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The schemes and meanderings of the Dragon Father’s loyal servants are dark and twisted labyrinths at the simplest of times. Many nefarious plans have been abandoned in their infancy, taken up by others centuries later and some go drastically awry.


In 290 AR The Lord Arcanus Hexmator began intensive study and experiments in relation to the Ley Lines that criss-cross Immoren.  He was intrigued by rumours and stories that the blackclads of Circle Orboros could use the Lines to transport themselves across great distances in an instant. After centuries of failed experiments, culminating in a gigantic implosion that caused the destruction of a sizable portion of the Black Rock Island of Hellsgate, Hexmator abandoned his pursuit of the Ley Lines.

100 years later Hexmator was destroyed as the result of another ill conceived experiment and his work came to the attention of Lich Lord Terminus. Handing the the copious volumes of work over to the Coven of Garlgast, he commanded them to search through it and locate promising opportunities.

Guided by the dark influence of the Ergregore the coven quickly brought light to the Ley Line experiments and work was began anew on this twisted venture.

Events were to take their own direction though.

After 200 years of experiment, in which some success was achieved in transporting items and thralls great distances with a degree of accuracy, Lich Lord Terminus’ body was destroyed by Lord General Coleman Stryker.  This event left the Coven with an uncertain future as their master’s future was far from secure. Sensing that they needed to launch an impressive endeavor to secure their position in the power vacuum left by Terminus, Selena, Helena and Morgaen prepared quickly to put the Ley Line system to their diabolical use.


Assembling an entire battle group and mobile Necrotorium, they planned on launching their dark forces into the heart of the Southern Desert, slay the black clad leaders and take control of the Ley line system.  The preparations were immense, a gigantic arcane structure called, “The Great Beacon” was constructed at the cost of 800 thralls.  10 tons of necrotite was stockpiled to be consumed in the conjuring of the portal and 1000 spell slaves were chained into place in the great beacon to enact the rites needed.

For 12 days and nights the Coven and their followers toiled to launch their attack and on the dawn of the 13th day the portal opened completely and the invasion force disappeared in a crack of dark magic. All 1000 spell slaves were destroyed instantly as incredible Ley Line energy surged over them and a swirling vortex consumed the Great Beacon, leaving nothing but wreckage.

Half a world away a great rift opened in a subterranean cavern and the invasion force poured forth only to find itself stranded and lost. Miraculously, the Invasion force suffered few casualties during transport but they were no where near their intended destination. With little choice, the cryxian commanders scouted their immediate surroundings, deployed the mobile Necrotorium and set out to determine their next course of action.


Very quickly they realized they were near the Alcheire Sub Continent and that their initial objectives were irrelevant considering their situation. To the south was cygnarian bases, the west, trollkin and to the north and east, outposts of the Iosians. There was a major Ley Line nexus nearby but they did not have the materials necessary to take advantage of it or to challenge their nearby rivals. Quickly revising their goals the Cryxian Battle Group settled down with plans for a long war.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Expand and gather materials for launching an attack on the Ley Line Nexus

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: probe the Ley Line Nexus’ defences

TERTIARY GOAL: Destroy the Weather station, it will allow the Iosians too much information on Cryxian deployments.