s turn 2.  He put 2 Blight Wasps in the zone and positions his 3 heavies just toying the zone and just out of Butchers charge energizer range.  I’d have to impending doom them in to kill them.

My turn 2.  I thought about charging my own dog and energizing to get closer to his 3 heavies on the left side.  Then impending doom his beasts in to flashing blade them to death.  Then I was worried it would cost me too much focus and not camp enough to survive a charge from Abby. So I changed my plan.  Travis was hoping I’d go for it because Fortify prevents pushes.  Which I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t remember that.  So I dodged a bullet.  Instead I just position and full camp.   Moving Butcher up…not sure why.  This was a mistake.  My PG’s charge and kill the two Blight Wasps to score my first CP.

Travis’s turn 3.  Travis goes into he think tank.  A good  6 min of clock he eats planning his turn.  He decides to go for the assassination.  He triggers conferred rage off.  I can see the writing on the wall.  Moving up like that was fooling.  I should be 3″ back. DOH.  He charges with Typhon and sprays to hit my war dog.  My mistake was not triggering the counter charge so I could move the dog out of spray range.  DOH.  Dog dies and Butcher is now def 14.  The Carni also charges in.  When the dust settles.  Butcher is left on 1.  WOW.

My turn 3.  I plan a way to free up Beast 09 so I could charge Abby who is camping 1.   I allocate 3 to Beast 09 and keep the rest.  My Kodiak activates and walks to the Carni in the back arc and hits with 2 initial attacks and triggers Grab and Smash.  Which I throw at Typhon to knock him down so I can free up Beast 09.  Oh wait Fortify.   I am bad at this game.   Ok so now I switch to lets kill all the beasts.  But before that I wanted to have some fun with Hawk.  So she charges Abby.  Hit does 10 so he transfers it.  Second attack hits and I do 7 more.  No more transfers.  Hmmmm.  Killing beasts now would be bad since that would give her more transfers.  So I activate my unit of Press Gangers.  Two charge Abby in the front and two get back strike bonus’s.  First one hits and thanks to Hawk (who also makes the fearless) makes them weapon masters vs warrior models. Gang brings them up to mat 7 and pow 11.  Does enough to leave her on 3.  2nd one misses.   Back strike PG hits and finishes her off.  Well really he Shanghai’d her and turned her into a Sea Dog.   That just sounds fantastic.

Round 3 Scenario Incursion

Now there was one player there I didn’t want to play as he could handle both my lists.  He was on this team….and they team feated to make sure I had to play him. SOB.   I hate you Ray Ray.  Ray Ray is playing something and Ravyn tier.  Guess what he is going to drop vs me…. Well I knew it was going to be bad so I figured I’d try Mad Dogs and give it a go.  He wins the die roll and elects to go second.  He did this because he knows with all my AD he’d have free reign shooting all the reavers to death.

My turn 1.  Well I figured might as well see how much he can do and I run everything up as far as it can go.  I keep Butcher back a bit to not tempt him into putting 30 shots into him.

Ray Ray turn 1.  He feats and kills….a lot.  I’m guessing 32 Doom Reavers.  With his shots and swift hunter he backs up to prevent me charging him.

My turn 2.  I get one charge off and run to engage as much as I can to stop all the shooting.  I put Ruin on the centre flag and Fenris on the left flag.  Pass clock and say I score 2.  He laughs and reminds me I went first…DOH.  Thankfully one unit of MHSF and his Bow guys were terrified of the Doomies.  15 less shots on my left flank this turn.

Ray Ray turn 2.  He can’t do as much since my remaining Doom Reavers are jamming or on a hill.  His other unit of Bow guys break as  well this turn.   He is able to get a solo on the far right flag.  And contests the far left flag.  We both score to 2.

My Turn 3.  Finally the game starts for me.  I was too cautious with Butcher the turn before so I can’t get him on a flag this turn. Doh.  I feat and charge up to get as much as I can in my 12″ bubble.  I run the War Dog to the centre flag.  Ruin charges in and kills everything with in 2″ of him ending on 3 souls.  Fenris goes in and kills the mounted guy.  And my few remaining Dooms gets me to 9 rage tokens.  I give 3 to Ruin and 2 to a Doomie in front of him.  One to Fenris and a 2 to another Doomie and 1 final rage to another Doomie.  First one goes in and makes two attacks vs his Banshee.  Ruin goes in and finishes it off with one to spare.  Right Doomie walks to the Solo on the flag and I use the other to boost the hit and kill him.   I use the one on Fenris to walk back to the flag.  Score to 3.

Ray Ray turn 3.  He goes into the tank trying to figure a way to not lose on scenario.  He is so far back he is going to have issues.  He contests the left flag no problem and kills Ruin with his caster and a unit of MHSF.   That shit is bonkers.  So much damage output.  he takes 3 shots at the dog on a hill with his bow guys and misses them all.  The 2nd unit of bow guys fails a command check and he can’t kill the dog now.  I score to 4 and just score on my turn to 5 again.  Wow. Crazy finish.

Thoughts on the day.  I went 3-0 which is always fun.  Although I should have gone 1-2.   Travis really had the game.  And my last game against Ray Ray.  Well I feel that is a 90-10 in his favour.  I got shit ass lucky!  He played that same match up the first round and won it.  Our 2nd round was very tight.  Charles went to 5 cp and went to shake Owens hand saying good game.  Owen tells him to finish his turn.  So Charles does not thinking to contest the other zone.  Charles 5 cp Owen 6.  You sneaky bastard.  That same round Jeremy dropped his Abby list because he thought it was D&C 1.  It wasn’t. DOH.  Nail biter he barely pulled it off on scenario.  And we desperately needed that win!

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