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The Isle of Sol is off the southern most tip of the Alchiere subcontinent and for centuries has been the realm of savage tharn, wild troggs and scattered tribes of farrow. Unknown to almost all but choice followers of the Circle Orboros, the distant and uncivilized Island is home to one of the most power nexuses of Ley Lines in Immoren. For centuries the Blackclads and stone shapers have tended to it’s power and kept civilization and savage predators alike away.

That time of solace has passed. Short years ago when the Champion of the Wurm took World Ender from the Kriels, the Devourer’s Avatar appeared and the earth shifted and groaned as if in agony. Untold damage was done to the ley line network and only the sacrifice and devotion of the Druids and shapers prevented the Nexus on the Isle from completely collapsing.

Little time passed before foreign invaders broached the Isle’s sacred boundaries and even worse have begun disturbing the precious rock in search of trinkets. The fragile nexus is close to imploding as the Devourer Host rallies its Orders to repel the defilers before it is to late.