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The Nerf Bat Continues. Legion.

Well first thing we should mention is the changes to eyeless sight.  Something Legion has enjoyed for a long time is ignoring rules all the other factions had to deal with.

They have removed the ability for Eyeless Sight to ignore forests when determining LOS. However, the ability to ignore concealment, Stealth and cloud effects remain. In addition, Eyeless Sight now makes models that have it immune to Blind.

So not really a nerf.  And being immune to Blind saves them the fury they need to shake it.  And Legion did have some issues killing Gorman.

Now some cards to spoil!  Ok not really since PP shared them.  We don’t know if these will be their official version.  Thoughts?


Ret and Legion Teasers

More from Will. RET Teasers

“For spoilers let’s just say come the new editions Thyron isn’t going to be the only Ellowuyr swordsman on the table. He’s going to have a whole mess of friends real soon to show those snobby Dawnguard who the real sword masters are.”

From Shick:

As far as things to get excited about? While let’s talk about one of my all time favorite WARMACHINE or HORDES models, the Archangel.

The Archangel is now SPD 7 and is the first gargantuan or colossal to have a rule that allows it to move outside of its normal movement in Deceptively Mobile (I argued really hard that it should be called Insanely Fast, but I was overruled). Deceptively Mobile simply says that at the end of an activation this model did not run or fail a charge it can advance up to 3″, then its activation ends. This rule replaced the Archangel’s Ride By Attack but I think in the end you’ll quickly see it was well worth the trade as this nimble gargantuan effectively gained 4″ of potential movement.

Oh and its RAT went up to 6. So it’s way more accurate with those d3+1 AOE 3 POW 14 dragon fire shots!

Lich Lord Asphyxious how you vex me…

As some of you may know I’ve been playing Cryx since Februrary of this year, and it has been a blast. E Denny and Goreshade 3 have been  instant clicks for me, and each tournament I’ve taken that pairing to I have gone 3-1 or better. So when the local hobby store was doing a Domination League for the summer I thought it would be a good idea to learn a third caster.

Enter Lich Lord Asphyxious aka Gaspy 2.

Now, I am so new to the faction that when I went to look him up in War Room I couldn’t find him initially because everyone in my meta calls him Gaspy 2. I eventually figured it out. So after multiple people recommended him I decided to listen and give him a go. It wasn’t pretty. First 7 games… 0-7. Talk about not clicking. I couldn’t buy a win at this point. For the love of god Gaspy 2 and I just didn’t click. Fast forward a few weeks into the league and I have managed to squeeze out 4 wins! And the win from this past Monday was pretty funny… Sorry Kevin.

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To Tier or not to Tier. Machinations of Shadows

Scott here with my next article on Tiers.  This time we dive into Legion with eVayl’s Machinations of Shadows Tier 4, and is probably one of the best/most popular tiers that Legion players run.  I dabbled in Legion a few years ago back before I knew what I was doing…not that I know now but that’s besides the point.  I’d bought her, and even had her painted but never really gave her a shot.

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