SOO Double Champion Bubba Dalton

13051721_491257791066215_4239687565190369987_nDespite only having joined the warmachine community a couple years ago, Bubba Dalton has wracked up some impressive wins and plays and comports himself in the manner of a life long veteran. He has won many local tournaments, was on this years OTC winning team, qualified for masters at CaptainCon 2014, 2015, 2016, Templecon 2015, Southern Ontario Open 2015, 2016 and just recently rocked SOO winning both IG and Masters in the same weekend. Last year he was a member of Team UN at WTC (going undefeated) and joins Team Canada Goose for this coming year.  Bubba is an extremely strong warmachine player and a jovial gentleman to hang out with.

Qualified for Masters at:
On Team Canada – Goose

Our Buddies over at Moosemachine streamed a bunch of the games and you can check them out at:

You can check out the Iron Gauntlet Finals here:

Bubba is best know for playing Khador but took Circle Orboros for Iron Gauntlet.  These are the lists he used:

list 1



1. Hi Bubba and congrats on dominating the SOO! I heard a rumour this may be first time you played Circle competitively, is this true? Whether or not that’s true can you go through any preparation you did for SOO (playing certain match ups, practicing lists, how much, how frequently etc)?

 The rumour is true, the SOO was the first time I had played Circle at a tournament. I had played Krueger2 twice a few months ago for fun but that was it. So my prep for IG was zero. I literally walked into the hall, yelled to the whole room if anyone was willing to let me borrow their army for IG. Ben Carver was kind enough to let me borrow his gorgeously painted Circle and the rest you know. For Masters I had switched back to Khador after WTC and my practice was just the regular games I play, about 2-3 per week. I made the Vlad3 list the night before Masters and knew I wanted to play Mad Dogs of War at least once before it went away in MK3.
2. Let’s talk Iron Gauntlet first; was there a list out of the 3 that you considered your primary and if so why? Was there a particular opponent, faction or caster you were hoping to avoid?
 My “primary” list, if you could say that, was Krueger2. Having played against him many times I understood a lot of how he played and at least how to win on scenario with him. I sure as hell didn’t want to play Legion or Ret…Lylyth2 and Rayvn tier in particular would just wreck me.
3. There were three games prior to the cut to top 4 and you didn’t have to play all 3 lists. Which lists did you end up playing and why? Can you briefly outline your 3 games (Who you played/their casters /what was played and result)?
First game I played Krueger2 into Twins, scenario was Incoming. Pretty standard game for Krueger2, I traded some pieces then feated and scored 3 CPs. 2 turns later camping my own zone got me the win. Round 2 was Morv2 in Syntherion on 2 fronts. All my stealth meant his jack heavy shooting list was very sad. My Blood Trackers were wrecking a jack every turn and once the Prime Axiom fell my opponent conceded. Round 3 was a very tough match against Billy Nichols from ‘Murica!!! playing Madrak2, luckily for me the scenario was destruction. I scored 3 CPs on bottom of 2 and feated with Krueger2, camped a bunch and hoped not to die. After not dying it was a simple matter to clear the zone of the few remaining models.
4.  Your Krueger list at first glance looks like an anti dude spam list but I know those croaks can crack some armour when needed. How did you see that list playing, did you have any experience with it going in and if you played it how did it go?
 The Krueger2 list was a direct copy of Gord Weppler’s ,from Alberta, list. (Note, all my lists were just copied from discountgamesinc’s tournament section…I mean I dojo’d them all really hard and didn’t net deck at all). Zero experience with the list going in. I expected the games played with him to be push hard for scenario and shoot down any problem pieces in zones with Croaks.
5. With 3 lists you have lots of opportunity to specialize them and have specific match ups in mind when doing list pairing. How did you approach this and did you have spevific drops you wanted for each of the lists?
HAHAHA Absolutely not. I really went into the match-up process blind.
6. Legion is always a concern for Circle and with Pvayl and Llyth2 on the ADR it could be a little nerve wracking. Without Bradigus in the mix how did you intend on dealing with Llyth2 or Legion in general?
I intended on dying a horrible horrible death…I wanted to play Bradigus and that was the main reason I said yes to Ben’s Circle. It was after the fact however he informed me that he didn’t have Bradigus fully painted. At that point Plan A became dodge Legion.
 7.  I got to watch the streamed finals and know you played Doomy3 into Morvhana. Can you briefly outline what stuff you pulled together to make Morvhana into 75pts and whether or not you just added 25pts of stuff to her list or tailored it beyond that? Did you have any experience at 75pt games prior to this? Do you feel the transition to 75pts puts a lot of emphasis on Clock and was this a consideration when you chose your caster and list for the 75pter? Also, what was the game like in the semi finals game you played and did you use Morvhana for that as well? Was it the same list you played in the finals?
 Ya I just added 25 points to my Morv2 list, it was the easiest option. It was the first time I had played 75 points and was really excited to try it out. I had heard lots of talk about Gauntlet Rounds almost always come down to clock so I think I had that in the back of my mind while playing the 2 rounds. In the finals specifically at the end I was just pushing hard for clock and hoping it worked out. John and I had a fun game even though there was a little frustration on his part at the end. If John had maybe been a bit more aware of how far up on clock he was he could have pushed for that and won rather easily. In the semis I went for scenario first and also had more power in the centre of the board which resulted in a late scenario win.
8. Out of all the Iron Gauntlet games, which was the one that posed the greatest challenge? Why and what did you do to overcome it?
The finals was the hardest. Double GKs with Doomy3 is a problem when you don’t have a tonne of ARM cracking available. My plan was to jam a model or 2 in a time and set the line of battle where I want it. Flank hard with the Bloodtrackers and see what happened. Most of my plan seemed to go well except I didn’t Scales of Fate anything until turn 4 which was simply a result of inexperience with the faction. I really just felt I got very lucky to have won the game.
9. Can we expect to see you playing Circle Orboros in the near future?
Anything can happen in MK3…
10.. Okay, over to Masters now. You’ve had a lot of experience with Butcher3, I was a little suprised not to see him in your pairing, can you explain how the Vlad3 list pairs with Dogs of War? Does it effectively cover mad Dogs bad match ups?
Ya most people assumed I would play my standard Butcher3/Irusk1 pairing that I bring to all major events. As mentioned before I just really wanted to play Butcher2 tier once before it went away. Mad Dogs is good or at least decent into a large swath of match ups. It can’t really play into Rayvn tier however. But Vlad3 has Windwall! So I thought I would have a bit of fun and take a 2nd different caster and just try to enjoy myself in my last big event before MK3.
11. You played 4 rounds before the cut to top 8, can you briefly outline those games, which list you played, what you played into and the results?
Round 1 I played Butcher2 into Thags1 (same guy as in round 6 on day 2). Jordan was rather hungover and forgot to contest scenario which handed me the win. He was way up on attrition as I was actually too aggressive sending too many of my Doomies at a time. He also passed at least a dozen CMD checks. Round 2 was Phillipe playing Haley2, I dropped Vlad3 if nothing more to catch him off guard. The list actually had a lot of game into her as well. My Nyss with HoF crush all his infantry and out threat them all. I was going for the Ruin side step assassination on Haley but first I had to move my Outriders out of the way. They had HoF on them and I wanted to take some sprays at his support just to see what happens. 2 of the sprays clipped Haley and with some insane dice she died…it was unexpected to say the least. Round 3 was Xerxis2 with Molik Karn and the drakes. Dropped Butcher2 and well…its just SUPER sad for Xerxis2 and my opponent conceded After turn 3. Round 4 was again Loic from Quebec playing Thexus tier. Fun fact that is a super not fun time for Butcher2! Thexus feats and lines up all the Doomies, then targets Butcher with the sprays and murders all my Doomies except 10 or so. Luckily I still had Fenris who could straight charge a full camped Thexus. Between the charge and feat attacks Fenris took him down.
12. You played 3 rounds after the cut, 2 were streamed, at least the finals are available on Youtube, can you tell me about the first game you played (The one that wasn’t streamed)?
Played against another Quebecer in Guillaume who dropped Sevy1. Was incredibly similar to the Thexus game…He murdered most of my Doomies. I feated and applied Fenris and 1 Doom Reaver to Sevy’s face.
13. In the Semi Finals you played against PThaggs Blight Bringer double warspears and it went very badly for the legion player. Can you give us a brief synopsis and did you think either of his lists could handle Mad Dogs?
So Jordan and I played the exact same game and match-up in Round 1. This time around there were 3 major differences. One, I waved my Doom Reavers far more effectively which allowed more Doom Reavers to survive and get into the business turn after turn. Two, Jordan activated his Blightbringer before the rest of his army and boxed him in so he only advanced about 1 inch of the deployment line. Most people point to this as the point where the game was won for me, but I will disagree. He only lost 3 inches of movement and still shot what he intended to shoot. However it did cause my opponent to tilt very hard and some later activation’s reflected that. Third and in my opinion the thing that straight won me the game. His Raptors broke on the first CMD check they took (after passing at least a dozen in our first game). With them not killing swaths of my infantry I could focus on the Warpsears and scenario (which is how I won).
14. The finals game was actually quite good, very grindy but Corey’s clock management seemed very lack luster. Do you feel there were specifically difficult questions you were posing him or was there some intrinsic challenges within the match up that caused him to tank so much?
Dudes vs dudes. Both have reach. One has Vengeance and the other has Berserk. Positioning and pace of play were going to determine who won. Corey bunched his dudes a lot more than I did which allowed me to Berserk a lot more than I should have been able to. In general I am considered a very fast Warmachine player. I tried to ramp it up even more in this game and it showed in the clock difference at the end of the game.
15. Was there a point where you were concerned or didn’t feel in control? In turn 2 you seemed concerned about Butchers safety and kept him quite far back. Can you explain the threat posed to butcher at that time?
Yes turn 2 was the only time I was scared to die. I was planning on feating and getting at least 30 rage tokens and using those to kill everything but Zaal2 and the beasts. 2 things occurred that stopped that idea cold. One, I thought Zaal2 got souls from Immortals (hey they do now in MK3 right!) so he would be able to sling spells at Butcher all day long. Two, I rolled a 1 for focus which means I couldn’t stand behind the wall in the middle of the table and be immortal.
16. Out of the Masters games which, in your opinion, was the greatest struggle? Why? Did you do anything unusual to overcome the challenges?
Round 4 vs Loic was easily the hardest game. I should have lost as he was simply crushing me. Luckily he didn’t kill Fenris and only blocked LoS to his caster with a single model which Butcher killed no problem.
17. Okay a few random questions now! What’s with the chocolate milk? Where does that come from and is it the source of all you strength?
 HAHA. I just really like chocolate milk. I am drinking one right now actually. I would say it is the source of my power as it is nutritious, tasty, and gives you the energy to play all day. People have just kind of run with the joke that once I get a chocolate milk (usually brought to me mid-game by Chris Orr) that my opponent has no chance lol. Really though, no matter how bad a game is going or how bad I feel. Taking a drink of chocolate milk just calms you down and makes you happy.

18.  Mark 3 is less than 2 months away, out of the spoiled information, what are you most excited about? Are you planning on sticking with Khador as your main faction come Mark 3?

Khador will 100% be the faction I play first in MK3. Thus far I am most excited to see more jacks on the table (its the reason most people got drawn into the game right?) and also excited to see some artillery finally see the table as they all seem to have received a significant buff.
19. Okay, “King of the North”, where did that come from and who’s responsible for the moniker? Is there a way to challenge you to gain the crown or has it been bestowed for life?
 The “King of the North” was given to me at the Southern Ontario Open 2015 by the guys from Beermachine, Rich specifically if I recall. I was given the title with absolutely no cause or reason lol I had won nothing, was known by no one. Really it should have been something given to Marc-Andre or Brynn (who will tell you he had the title first, but it is a lie) as they are far more accomplished than I. I almost always pass off people who say it or mention it as it is rather ridiculous. However by winning the SOO 2016, I felt slightly more worthy of such a noble title. The crown can only be taken from me by besting me in a chocolate milk drinking contest held on February 29th at the North Pole.
I would just like to thank all the awesome people I played at the SOO, every game I had was super fun, relaxed and drama free.
Thanks Bubba and Congrats again!

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