Store Wars 10 From A Cryxian Player


Saturday the 18th of July was the store wars at X Planet it is my last chance to pad my 16th place and qualify for the finals.  I have only been able to attend 3 events so making the top 16 with this as my last event will be tough.  My only wish is that I could dodge Wold War.  As I don’t really have an answer for it.  And Fuck Bradigus.

I took my standard Cryx pairing Body and Soul and Goreshade 3 ponies all the time.  Here are my lists.


The first round was vs Owen The Cooler and his Cygnar which I didn’t know he played.  Apparently he decided that morning to play and made lists out of what was in his car.  Nemo 3 and P Haley.  Interesting list builds.  I think he wished he had more models in his car.  With the lack of Gun Mages I decided to go with Goreshade Lord of Ruin.


He Dropped Nemo3.    The scenario was Destruction.

I figured I’d be able to assassinate him pretty easily since well Killbox, and decided to go first to set that up.  Owen did a great job preventing an easy assassination.

Turn one I just ran my shit up.  Putting the arcnode and Ghost Raiders up as far as I could so I could easily finish him and go on my lunch break early.

Must Kill Nemo!

Must Kill Nemo!

Owen goes and positions not running up as much as I expected him too.  He had a ton of Precursor Knights in front of Nemo and that was going to take my assassination off the table.  There goes my early lunch, Owen is going to make me play this game.   He takes a pot shot with the Hunter at a Soul Hunter and misses.

My Turn 2 time to change gears.  I run up with my Raiders to engage as much as I can and block his models from getting into the zone.  My Soul Hunters charge and starting thinning the Storm Guard on the left flank.  My dice fail a little and I don’t kill as many as I was counting on.  I do a big CRA into the Hunter which took out its Cortex.  That made me happy.

His turn two he Chain Lightings some of my Ghosts which makes me a sad panda.  He kills two of the Soul Hunters with the Storm Guard and only gets two models into the zone.

My turn 3 I still don’t have an assassination angle so I change gears and decide its time to put some scenario pressure on him and see if that gives me the assassination I am looking for.  I kill the objective and the 2 models in the zone.  The Nyss take a CRA into Jr and kill him.  Happy Days the Hunter goes inert.   I continue to jam.  I positing the Ghost Raiders to catch his officers and pop feat.  I freeze Gorman and some of his trooper models.  This prevents any black oil bull shit and stops his troops from being able to run or charge.  I score 3 CP’s.  This put a ton of pressure on Owen to commit and get in the zone.

His Turn 3.  With me at 3 CP’s that puts him in a pickle.  He puts the Centurion in the zone and pokes a couple dudes.  He is able to get 4 tough Precursors in the zone as well.  He still keeps Nemo way back and behind his overlapping Precursors so still can’t assassinate.  And since I feated it won’t be as easy.

My Turn 4.  Just need to kill 4 tough models and a Centurion.  Easy as pie….  I start with my Nyss and start shooting his tough models.  He is helping me out by failing his tough rolls….until the last guy.  That bastard toughed…twice.  That was going to be a problem.  I have no more models I can use beside my caster to kill that knocked down tough bastard.  Then I notice my Necrosurgeon…I think to myself “Could she do it?”.  I check her card and she has a melee attack!  Pow 11. SWEET!  I charge her in and auto hits and he fails his tough!  Now I had to kill his Centurion.  The Skarlock Thrall puts Scything Touch on Goreshade.  He charges in and with his last attack is able to wreck the Centurion.  I never crippled his blasted shield!

Game 2 vs my Buddy Greg my partner in crime with Party Foul.  He is playing Bradigus as we even discussed it on the car ride to the tournament.  My plan was to dodge this game.  FUCK.  This is not good for me.  I decide to drop Body and Soul even though I know I have less of a chance at winning.  I just wanted to get that list played. I am not going to write a Bat Rep on the game.  Fuck Bradigus is all I am going to say.  Check out Gregs Bat Rep for a full account. Fuck Bradigus.

Fuck Bradigus.

Fuck Bradigus.

Round three. I get another Circle player. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.  He has a fucked up Bradigus list with the magic monkey.  I take Goreshade and hope he makes a mistake that I can capitalize on.  I think he heard how much I hated Bradigus so he was picking that tho matter what.  I forgot to take a pick of his lists.  My bad.


I almost get him top of 2 when he goes for flesh of clay instead of the animus that prevents him from being stationary.  After doing it he changes his mind and switches it.  I allow it,  not wanting to be that player that calls his opponent on everything.  I’ll save that for the next game (Sorry Dustin).  I keep waiting patiently for the mistake to be made.  And then it happens.  He makes a melee attack with Bradigus and then has to buy another attack which was out of the norm for his activation and he completely forgets to put the animus up and the spell that doesn’t let me cast spells.  Time for me to go all in.  I position the arcnode in the forest so I can see his caster and feat to freeze him.  I begin syphon bolting him.  He is camping 4 fury.  After I’m done he is at 7 health.  I then put the plus 2 damage on the mechthralls and charge him with only one.  It auto hits at dice plus 1 I think it was.   Bam dead.  I had 2 more charging Soul Hunters if I needed it.
Fuck Bradigus.


Round 4 vs Dustin and his Cygnar.  He has upkeep removal in his list and Double StormWall I go with Goreshade again.  He takes Caine 2 and not the double storm walls.  Interesting, I was expecting double Stormwall.  This was an amusing game for me and a frustrating one for him.  The scenario was Incursion.

My Turn 1- I got to go first and just took a ton of board space.  My Soul Hunters on the right run up and my Bane Riders on the left Run up with Ghost Raiders supporting.

His Turn 2- He advanced up and killed two soul hunters.  He forgets to upkeep Heightened Senses and goes to pay for it but I call him on it and say no way.  He doesn’t move up as aggressive as I was expecting.  Caine kind of shifts to my right side.  His Hammer Dwarves run on the left.

My Turn 3- I start the jam game and put my ghosts into his dwarves on the left.  I charge with my soul hunters into the Boomies on the right and my nyss CRA to take out Ryan.  That made me very happy.  My Bane Riders base the flag.  If he doesn’t get a model over to the left I’ll score in his turn.

His Turn 3- He runs a Ranger over to contest…bastard.  He has some bad dice rolls and doesn’t kill as much as he likes.  He does kill all 5 of my Ghosts since Aiyana gave them magical weapons.  That was part of the plan.  The Dwarves never moved so that was going to help the left flank continue to score.

My Turn 4-  I kill the model thats contesting with Goreshade and Mockery of Life twice so my Ghosts could be over 50%.  They run back to the flag to score.   I charge with my Bane Riders and kill enough of his dwarves to force a command check…they failed.  I get a charge off with a Soul Hunter onto Caine and put 6 Damage on that fragile little bastard.  My nyss charge and cripple rowdy, taking out his cortex and movement.  I put occultation up on Goreshade to keep him safe.   I try to free up the right flag but my Mechanithrall can’t hit a Boomie and my Ripjaw can’t hit the same Boomie.  I score 1.

His Turn 4-    He tries a couple things to free up shit and fails.  He uses the Black 13th to snipe my Ghosts so they would be back below 50%  DOH!  Going to miss another point there.  I should have based the flag with my caster.  Aiyana Harms my Riders but even that doesn’t help his rolls were so bad.  He gets frustrated with how his attack rolls are going and he passes the turn.  He forgetting to 4 up tough the Boomies and forgetting to roll the command check on the Hammer Dwarves.

My turn 5-  My Riders continue to press the left flank.  I charge Aiyana and got to impact Eyriss but I never showed it moved 3″ so I have no choice but to not take it.  DOH you should always measure to show!  He does offer it to me but I decline.  I get a free Mockery off because Aiyana did her Harm spell the turn before on my Riders so I bring back 3 more Ghosts so they can score again.  Gorshade is again naked with just Occultation up.

His turn 5-  He figures a way to go for an assassination since I am camping zero.  He moves the Black 13th into position taking a free strike on Watts.  He dies.  Lynch gets in position and he goes for the AOE that removes stealth.  I show him my Bane Riders melee range that he is still engaged.   At this point Dustin has had enough and concedes.  I think I broke him.

I went 3-1 and got 2nd place thanks to Greg.
With my winnings I got a unit of Fire Eaters!

I got 8 points for my efforts which should put me up in the rankings to make it to the finals.  But it will be tight.  I figure I have about a 50-50 chance of making it.  Wish I could make it to the last tournament at HK on saturday!

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