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Okay, here we are, time to get serious! This time I’m looking at the SERIOUS general threats to circle, the factions main challenges if you will. This article is going to be fairly general in nature but as my college painting instructor used to say; “Work from the General to the Specific!”


Greylord Forge Seer/Behemoth Combo

The Forge Seer has been out for a little while now and I’ve been able to get some games under my belt with them.  Yes its them because you should always take 2.  I did do some dabbling on what jack to put on my Forge Seer.  Now I didn’t try every jack available because once I put Behemoth on him there was no point.  He is the winner.

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Counter Point: Why Circle doesn’t suck but CID does

Not my opinion but a point of contention

It seems like a lifetime since I wrote this article on the State of the Meta: Circle Edition:


Things have changed a little bit since then, not really changed, but Circle did receive a few important Nerfs; to Sentry Stones, Una 2 and Wurmwood (all of which I agree with and embrace) and this has resulted in some individuals out there in the larger Meta feeling that the faction as a whole is shit.  Or more accurately, that there are few competitive options available to Circle in the current Meta and that the faction has lost its “identity” and has no balance.

This all came to my a head when I read Jaden’s series of articles on Circle as a Faction. The first 4 articles on the various models were interesting and well written and are definitely worth a look if you play circle or are interested in knowing what Circle players will be using. I want to stress that I love Jaden’s Blog and that I think he does a great job and is a great contributor to the community. Just because I disagree with him on this one point doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out his stuff and do so regularly!


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