Soles on skorne changes inbound in January:…

Summary (changes are not yet finalized but currently being play tested) 
– rhinodons arm 18, st up to 11, tail range 2 with crit KD
-X2 loses mobility gains battle host
– cataphracts gain tough
– centrati gain set defence
– actuari lose CRA gain weapon master on ranged attack
– incendiari go to pow 13
– all cataphract pt cost under review
– Xekaar unlikely to change
– makeda 1 lose subjegation gains field marshal shield guard
– swordsmen go to mat 7, lose show of force but gain power swell
-archidon go to str 10 and gains long leash, pts reduced to 10
– pain givers gain prodding : ff warbeasts btb with this model charges for free
– kreas animus gains +2 arm again
– morgul 2 fury 6
– aradius soldier 16 pts
– aradius sentinel to see substantial change
– gladiator to 15 pts many changes to warbeasts points
– reptile hounds 3 pts a piece
– lots of minor tweaks
– “stay tuned for a change to gargantuans and collosals” !!!!!