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This will be a series of articles and accompanying videos to address the challenges facing circle in the current warmachine meta cycle.


In the wake of the Una 2 nerf, circle has been in the rather strange place of not having a meta defining caster or caster pairing. For once they are faced with serious, seemingly insurmountable challenges from certain factions that has caused many in the Circle community to doubt wether circle is even a viable competitive option. I don’t believe this is the case but instead believe that Circle players as a whole have become stagnant and calcified in their opinions of options within Circle. I will endeavour to offer up alternatives and options and how they may be applied in an attempt to overcome the challenges facing circle.


Lightning Witches of the Stormwrath

I’ve been playing circle for almost a year now and the only casters I haven’t played were p kromac, p kaya and p krueger. so I started making lists and I played my first game of him the same day the Night Witches became available.pip72088 copy

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Playing with trash, golden learning opportunities

We did a great little event at our local LFGS; a bottom of the barrel! In this style of event you are limited to choosing up to two of the three worst casters in your faction (as voted by everyone). With these serious limitations some casters who are normally complete garbage turn out to be quite incredible!

I decided to take Mohsar the desert walker and Grayle the Far Strider. I’ve played a competitive ranged build of Mohsar and decided he would be my anti-hordes, shoot you dead list and Grayle would be more of an assassination/armour cracking list.

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Zaptos the Thanksgiving Turkey

With the release of Devastation and the update to warroom I’ve immediately gone in and started looking at the juicy newness and trying to find some interesting synergies and unique play experiences the new models will offer.

To be honest I haven’t been too impressed with Kromac 2 despite all the love other circle players have expressed for him and I was a bit shocked by the crazy power levels of Doomy3 but I don’t want to talk about those guys. What I was really interested in was the new Circle Gargantuan: The Storm Raptor!

Wild Turkey a-1


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