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Bottom of the Barrel Tournament Results

So the dust has settled on our first Bottom of the Barrel event. Lots of fun was had with 14 players showing up to prove their caster wasn’t bottom of the barrel!  As previously posted I took my Trolls deciding  on a Bearka Tier 4 list, and Gunny.

First round I get a buddy Jon who was rocking Legion for the first time in an event.  He only had to borrow models off of 3 different people to make his Tier 4 list.  I had no clue what to drop so I went for Bearka.

Let’s just say mistakes were made.

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You know they are a good choice for Trolls when some of the top players hate playing them!
And much like Warders they are better in twos!  So don’t get one unit get two!

I know they have been out for a while but I just got my second unit!

At first I wasn’t sold on them when they first came out.  I felt they didn’t have a home in my E Madrak list….. Well I am no fool and I can admit when I am wrong.  And boy was I!  I have only played two games with them so far with Bearka and they are great.  They have now found a place in my Madrak list.  Can’t wait to give him a go!



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Hail to the King, Baby


Gencon is currently being held at Indianapolis this weekend. Being one of the biggest gaming convention, many gaming companies take this opportunity to reveal upcoming products for their games. Privateer Press, being no different than others, revealed us last Thursday 3 new models in the upcoming Hordes book Devastation. The models spoiled were Zaal, the ancestral advocate, Farrow Brigand Warlord and the Glacier King. Of these, the Glacier King was probably one the most anticipatedpre-release as he is the first of the second wave of gargantuans to be released and people couldn’t wait to know if PP had learned from their previous mistake. So what’s the verdict?

Let’s first take a look at the Glacier King’s card and compare it to the Mountain King:


The front card shows us that the Glacier King(GK) has the same stats as the Mountain King (MtK) except that the Glacier King is cold immune and sports a different range weapon. The GK cost 18 while the MtK cost 20.


The back card shows us the real difference between the Glacier King and the Mountain King. The GK lost Whelp Shedding and Kill shot but gained snowfall. Both the GK range and melee weapons have abilities while the MtK has none. Finally their animi are completely different, the GK being defensive and the MtK being offensive.


Finally the third card shows that both Kings have the same number of boxes.

I must admit, my first impression of this guy when I saw the spoilers were: “What the hell is that shit! He still has mat 5. PP lied to us saying he wouldn’t be mat 5!” And I stopped there and I was grumpy for a part of the afternoon. After talking with some friends who had different perspective on the model, I took a break and pondered on it. While I was analysing the new King, he was slowly growing onto me and I realised that he is not that bad. Actually I think he can be a good model under certain circumstances and he will probably see more table time than he his older sibling.

Do you want to build a snowman? Because really that's all he is right?
Do you want to build a snowman? Because really that’s all he is right?

First of all, it’s important to consider the Glacier King has a support model and not a melee beat stick like the MtK is. Yes he lost whelp shedding and he doesn’t have regeneration, but the GK will most likely stay back and provide range support to the rest of your army, like majority of the colossals. Having range 12” natively on the wind thrower is huge for trolls. Only certain warlocks, Dozer and Smigg, thumper crews and pyg bushwackers have the same range or better. Of these, only Dozer and the thumper have the same pow has the GK weapon. Even though, both of these models range weapon are inferior to the GK. Dozer has a mediocre RAT 2 with his gun and the thumper can’t boost to hit or damage. On top of that, the wind thrower has ROF3 and thunderbolt. This mean that you can hit three different targets and push them out of contest range for zones or flags, or hit the same model three times. Thunderbolt could put your target out of reach but this usually means that it would be out of threat range to charge you back. Also, you can add snipe to the Glacier King so that the thunderbolt push can be less of an hindrance. Snipe could also allow him to forfeit movement, thus mitigating the inconvenience of his below average RAT of 5. The only problem with using the GK’s gun to his maximum potential is that he will almost always be at max fury although this could be mitigated by adding whelps to you list.

Another great feature of the Glacier King is the snowfall ability. This allows you to have a shield of models in front of the king who will have +2 defense against most shooting attempt to remove them from the table. Some people argue that the Chronicler ability is better than this one because it can be given to one unit and thus is covering more ground than 3” from the GK. While true, this still affect only one unit while with snowfall you can cover multiple models, including solos and casters. You could also bring both and have a huge portion of your army under concealment. Of course sprays will ignore that but if they are in range of using spray on your models, they are usually in range for a counter attack from the rest of your army. Snowfall also triggers camouflage and stealth on prowl models. This means that you can have a screen that becomes ridiculously hard to remove with range attack, all of this is within 3” of the GK meaning you can cover a lot of ground with this ability.

Marshmallow smash!
Marshmallow smash!

On the other hand, the Glacier King animus is a little bit lackluster. It’s understandable that they couldn’t give the animus with a range of command or that it would activate at the end of the enemy model’s movement instead of activation. This would been have far too strong and close to a feat of certain casters. Still, since it is end of activation, it is quite possible that models reach your GK, they will be able to kill in one round, thus preventing the use of the ability. Thus, I don’t think it is a good animus for the Glacier King. Instead, I believe the animus is actually a defensive tool for the warlocks because with the ability to transfer damage, it is possible that an assassination can fail, allowing you to reply easily on the knockdown model. There is also a way to use this animus with the GK by having a tarpit in front of the GK and taking the alpha for the GK. The tarpit would prevent the enemy models to reach the GK and they would be knockdowned by being in the aura of the animus at the end of their activation. This is harder to pull on reach models but it could be done nonetheless.

Finally, if required, the Glacier king can still go into melee, thus providing you with a solid choice for a second or third wave of a counter attack. Of course he is still mat 5 but having auto stationary fists is a huge boon since only a few models are cold immune. The GK is still a reach beast and his fists are as strong as Mulg’s bat.

How can this guy not be good? Look at him in all his glory and tell me he is bad.
How can this guy not be good? Look at him in all his glory and tell me he is bad.

In the end, I think that there is no doubt that the Glacier King is superior to the Mountain King. Actually, the GK is the best of all gargantuans currently released, meaning that Privateer Press did learn from their mistake. However, the troll community on the forums seems to be mitigated by the GK. About half of them seem to think that the new gargantuan is utter garbage while the other half thinks that it is a good piece that will see table time and could even be included in some tournament lists. I am of the latter opinion and I think that the new King will be good with a few warlocks, notably, Gunnbjorn, Grim2, Madrak1 and Grissel2. Play testing will be required to fully unlock the Glacier King potential. The good news is that I got a con ninja who managed to grab it for me. This means that next week I will unbox the Glacier King for you and discuss the first lists that I will try with it. Then, I will follow this with a report on my conclusions of the Glacier King.

Stay tune for more info coming up next week. 🙂