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Alright we are having another raffle for our Patreon supporters.  So head on over to our Patreon and pledge!

We are giving a way a fully painted 75 point Ret list.  Painted by Party Foul Greg.  The draw will most likely be in June.  All the proceeds are going to Podcasting Gear.  Winner is responsible for shipping costs.

Vyros 2
Elara 1

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Interview with LVO Masters winner Jeff Everitt

12033160_10156081424755300_3464931777064668977_nJeff “That Guy” Everitt is a very accomplished member of the western Canadian Warmachine Meta and has also been a prominent player in the international warmachine scene in the last couple years. He attended WTC last year as a member of team Moose and this year is heading up the same team as Captain. He won Wet Coast 2015 and just last week won the Las Vegas Open. Jeff gave me the opportunity to interview him about his LVO win!

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World Ender #5 Battle Report

25 players showed up to try and win a ticket to the invitational.  25 players showed up.  Competition was going to be stiff.  4 players from the WTC team were out.   King of the North decided to stay home and watch the Jays lose….mistakes were made.

I thought this would be a great time to get some practice with P Skarre.  So off I went with my well practiced list (Goreshade 3) and my I have no clue what to do list (Skarre).

Here are my lists!


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