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Alright we are having another raffle for our Patreon supporters.  So head on over to our Patreon and pledge!

We are giving a way a fully painted 75 point Ret list.  Painted by Party Foul Greg.  The draw will most likely be in June.  All the proceeds are going to Podcasting Gear.  Winner is responsible for shipping costs.

Vyros 2
Elara 1

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Ret and Legion Teasers

More from Will. RET Teasers

“For spoilers let’s just say come the new editions Thyron isn’t going to be the only Ellowuyr swordsman on the table. He’s going to have a whole mess of friends real soon to show those snobby Dawnguard who the real sword masters are.”

From Shick:

As far as things to get excited about? While let’s talk about one of my all time favorite WARMACHINE or HORDES models, the Archangel.

The Archangel is now SPD 7 and is the first gargantuan or colossal to have a rule that allows it to move outside of its normal movement in Deceptively Mobile (I argued really hard that it should be called Insanely Fast, but I was overruled). Deceptively Mobile simply says that at the end of an activation this model did not run or fail a charge it can advance up to 3″, then its activation ends. This rule replaced the Archangel’s Ride By Attack but I think in the end you’ll quickly see it was well worth the trade as this nimble gargantuan effectively gained 4″ of potential movement.

Oh and its RAT went up to 6. So it’s way more accurate with those d3+1 AOE 3 POW 14 dragon fire shots!

Interview with LVO Masters winner Jeff Everitt

12033160_10156081424755300_3464931777064668977_nJeff “That Guy” Everitt is a very accomplished member of the western Canadian Warmachine Meta and has also been a prominent player in the international warmachine scene in the last couple years. He attended WTC last year as a member of team Moose and this year is heading up the same team as Captain. He won Wet Coast 2015 and just last week won the Las Vegas Open. Jeff gave me the opportunity to interview him about his LVO win!

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To Tier or Not to Tier: Forcewall



Retribution is very much a combined arms faction. This is evident in the design of its war jacks as each has both ranged and melee capabilities along with some other unique special features. Frankly, I think they’re really cool and I find myself wanting more of them in my lists these days. Unfortunately these awesome abilities don’t come for free and many take our casters limited focus to use. I stay positive though hoping for the day when I could use jacks like the Manitcore and Hydra to their full effect and not leave my caster stripped of focus.

Enter Kaelyssa and her No Quarter 54 theme list.

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To Tier or Not to Tier: Guardians at the Gate



eVyros tier_pic1
The irony of them eating an elf…

Epic Vyros is one of the current staples of  competitive play for the Retribution of Scyrah. Affectionately referred to as Griffon Spam or the ‘Murder of Griffons’ the list brought something different to the faction besides the ranged heavy/dude spam lists. It offers a decent armor skew with a ton of damage boxes giving the army some resilience.

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Greg gets a new toy and wants to talk Retribution! (Trib as we call it here).  2016 is going to be the year of elves for Greg and he has been collecting a large force!  Greg and Nick were also involved in a painting challenge……which has died off for some reason.  We can blame Nick for having a child.  They suck up so much of your time!