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Bottom of the Barrel Tournament Results

So the dust has settled on our first Bottom of the Barrel event. Lots of fun was had with 14 players showing up to prove their caster wasn’t bottom of the barrel!  As previously posted I took my Trolls deciding  on a Bearka Tier 4 list, and Gunny.

First round I get a buddy Jon who was rocking Legion for the first time in an event.  He only had to borrow models off of 3 different people to make his Tier 4 list.  I had no clue what to drop so I went for Bearka.

Let’s just say mistakes were made.

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Doomy3, just another Durst?

Okay so Monday night The King of the North; Bubba Dalton, came on down to the store and showed everyone who was interested how broken and crazy doomy 3 will be.

troll doom copy

I already knew Doomy was pretty insane, damage mitigation feat in trolls was crazy enough but this guy has 3 scrolls that are like mini feats in themselves and a spell list that puts the shitacular Kromac into his little cradle where he belongs.

Monday night at the bar was full of salt and gripes with doom and gloom hanging over any poor sod who didn’t play trolls.

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Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet you’re broken as ….

I am not normally one to post on a new release.  But Doomshaper 3….omg.  How did you make it through play testing?

I am shocked that a few of the top players have not realized how AMAZING he is.  No exaggeration here.  Top caster in the game.

Troll Jesus.

I don’t even know where to start.  Thanks to some screen shots making its way across the inter webs we know all the details on Doomy 3 the day before the book drops.


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You know they are a good choice for Trolls when some of the top players hate playing them!
And much like Warders they are better in twos!  So don’t get one unit get two!

I know they have been out for a while but I just got my second unit!

At first I wasn’t sold on them when they first came out.  I felt they didn’t have a home in my E Madrak list….. Well I am no fool and I can admit when I am wrong.  And boy was I!  I have only played two games with them so far with Bearka and they are great.  They have now found a place in my Madrak list.  Can’t wait to give him a go!



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To Tier or not to Tier, Runes of War

Scott here with my next installment on tiers.   This time I am going to take a look at the ever so popular Runes of War tier.  Now, this tier has a special place in my heart.  I never intended to get so deep into trolls but I was doing pretty good with E Madrak and I needed a solid 2nd list, which promptly became my first list.  I had dabbled with E Hoarluk prior to picking up Runes since you didn’t need all those Runeshapers.  A friend had started Runes way back when we first started playing, and he crushed us on a pretty consistent basis as we learned the game. As our playgroup got better he started jumping around and left the list behind.  Until that point the list hadn’t been all that popular it took Jason Flanzer winning a masters event for it to really take off.

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