The Super Secret Cryx Project! 2015-01-25T21:23:30+00:00

Alright so while I think about how to expand on my Khador,  I was offered a crazy deal on some Cryx.  For the price of two pints I scored about $100 in models.  Sounded like a good idea right?  WRONG!  Just started my third faction with Khador and now my fourth with Cryx!  SON OF A B!TCH!  Well I do always seem to lose to them so probably a good idea to start playing them.  To the dark side I go.


This is how I imagine Scott looks when he paints! -greg

So first thing I wanted to do was come up with a list that I could collect to keep the cost low and not go crazy.  Gor3 called to me.  I started collecting them around when Black Friday started.  PERFECT!  Even though I’m Canadian I knew I could score some deals across the boarder.  That started with Black Bane.  They came pretty quick.  I did the super cheese with them.  Spray white and wash blue.  Put some metal on the swords and DONE!
Over all I wanted my Cryx to be black with a hint of blue.  But again let me stress. I am not a painter.  So the images I had in my head did not come out on the model.
I picked up 3 shades of Blue so I wouldn’t have to do any mixing like I did with my Khador.  That was a pain.  I picked up my previously primed Mechanithralls and went to work.

This image file was called ‘brain cells’ Scott, why is that?

I like to start with the deepest part of the model.  So I am not trying to paint past things I’ve already painted.  Means less touching up.  So I went at it with the green I chose for the flesh.
  I used my lighter green to do some highlights on the flesh.  And put some mid tones and highlights on the blue armour.  I decided not to use the wash on the copper bits.  That way they would pop out a little more.  I used the mid tone as my LOS markings and looked good enough to me to be called DONE!

And they look fantastic… especially since I didn’t have to paint them!