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OTC 2017, Fun and games!

I always look forward to the Ontario team championship run by my partner in crime, Scott. It’s a great format and lots of fun where you meet a ton of people and play lots of games. It has all the feeling of a convention but only requires a one day commitment!

Dave “Chewie” Gauthier is the embodiment of pro!

The team I played on this year was a mixed bag of good friends who all enjoy playing the game but aren’t necessarily the most competitive, which was great as it was relaxed and full of joking and beer!

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Council Fire Con- Circle Tournament Bat reps


I went to Council Fires this past saturday, a miniature convention, in Brantford and played in their warmachine tournament and had a fantastic time! I was super excited because I would hit my 200 games for the year goal at the tournament on the last round! Let me tell you about it: Continue reading Council Fire Con- Circle Tournament Bat reps

OTC 2016 So long and see you next year!

Alright since i was losing my voice it made it hard to do a end of event speech. So this will be a long post! Sorry.

First thanks to everyone who came out to the 2nd OTC. We had 24 teams for a total of 120 players. We had teams from as far as Lancing Michigan come to try and steal the OTC trophy. Thanks to EVERYONE for coming out.

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