So I haven’t written one of these battle reports in a while.  But here we go.

Sat Oct 13th we had a World Ender Minor at X-Planet.  Whats a World Ender?

Its a tournament series invitational that runs for about a year.  With events taking place in different stores all over Canada and parts of the US.  Some events win you a ticket to the Invitational at Tabletop Gaming Expo.  Some events win you a ticket to Tabletop Gaming Expo.  This was for the latter.

The night before I was thinking about what I wanted to bring and what I was expecting to see.  I knew Norbert was going who’s a local Cryx player.  So I could expect Slayers.  I knew a Circle player was going so I was dreading Krueger2.  I knew at least 1 Cygnar and 1 Skorne would be going so it gave me a good read on what I would run into.

I’m not sure what I can run into Slayers and win.  Unless my opponent makes a mistake this is pretty much an auto lose.  Krueger 2 has an immunity bubble of immunity to electricity so that’s going to be a problem for the Siege 1 list I have been running.  I played the game vs Greg a week ago and its very rough.

So I commit to Cygnar.  And I build an H2 list that might be playable into K2.  Not sure about slayers though.  I have yet to try either list into it.

World Ender at X-Planet

Round 1 I get paired vs Prime Dave (so named because he lost the game for epic status at the last event to Epic Dave).  He’s running Mad 1 and Gunny.  I know for sure I’m getting Gunny.  I crushed him the first time we tired this but he’s modified his list and its only getting better. 

Prime Dave

I go first and just take table space.  I expect to have to retreat next turn because he’ll be feating bottom of one.  


After my turn 1.

Dave runs up and gets ready to feat.  He’s really aggressive with Gunny.  His Glacier King at pow 2 takes 3 shots at my Storm Strider and leaves it on 8 boxes.  Thats bad as its going to get almost no work done next turn.  Then its going to die.  He forgets to feat.  But its one of those situations where we talked about it and we know he was going to he just forgot to say the words.  I had no problems letting him feat.  Game was over if he doesn’t.  Now its my turn and my shots don’t do any damage and he’s got cover.  I go into the tank.  I can do some work with the eleaps.  But I am not going to get anywhere near back in the game after I lose my Storm Strider next turn.  Then a crazy janky plan starts to form.  I run my lancer into position.  Feat with Siege which removes the wall Gunny had cast.  Then I cast Force Hammer at a def 19 Gunny.  I forgot about the cover part of his feat.  I mean I only need a re rollable boosted 13.  Its doable.  First roll I get 6, 4, 4.  Nailed it.  Slams him into Fen and takes a pile of damage which he transfers which costs him one of his two fury.  I shoot a Fen with a BE to get an eleap to deny a free strike.  I have a Minuteman walk then jump to a knocked down Gunny.  He two handed throws him closer to my line of battle hitting another model.  Causing him to spend his last transfer.  Then the second Minuteman walks over and leaps to throw him again closer to my line of battle.  Then Triumph gets to live the dream and charge a knocked down Gunny and send him for a dirt nap.  1-0.

After Gunny is throw twice!

Round 2 I got Russ.  He’s playing Skorne.  I have exactly 1 game into Skorne in the last year. (Not including a doubles tournament).  I really am not sure whats going on with Skorne.  This should be interesting.  I drop Siege into his Zaal Immortals list. 


I won the roll to go first and takes as much ground as I can.  He runs up his first turn as fast as he can.


2nd turn I make sure I know his threat ranges.  11”, 14” if I trigger Vengeance.  So lets make sure I don’t do that.  Even though I have a couple shots I can make I decide its better not to trigger Vengeance.  I just position just over 12” away.  That way he can’t run and engage me.  His turn the first thing he does is check to see if he can run and engage me.  SUCK IT RUSS!  I’m in your head. 

Must not trigger vengeance.

He does all he can positioning up aggressively for next turn.  Now its time to go to work. I have to wreck as much as possible.  Every attack is going to be crucial.  I keep Siege central slightly to the right.  Feat and take a shot at the limit of his range to start the attrition.  I had high hopes for Harlen.  Who rolled a 1 on his shots so he took 2 shots and only killed one Immortal with last stand.  Wa waa.  Once the dust settles i have cleared the center zone (which Siege is in so I can score it) and the right zone which scores me a second point.  I abandon my left flag because his Immortals would be able to reach Caine 0 if he was on the flag.  But I am able to do work with him and his Charger and keep them out of their threat. 

Post Siege feat.

I’m feeling pretty good at this point….but thats not going to last long.  Russ brings Zaal up and feats.  Now anything thats died but now removed from play he can spend them to boost attack or damage rolls.  Sorry not boost.  Get an additional Die.  When he’s done his turn I’m down a Minuteman, the left Storm Striders on 8 boxes, Triumph is engaged by Bowers and nearly crippled, and my Lancer is dead and Firefly is crippled.   He did so much work.

I can see this has quickly swung into his favour.  I try to do as much work as possible with what I have left.  But I can tell its not going to be enough.  I nearly kill Bowser.   But can’t do much to the unit of Immortals on the left.  I position to score where I can and go 3-1.  He finishes the Storm Strider on the right and Finishes the Firefly, Harlen who tried to be heroic and take out Bowser the turn before, charging in and leaving it on 2 boxes, and kills Triumph.  GRR BOWSER!!! I NEED MARIO!  He charges in and puts some damage on Siege but I am camping 4 and doesn’t make it through to do any damage. We both score 1.  This isn’t looking good.

But Zaal is pretty close up to the middle of the board.  I have no choice I have to go for it.  Caine walks up and takes 2 shots trying to knock him down.  First shot misses.  Second shot hits but no crit.  But I do roll 11 on damage.  Charger takes 2 shots missing one which he transfers the damage.  Battle engine goes and boosts to finish off Zaal.  That was a close one and really could have gone either way.  I love those games.  2-0.

Much to my dismay I get Norbert in the 3rd round.  I am looking forward to the game but my expectations are low.  He of course drop the 9 Slayers and I want to see how Siege can play it.  Luckily I won the roll to go first or I auto lose this game. 


I position up but not to my max.  I didn’t take his plus 2” of deployment into account so he’s really aggressive with 5 of his Slayers and jams them into me.  He’s a little to cautious with Gaspy and he put the Slayers out of his control. 


Doesn’t matter event with my feat its more then I can deal with.  They are all really beat up but not enough. 

He counters by wrecking my lights while continuing to deny me table space.  My next turn I am able to finish off a couple Slayers but there are always more.  He starts to score.  This is bad for me.  As I can’t get to the flag to contest.  And even if I do. Whatever gets there will just die.  In the end I lose on scenario 5-0.  I can’t complain about the amount of damage I did.  My rolls were above average its still not good enough.  The funny thing was after the game Norbert tries to argue how its not a broken list/theme.  Which is fine I get it.  You invested in the models and don’t want them to get nerfed.  He tries to say how it could have been better if I did a few things differently.  Then he says he could have crushed me harder if he’d have feated the turn before…..way to contradict yourself Norbie!  Its as a great game and I am glad we played it.  He played it really well.  And I have another match up to add to my dodge list….I hope they don’t nerf this list.  I have had multiple lists nerfed.  Its not a great feeling.  Here’s hoping Slayer players won’t go through that.  2-1.

Round 4.  I got matched up vs the Beast.  Chadi.  Its great to see him coming out to more events.  He disappeared for a while after a baby appeared…damn kids.  Chadi was running Bradigus and not Krueger 2.  At first I thought about dropping Haley 2 for some lol’s. Then I remember Bradigus has a spell where is battle group gets -5 to spell range.  So I’d only have a 3” range TK.  So that didn’t sound fun.  So Siege it was for the 4th time this tournament.  We did get to play this match up about 3 weeks earlier on a hobby night.  I lost.  With 4 armour 21 lights and 4 armour 20 heavies Siege has a tough time at the long game. 


So turn one I run up taking space making sure to stay out of his walking shooting range.  But not out of his teleporting shooting range.  Oops.  He ports up his light and really this is the game.  If he kills Jakes with this shot its game over.  As the two Minutemen are in front of my army.  Not only does it jam me up but I’m also down 22 points.  He rolls enough to hit but his damage roll shits the bed.  Dice off 1 he rolls a 1, 1, 2.  Spend a focus and negate that!  He positions up for the following turn knowing he’s going to take a feat in the face.  But we’ve played the before so it might be two lights I get with focusing fire.  I look at the board and check some measuring.  I know I can get one Storm Strider on Bradigus since Chadi was night enough to put him on a hill.  Siege is with in walk and shoot range.  Plus Triumph.  He is camping 2 fury and has 1 shield guard in position…..  not sure what my odds are but its good enough I feel like I have to go for it.  Long games not going to go well for me.  First up is Siege.  He walks up and feats and takes his shot.  He decides not to shield guard this one letting it go through.  I crank the damage which he transfers to his light that was already damage which kills him  and blows back 1 point of damage.  He went to reave the fury of the dead beast but NO sir you can’t do that.  I love plan.  Just the rules said no.  But feats been triggered.  My right Storm Strider Charges one of his lights and takes 2 shots at Bradigus.  First one hits so he shield guards it.  The eleaps kill some stones that were in the feat.  Second shot hits and boost damage forces him to transfer.  Now he’s naked.  Triumph lines up his second caster kill of the day.  Misses the boosted 9.  Wa waa.  Its not over though.  But this is down to a critical measurement.  The left Storm Strider was jammed with models and was hard to pre measure if it was going to be in range to get shots on Bradigus.  My objective and a wall are going to prevent him from moving his full 5”.  With some dumb luck he’s in range and is able to put Bradigus down.

Pew Pew

Can’t complain went 3-1 on the day.  But since my CP score was not the highest I slid down to 4th.  Norbert took 1st and won a ticket to Tabletop Gaming Expo.  Donny got 2nd and Cory 3rd.

Had a blast.  It was a nice treat to play back to back months.  I need more games with some off lists.  Something that can deal with Slayers would be good.  Maybe Stryker 2? Stryker 3?  Back to the drawing board!