The Swan Dive… okay, stop killing all my things…

Hey everyone, I’m back, and sort going to try and make a go of writing this article while the world is sort of blowing up in the background. I have a feeling I’m like one of those awesome cool guys from the movies who is too cool to look back at the explosion.

Anyway, onto other things. This week I managed to get another game in! Hurray! (cue fanfare!) Now, let’s be honest, I’m kind of between a rock and hard place when it comes to getting games. While I like the guys at my local meta, Worlds Collide in Oshawa, there is something of intermittent attendance rate, and I’m not really one for the more “casual” things like leagues. I like to play Steamroller with “broken” lists, and sometimes that creates a disconnect in the play experience. Some players play the game to have fun, and I’m sure to win, but others, and I sort of include myself in this vein, play to “win”. That doesn’t mean win at any cost, such as cheating my opponent, or exploiting the rules. Basically what I want is to create an equal play experience for both players. I don’t mind losing, in fact I lose a lot of games. The concern for me is that playing WM/H can take quite a while. We have to unpack our stuff, pick sides, deploy models, and while I’m happy to lose top of 2 to some weird assassination run, some other people might not. And therefore the concern for me is that both players have fun. Sure, I’d like to win in the end, but I’d much rather my opponent want to play me again another time, rather than walk away from the table feeling I’ve cheated them by exploiting the rules/power level of game.

Sorry, just wanted to get that out there as it’s been sort of on my mind recently. Well, onto the thing I was going to talk about. Scott, of Party Foul fame hosts a regular game night, and thanks to me being me, I’ve managed to wrangle a couple of invitations to play. This was my second time attending such an event, and as per the first time, I lost, but it was actually a very good game, and I’d like to thank my opponent Tim Fung for being a gracious victor and making the game a lot of fun.

Same setup as last time. H3 with the list that’s making the rounds. I really like it, but man there are a lot of moving parts, and the parts that I know how to move are about as rusty as you can imagine.

Here’s the list for those of you who are curious:


Major Prime Victoria Haley
Anastasia di Bray
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Savio Montero Acosta
Journeyman Warcaster
Stormblade Captaim
Storm Lances (Max)
+Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard
+Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner (x3)
Trencher Infantry (Min)

Tim was playing what I think has been the go to Krueger 2 list with 3 Stalkers (Yikes!), a Gorax, Una w/ 1 Rotterhorn, Druids w/ UA, a Wilder, and 2 units of Stones, both without the UA, I think.

So far, I’m kind of worried. To me Krueger 2 is a top tier Circle ‘caster. He’s got a great control feat, and can deliver some real damage to an opponent.

We ended up getting Incoming from SR2015, and Tim took the first turn, which didn’t bode well. I’m not going to go into too much detail, I didn’t take great notes, but what I will say is that the dice this game were all over the place. Now, that’s not me complaining about my dice, the dice for both of us were nuts, and in the end I would say Tim’s dice were worse for him, and he still managed to win. However, details aside there were some great highlights, and I’ll do my best to talk about them.

Tim feated top of 2 and left me with most of my army stuck durdling around unable to charge. I pushed some damage, and more or less just gummed up the middle, of the board while I tried to push into the zone. Future Haley brought back a couple of dead Storm Lances who got a little too close to a Stalker, and plunked them in the zone, to hopefully stall out Krueger. It didn’t help. Tim killed the threatening Lances and scored two points at the top of 3, all while Una’s Rotterhorn flapped in and tried to kill my squishy stuff. It managed to kill Anastasia, and a few Trenchers, but wasn’t able to kill the Stormblade Captain. And Thorn gets his arms torn off, but doesn’t die.



My turn 3, and turn 4 were where most of the fun stuff happened, at least on my end. On turn 3 I feated with the Haley and spent some Focus getting the Lances back up to snuff Reviving two and giving the unit Ghost Walk, two managed to get Charges off on Krueger, and my dice decided to do their thing. Both Mount attacks hit on the charge, one does negligible damage, and the other fails to break armour. One Lance attack hits, and I can’t remember exactly, but I think he transfers it. I do manage to have Acosta “accost” the Rotterhorn, but he needs some help from the Stormblade Captain to finish it off. Eiryss 2 manages to do some good and skewers the Druid UA with a bolt and banks the dice to kill him. Past Haley gets some work done and Arcs a Force Hammer through the damaged Thorn and ultimately saves him from dying in Tim’s turn 4.

Tim’s turn 4 he makes a go for the win, but his dice fall apart and Future Haley, who is hanging out in the zone at Def 18 ARM 17 manages to not die to Krueger’s ranged attacks, which leaves Krueger on one Fury.

I have a chance! And… I bungle it. With some misallocation of Focus, and some bad activations I leave Krueger on 5 and with more than enough to win the game even without my clock running out.

Here’s how I planned to kill Krueger:

Thorn is unengaged at this point, and can freely move around to get a better line on Krueger, who is sheltering behind the Gorax (this is important). I allocate him one Focus from Future Haley thinking I needed to run him, which it turns out I couldn’t because his movement was out. Anyway, I position him in such away that there is a direct line through the Gorax toward Krueger. I clear some space by running my remaining Trenchers back to give Past Haley a clear line, forgetting she’s Incorporeal, and didn’t really need to move that far. D’oh!  I get lucky and Past Haley manages to hit the hard 8 to Force Hammer the Gorax back over Krueger and into the wall on the other side. She does quite a bit of damage, but not enough to kill it. The Haleys move forward so that Prime Haley and Future Haley both have range to the knocked down Krueger. The result dice leave Krueger on 5 with no Transfers, and 1 unspent Focus on Future Haley.




My time runs out, but even if it hadn’t Tim could have orchestrated an easy win from there. He had all three Stalkers still alive and in the zone, and Future Haley was on 1, with no real defense.

So, what did I screw up? Well, that’s pretty easy. I misallocated Focus to Thorn not knowing that he couldn’t Run, nor did he need to. And I threw away three additional shots when I moved the Trenchers in such away that they couldn’t contribute with their guns.

All in all it was a great learning experience, and I am starting to see H3’s potential, but there are still some problems I need to work out, deployment being the main thing. My Stormblades spent most of the game being more or less irrelevant as Tim got to chose the point of engagement so they just ran around killing Stones and not doing much else. So, there are something to consider going forward.

I’m always open for some suggestions, so please if you see something that I could change in my list, don’t hesitate to say.


Thanks to Tim for the great game, and thanks to Scott for hosting.



Until next time Reluctant Readers!