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BRICKHOUSE in da house!

Well I have decided to put Khador away and play with new toys.  And one just came out.  Cygnars new character warjack Brickhouse.

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First think I notice about this jack is the price.  Wow was it ever expensive.  More then I am used to paying for a jack.  I was expecting mid $40’s but it was high $50s.  (In Canada that means more then $70).

Time to dive in!

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The kit is primarily plastic.  A couple small bits, head and legs are metal.  This should make it easier to change that ridiculous stock pose.  Seriously how did that ever make it past marketing?

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Even have a sweet custom base from Secret Weapon for him.

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Lots of flash and bits to clean off.  Doesn’t matter to me so much as I’m a horrible at this hobby.  But if you’re meticulous then you’ll probably spend upwards of 30min cleaning it all up.

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Sometimes you have to balance models to get them to glue just right.  I am very impatient and wish glue would work faster!

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Bam! Trying to get the pose just right.  I probably should have put the head on at this point but I waited until I had both arms on.  That was a mistake.  Ended up almost busting off the Ironman arm trying to get the head on.

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And finally done.  Aside from cleaning off all the flash Brickhouse goes together fairly easy.  As you can see I put the hammer down so he wasn’t so crossing guardish.  Now just have to wait for Greg to get home from vacation so I can get him painted and on the table!



Battle Report WTC Charity Event

Today we participated a WTC charity team event at X-Planet in Mississauga.  Lionel was great to host the event and donate half the proceeds to the boys going to the WTC this year.  8 teams showed up to play the 3-man team event.

My team was Tim, a member of Canada’s WTC teams, and Jeremy… who is not… yet.  Tim played Circle, while Jeremy played Legion and I played Cygnar for the first time in 3 years….

I mean what can go wrong.

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State of the Meta

Ok, it’s only been a couple weeks since mark 3 was official, and I may have only played like 10 games and seen about a dozen, but I AM READY to make some wild and inaccurate predictions about how the meta is going to gel!

Almost immediately I have noticed 2 trends in lists played and lists advertised on social media:

  1. Jack Spam
  2. Extreme ranged

It is my belief that these will be the two dominant list building strategies in the initial meta cohesion, so let’s take a closer look at them and then I’ll discuss why I think this will be the trend.

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