Sturgis Wins Again

So, you know Sturgis is the best caster in the game but you don’t know how to play him? Don’t worry, he may not be as simple to play as Haley3 but your old pal Malorian is here to share yet another example showing how OP this premium caster is.


Here is my list: (Heavy Metal Theme)












Min mechaniks

I know it doesn’t matter what you run Sturgis with, because he’s going to win the game on his own, but I just thought the completionists out there would want the full list.


Knowing that he had no chance of winning anyway, my opponent dropped a Kaya3 list he’s working on:




-Feral warpwolf

-Feral warpwolf

-Winter argus

-Winter argus





Shifting stones

Shifting stones


Scenario and Deployment:

The scenario was 2 circle, 1 rectangle, 2 objective, and I won the roll for initiative, deciding to go second. This was done to give my opponent a little bit more of a chance. Note that in deployment I also deployed my firefly on the opposite side compared to the Thunderhead to once again ease the trauma my opponent was about to endure.


Turn 1:

His stuff runs up and Kaya3 casts Fog of War to give the Stalkers stealth from their prowl. Sturgis doesn’t care. He just has the Defender take a chunk out of a Feral Warwolf, both Centurions get Arcane Shield who then polarity shield and trample up, and Thunderhead gets Snipe.

Turn 2:

The Circle models shift around uncomfortably, knowing that their doom is on the horizon.


Sturgis then reinforces his foot hold, and lets them know he means business by having the Defender shoot off one Shifting Stone, Thunderhead shoots off another, and then Sturgis himself and his current fling, Jakes, shoot off a third.


Turn 3:

Feeling the pressure, and getting desperate, the Circle force throws itself at the Cygnar line. After popping feat and casting Synergy, a Winter Argus, a Stalker, and a Primal’d Stalker destroy the objective and one of the Centurions. The Winter Argus also used it animus, which stationaries enemies that end their activations within 2 inches. Finally a Primal’d Feral Warwolf took a chunk out of the last Centurion, but the wise Sturgis already had a team of mechaniks ready to repair it so he wasn’t worried (not that he ever is). (1-0 for Circle)

With the enemy having presented itself it was now time to unleash the power of Sturgis. A Tremor attack knocked down all of the central beasts, who are then all quickly dispatched with, and the Centurion casually impales the Feral Warpwolf knowing that it will simply eat a goblin next turn.


Turn 4:

With things getting hopeless, Kaya herself is forced to join the fight, and does manage to scrap one Ironclad and damage the other, but she has made the classic mistake of getting within charge range of Sturgis…

The Junior, feeling bad for the damsel in distress, runs up to help, forcing the Ironclad to hit him with a Tremor attack, which also (quite accidentally) knocks down Kaya. Finally, the brave Sturgis charges in and puts the enemy warlock out of her misery.


Post-Game Thoughts:

There you have it, yet another win in a long line for the powerful Sturgis. Some of you may be wondering when Privateer Press will nerf this OP caster, but unfortunately Sturgis is just so powerful even CID’s and Dynamic Updates have no effect on him.

I think Will Pagani said it best, “If I can’t balance Sturgis I’ll leave Privateer Press.” Need I say more…

Thank you for reading (although really, you should be thanking Sturgis), and I hope this gave you some insight into the most powerful caster in Warmachine.

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    Long live Sturgis.

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