It’s okay to win your own CON.


The Southern Ontario Open was this past weekend and it was a ton of fun! JVM won iron gauntlet and Tim Banky, co-founder of the convention, won Masters. I played both events and had a great time, it was a well organised and run event and is starting to draw more “international celebrities”. If you didn’t go this year you should totally make a point of going next year, it’s a quality con, up there with Captain Con, Grots Con etc and well worth the time.
Something I wanted to address were some of the murmurings and whispering I’ve heard since Tim won masters with cryx on Sunday. Some of the things I’ve heard are; “the con organiser winning the event seems shifty” and “the event was capacity and they had to turn some people away. Seems bad the con organiser playing and those that paid couldn’t”.

To begin with, Tim is a pillar of this hobby, having spent years as a Judge and PG building the game and community. Personally he’s a dedicated mentor and humble master of the game who has shepherded innumerable players into the hobby. When Tim and Matt started SOO, they wanted to create a quality event that would attract international players and be something they would want to play in themselves. Well, it’s safe to say they have accomplished this goal and are well deserving of reaping their reward of being able to taste the fruits of their victory.

What sense does it make to fault someone, who contributes so much to the community and undertakes the creation of a quality event, at great personal and financial expense? Why should the movers and shakers of our community be excluded from the rich rewards of their labour?

Personally, I have seen Scott, my partner in crime at Party Foul, spend a lot of time and money organising events like the World Ender Series, Ontario Team Championship and his upcoming con; Tabletop Gaming Expo, or TGX.  All of these events contribute massively to the health of the community and I’m not sure there is enough thanks and admiration given to the individuals like Scott and Tim who work tirelessly to build the community. OTC is in its fourth year and I recently told Scott that if he wanted to play in the event I would take his place to run it. I think he’s done more than enough to earn the right to play, just as Tim has done.

Finally, Tim played some real challenging opponents over the weekend and rose victorious each time. There’s nothing shifty about defeating that quality of player consistently. That takes skill, knowledge and talent. Without a doubt, Tims win was well deserved.

So if you’re having these negative thought about this subject, or you’ve heard some of these murmurs and whispers, take a moment to reflect and ask yourself if you’ve done half of what Tim has done for the community. Or if you hear others saying these sorts of things, ask them why the best of us, who do more for others than themselves, should be excluded from some of the best events the community has to offer.

Honestly, now, more than ever, with the removal of the PG program, the community needs organisers and builders within the community. If we continue to latch ourselves onto out-modded notions that are based on some misplaced sense of honour that organisers should be segregated from players, then there will be less events and the community will fragment and dissolve. There used to be another organisation in Southern Ontario that ran great events but stopped doing so because the organisers wanted to play and the archaic notion that organisers shouldn’t be players prevented them from making a leap from organiser to player. As a result the community as a whole lost a great moment to come together.

I for one applaud Tim for not only showing his ability to organise and run a quality con but to also demonstrate his ability to play this game as well. The two should not be mutually exclusive and I hope that Tim’s courage to challenge these ridiculous notions give others the courage to do the same.

And now a meme, because Tim loves that shit!

Now go buy a ticket to TGX!

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  1. Jason May 9, 2017 at 12:17 pm - Reply

    Greg this might be the best article you’ve ever written.
    Props to you buddy for stepping up and defending the community at large from those who would poison it. All that does is drive people away from the game, community, each other.
    An article like this bring awareness that we as a community won’t put up with that crap and fosters that community spirit that makes us want to go to conventions and meet new gamers in the first place.

    Kudos to you Greg. Brilliant job.

  2. Justin May 12, 2017 at 11:12 am - Reply

    I believe I have an opposing view. It does sound shifty to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, people did pay to play, and many likely paid for hotel accommodations. Watching the person they handed money to play and win is likely not an enjoyable experience. Most companies who run events (Wizards, Privateer, video game companies) don’t let the organizers participate and win because it does often create resentment among participants. Secondly, it does bring up the question of favouritism.

    Whether or not it was shady, it seems shady, and that can be just as bad. I did not get to attend unfortunately, but I understand that a request was made to have players not interested in playing to drop out, and make room for other players who wanted to join. This seems to say that people who paid did not get to fully participate, while the organizer did.

    Tim’s skill level or difficulty of opponents isn’t really at question here. The question is of appropriateness. If Bethesda hosted a Doom tournament, and John Carmack or Billy Ethan Khan entered and won, a lot of people would wonder if there was any favouritism or anything untoward that happened (and rightly so). These individuals have done quite a bit for their community and are quite skilled at the game itself, but that wouldn’t make their actions right.

    I fully support organizers being able to play in tournaments and being able to enjoy the game they support, but I personally feel that if an organizer wishes to provide the best experience possible they should steer clear of this type of behaviour. Even playing in their own tournament might not be too terrible, but playing and then winning, denying another player the spot or chance to compete, is beyond what I think is appropriate. I imagine I would be frustrated if I handed someone a bunch of money to compete, and then got knocked out of a tournament by that very same person.

    I certainly enjoy playing you, Greg! But I am afraid I must respectfully disagree with your article.

    • Darrell May 13, 2017 at 9:21 am - Reply

      No one was kicked out of the tournament. If they refused then that was left alone. If they agreed they were compensated. No one was refused entry into the Masters. Players dropped by choice.

  3. Ian May 19, 2017 at 4:38 am - Reply

    Really?? Greg are you trolling us I have
    just read your article and I dont think
    Tim Banky should have played at an
    event where he was a key organizer.
    Lets talk about something no ones
    willing to admit. Tim Banky and his
    Friends/employees fixed the match ups
    on day one of the SOO. Its possible
    sympathetic Friends/employees may
    have done it without Tim’s direction.
    Take a good look at Day one results
    eighth place with a strength of schedule
    six, the lowest strength of the top 16.
    Then there is the watering down effect
    of pairing bad match ups and high end
    competitors against each other
    (e.g Marc Leblanc vs Charles Soong in the
    first round) A really convenient match up
    considering these two were favored to win
    this event. I am sure this is not the only
    example.This was how Tim walked the
    yellow brick road to day two of the SOO.
    His Friends/employees increased his odds
    of a successful result astronomically in day two.
    Its all really clear Tim has been the ugly
    girl at the dance for far too long and he
    is going prove his critics wrong, Tim’s
    relationship with team Canada has been
    strained he needed a good showing in the
    worst way to prove himself and secure a
    place for team three.
    This whole thing revolves around Tim’s
    Misguided notion of his play skills and
    his approval seeking behavior with
    regard to the Ontario gaming meta.
    Tim thinks he is a great player and he is not.
    Tim works at a game store and he plays
    an excess of 10 games a week according
    to his boasting. Soong,Orr,Dalton,Leblanc,
    Beauchamp,Davidson to name a few all
    hold jobs unrelated to gaming and based
    on the amount time invested comparison
    to their results they are almost naturally
    gifted something I can with confidence
    say Tim is not.
    We have all experienced Tim and we all
    remember the words “beyond reproach”
    then after that we had “insufferable adjudicator”
    now we have “tasteless,classless”.
    It is inappropriate to play in your own event
    Tim is not a trailblazer for going against
    what is considered to be in good taste.
    I hope when he looks upon that trophy
    he realizes what he has gained and in
    gaining it what he has lost. I once
    overheard Tim saying that we were in
    the golden age of Warmachine in Ontario.
    Well it seems fair to say we have entered
    the Dark age of Warmachine.
    I have had players approach me and
    discuss Tim’s bad behavior at the SOO
    many dont want to say anything publicly
    because they fear reprisal from Tim as a
    judge in future events stateside. Based
    on Tim’s behavior too date I understand
    their concerns.
    I think Tim should consider stepping aside
    and let the runner up attend WMW or replay
    the final eight for SOO masters with himself
    as an organizer and spectator.
    Illusions of grandeur do funny things
    to a man. I expect he will keep the trophy
    he paid for in its pre-measured spot,
    and by “paid for” I dont mean blood,sweat
    and tears. He was the organizer he paid
    by cash,cheque or credit card.

    • greg collinson May 21, 2017 at 10:15 am - Reply

      You bring up some interesting, if not deluded and paranoid, opinions Ian!
      I think you may be letting your personal opinion of Tim colour your assessment of the situation. Even if Tim can be a glib, patronizing and self serving individual at times that doesn’t detract from what he does for the community at large. You see, for me, what the individual does for the community is more important than who they are as a person. I can overlook a lot of weird and annoying idiosyncrasies for the greater good of the game and health of the community.

      In this case I don’t feel I’m overlooking anything as Tim is a good player and most certainly did not have the “yellow brick road” laid out for him. To insinuate that he did is illustrative of your poor judgement and reveals your truculence. Maybe this anger and negative energy would be better directed into a positive, community focused outcome. What have you done for the community lately Ian?

      I don’t know what ‘age” of the game we are in, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter, as long as we work together, despite our differences, to have a stronger, more healthy community.

    • David Beauchamp May 21, 2017 at 11:42 am - Reply

      Ian are you a complete fucking retard? First of all Charles and MAL didn’t play round 1, so get fucked. Banky may of had the lowest SOS day one but he played vs Trevy the great so just because he didn’t play vs all known names doesn’t mean there was collusion, you must be one of those fucks that mistakes correlation for causation. Seriously you don’t know wtf your talking about.

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