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By 608 AR word of the cygnarian excavations on the Isle of Sol reached the ears of the Khadorian High Command. Interested in developing their own mining prospects on the island they contacted the Battleship DOMINATUS to investigate on her route back to the motherland from business in the southern reaches of Western Immoren.

Already suffering from boiler damage sustained during skirmishes with Cryxian raiders, the Dominatus steamed around the peak of the Alcheire sub-continent and right into a pirate flotilla. The exchange was brief but fierce, the Dominatus scattering the pirates but in the process suffered additional damage to their engines and suffering several hull ruptures. Captain Gorgi Rusalov ordered full steam to shallow waters to affect repairs and to await darkness so that they could slip past Port Hopes sentries.

Unfortunately for the Dominatus, fishing boats off the south western seas spotted them and immediately sent word to the cygnarian fire towers. Listing slightly to port the Dominatus hobbled into shallow waters and began repairs. Late the following day Rusalov detected Cygnarian raider craft approaching his location, uncertain of their intentions and not wanting to be caught in shallow waters, he ordered the Dominatus to immediately steam towards the Bay of Temperance. Repairs incomplete, Rusalov scattered the raider ships and proceeded through the mouth of temperance. Cygnarian officers were unwilling to interfere with such a behemoth outside of the defences of Port Hope and merely shadowed the Dominatus as night fell.

The Dominatus’ paused at the north eastern edge of the bay of temperance in the middle of the night and sent out a convoy of landing ships to explore the surrounding area and investigate if the northern mouth was deep enough for the Dominatus to draw through.

The landing parties encountered trollkin sentries and in the dark of night, guns were fired and all of the Brandr Kriels woke to discover a Khadorian Battle Cruiser in their midst. The Khadorian engineers sent to ascertain the depth of the passage were set upon by withering fire by a trollkin outpost and were driven back before they could complete their work.

With the trollkin assuming they were under attack, all hell broke loose on both banks of the Bay as shot and shell flew at the Dominatus and her landing parties. Damage to the battle cruiser was light, and to his credit Rusalov only returned fire when it was evident that his landing parties were in dire danger.4c0e7cdbb0eca4746b6a1155ed4209ca

As his men trickled back to the Dominatus, Rusalov made the fatefull decision to force the passage. With no room to maneuver, Cygnarian raiders to his aft and trollkin hurling all manner of projectile at him from the banks, he had little choice in the matter.

Over steaming his boilers to create a smoke screen, Rusalov steamed full speed through the passage. At first, it would seem that the metal hull of the ship would make it through but at the last minute as the lands widened out, the bottom was struck heavily by enormous rocks. Reports began coming up to the bridge with extreme urgency:

“Sub-Hull rupture, we’re taking on water.”

“Bilge pumps 10 and 13, have failed”

“Boiler 4 is on fire!”

“Bilge pumps 5 through 8, failed”

“Decks 2 through 4 flooded”

“Listing 10 degrees to port”

Rusalov knew he couldn’t continue with the Dominatus in its current state. Scanning the shore he spotted a lagoon and ordered the Dominatus to beach. With a rending of metal and groan of agony, the giant metal hull slid slowing to a stop within the shallows of the red lagoon. He had saved the Dominatus from sinking but they were now stranded.

Since the beaching of the Dominatus, the khadorians have established a small fort camp on the lagoons beach and have sallied out in landing craft to get a lay of their location. Their big issue is a lack of material with which to affect repairs and are desperately looking for ways to procure them, mostly through raiding. This has subsequently lead them into conflict with the pirates at Blackwater, who may have the materials they need.85311bf58dc215a39c91c6bf3aef1749

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Acquire necessary materials for repair.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Assess mineral wealth on the island and lay claim to valuable areas.

TERTIARY OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Pirate base at Blackwater