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Goreshade, Lord of Ruin – A Guide

Ok this will be our longest post ever.

William Cruickshanks aka Archnomad is writing a great in depth article on all things Goreshade, Lord of Ruin.  Its a WIP so he will keep adding to it.  Its massive but worth the read.  Multiple times.  Let it sink in.



1. Introduction
2. Ghyrrshyld , Lord of Ruin – An Overview
2.1 Goreshade’s Card
2.2 Goreshade’s Matchups
3.0 What should I take with him? 
3.1 Warjacks
3.2 Units
3.3 Solos
3.4 Mercenaries
4. Common Army Compositions and their Roles.
4.1 The Kraken
4.2 Double Jack
4.3 Single Jack
4.4 Single Cav
4.5 No Cav
4.6 Character Overview
5. Tricks of the Trade
6. F.A.Q.

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Denegrah the Soul Weaver- And her custom base.

After the amazing work I had done on my Kraken’s base I decided Denny needed some kind of love for her base too.   We bounced some ideas back and forth and came up with this.

Just have to finish Denny now.  Ian magnetized the wings but I am torn if I should just glue them in so I don’t always have to fiddle trying to get them in.

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THE SKY IS NOT FALLING! Its a Warcaster Unit after all.

Privateer Press has done a great job teasing the new releases coming out in the new book.  Yes I am talking about all the hype about Haley 3.  Who turns out will be a Warcaster Unit.
I am excited about what the new Haley(s) can do.  But I am a bit worried about the fact she is coming as a unit.  I know she will be no Butcher 3.  Who in my opinion is the only Warcaster Unit that I would use.   I have dabbled with Hunters Grim but they never really clicked with me.  I rarely see the Skrone Warlock Unit used.  Although I think she would be fun,  I just don’t play Skorne.  The list time I was excited about a caster for Cygnar was Stryker 3….I don’t want to talk about it.

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