I’ve spent that last month trying to throw myself back into the Warmachine/Hordes hobby full bore. I picked up a new Faction, I made some efforts to speed up my painting style, and I’ve made a more conscious effort to go out and attend a regular game night (Much thanks to Scott for hosting). But the truth is, I’m really not enjoying it. Actually, the only thing I’ve really enjoyed, aside from the great people the hobby has to offer, is writing these articles. They’ve been helpful in fighting my general gamer malaise that’s been slowly creeping up into my life since the beginning of 2015.

Well, and this is the hard part, but I think it’s time for a break, and a considerable one. I’ve been back in the hobby since I got back from living abroad in 2013, and in that time I’ve gone to some cons, met, and played against, a lot of great people, but sadly the hobby just isn’t fulfilling what I’d hope it would. Instead I see it more as a burden, and I’ll fully admit that I’m the one putting the burden on myself. In truth that might be the problem I’m using Warmachine/Hordes as a way to fill a void that should be better filled by more meaningful things. Now, that’s not to say that I think the hobby is bad, far from it. I have always thought that in person competitive games like this have always been a great way to socialize, and meet people you might not otherwise have met. But for me, right now, I’m just sort of out of gas.

So, what does that mean, well it means that this short-lived article series will be coming to an end, but hopefully Scott will still have me and I’ll still be to continue making Party Foul a better place, at least grammatically, I can’t do anything about the foul language… I’m sorry, I tried. And I won’t be disappearing off the face of Warmachine/Hordes, not entirely, but I am going to reduce my exposure to a minimum. Where I used to try and listen to as many Warmachine/Hordes related podcast, I’m down to none, in fact the articles the guys here at Party Foul write are going to be the only media I’ll consume on Warmachine/Hordes. I just need a refresher. A palette cleanser. And I’m certainly not going to throw away all the people I’ve met through the hobby, I’m just going to not burden them with my malaise about the hobby. I’m basically entering a gamer quarantine. I don’t my downer on the hobby to infect any other people. 

So, starting September 1st, I’m going to be Warmachine/Hordes free for one year.

As for my stuff, well I’ve reduced my collection down to a handful of models, but they’ll be hopefully making their way to another person’s collection. If/when I start Warmachine again I want it to be with a clean slate. Nothing pulling me in a particular direction. So, if you want some choice, assembled and mostly unpainted Cephalyx hit me up. I’ve got a whole heap for sale. As for my Cygnar it’ll be hopefully warming the used model shelves in Worlds’ Collide in Oshawa some time soon.

Anyway, thanks a lot to Scott and the Party Foul guys for putting up with these pretty abysmal article series, and thanks to you, reluctant readers.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.