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The first known incursions to the Isle where undertaken by the Alnor Sept in an attempt to track down a particularly organized Trogg tribe that was harassing their pilgrims coming along the Way of Fidelity from the See of Faith. These creatures would sally across the Bay of Temperance on log and thatch rafts and ambush pilgrims and supply wagons along the road before retreating back to safety across the


In 601 AR Paladin Alomon Grist formed a party of stolid and brave faithful and set across the bay under cover of night to hunt down the vile creatures camp and kill and disperse the raiders. The party established a base for re-supply and set out along the coast and were quickly embroiled in several ambushes that pushed them onto a mound where they were set upon on all sides by foul lizard creatures.

As night closed in Alomons senior commanders counselled a break out and run for the re-supply camp. Alomon balked at such cowardice and commanded his men to take to the enemy with fire and sword. Lighting pyre’s atop the mound Alomon prayed feverishly to the creator as spears and arrows rained down upon his men that were exposed in the darkness by the light of the fires. Several of his commanders attempted to flee but were cut down in the jungle darkness.

Sensing victory the lizard creatures gathered in the blackness around the mound and sang jeering songs. With an upsurge of wind the pyre’s exploded engulfing Alomon’s remaining men in a inferno, yet none were burned. The lizard creatures faltered at the edge of the mound in fear of the fire but a large monster of a beast covered in the bones of men, stepped forward and enticed them onwards with threats and taunts. Alomon stepped forward wreathed in flames to meet the monster, his men close behind. Where the Menites stepped the conflagration they had summoned moved before them burning and maiming.

With a primordial roar the Beast in man bones charged towards Alomon bringing his club down with titanic strength. Alomons shield and left arm where shattered by this blow and he staggered backwards. Telemanus, Alomons standard bearer stepped forward to protect the Paladin and was bit in half by the Beast in man bones. Recovering, Alomon charged and drove his sword into the skull of the Beast up to it’s hilt, with a grunt the Beast in man bones lurched and then fell. Everywhere the lizard creatures spirit broke at the sight of their monstrous leaders death but as they turned to run the flames formed walls to seal them in doom and they were cut down.

Alomon died of his wounds and fever 5 days later but the Battle at the mound became a legend and The elders of the Alnor Sept made preparations to build the Sun Temple on the location of Alomons brave battle. Not onl to commemorate the battle but to also act as a deterrence against further raids. Construction on the Temple progresses with only the Inner Sanctum and outer walls competed to date.


PRIMARY: Defend the Sun Temple and the surrounding land from the being despoiled.

SECONDARY: Undermine Port Hope, the Morrowans cannot be allowed to dig up the Islands riches.