CIRCLE: A SYSTEM IN CRISIS 2016-06-16T22:32:39+00:00

There is Power that lies beneath the crust, it moves and pulses like a living serpent of many heads.art_night_magic_rocks_scope_clouds_lightning_hd-wallpaper-417605

The land surrounded by water at the tail of what the Ruiner’s call, “the Wall of Anguish”, is home to one of the greatest nexus of Power. For Centuries those clad in black have nurtured and protected this Nexus, keeping savage farrow and lizard creatures from disrupting its purity, but within the passing of the last cycle many disruptions have come to this far corner of the Lines.

When the Champion of the Wurm took the World Ender from the kriels, in the distant lands of men, a great disturbance was sent through the Power Lines and the earth shifted and cracked far from the avatar of the Great Wurm. Even here at the ends of the land, the damage was massive. With great sacrifice and effort the elders managed to stabilize the Power Nexus but much work needs to be done to re-anchor and siphon off the excess. Those clad in black have taken to this task with the devotion that only they are capable of but invaders from across the waters have come and they have brought their hammers and drills to undo the Circles work. Great belching machines besmirch our sacred woods with their black fires and children of Dhunia encroach ever nearer the Nexus.


Our resources here are few but our resolve to preserve the Nexus is limitless. We must complete the repairs and prevent the Ruiners from tainting the Lines with their foul presence. Failure to do so will have dire consequences for all.


PRIMARY: Stop the mining in the south, destroy the shafts and fill them in.

SECONDARY: Destroy the Troll village on the North West side of the island

TERTIARY: Stop the shipwrecked Khador forces from leaving the beach.