Karchev the Terrible and Beast! 2014-12-05T13:15:54+00:00

I didn’t want to do the Khador battle box because that didn’t appeal to me.  So I got the Warcaster that has been calling to me since I started the game.  Karchev the Terrible.



And man was he ever terrible!  I do not have patience when it comes to glueing models together.  And there were a LOT of bits with him.  So I sat down and got my greenstuff ready and went at it.  Now how the hell do I put holes in his base?  Do I need them?  Uh.  Whatever.




After over an HOUR of glueing I finally had this monster done!


Now comes the paint scheme.  I decided I wasn’t going to go with Khador studio colours.  I wouldn’t be able to do it any justice.  I am a below average painter and I had to find ways to stick to my strengths….being lazy.  I do like the scheme of Beast 09 so I decided to do my whole force that way.  First thing is to base it!  I used some can of something Bone.  I decided to test it out on a smaller model to start.  Hello war dog.


Ok I didn’t hate it so thought I would give Karchev a shot.  I also bought Beast 09.  So I started working on him at the same time.
After that dried I went at him like a fat man on a smartie.  Sticking to pretty basic colours.  The idea is to wash the whole model in a wash/ink.  Then do some small highlights.  Simple!  Yeah right.
After I was done with all my base colours that I liked I washed the shit out of him.  Took a big as brush and lubed him up like stripper pole.
I made a custom base for him which I will be doing for my whole army.  But that will be in a separate post.  More on that later.  Back to Karchev!
You can see his is still wet here.  He is nice and dirty.  Now comes the part I am not really that keen on.  Highlighting.  Ultimately I want to give this to my painter (Greg) and make him do it.  He insists its easy and I can handle it.  He gives me a 5 min power course on highlighting.  I tune more of it out.  Fucker wants me to mix paint!  That seems like something better left to someone responsible.  I can’t see this going well for me.  I basically want to buy my colours in ready to go shades.  Base, mid, highlight!  But NOOOO.  Here are the three pre highlights.
So the mixing begins.  Bloody hell does it take some time.  I find that my mix is drying out before I can use it.  Damnit I didn’t want to have to mix it again.  I get the idea of adding water.  BAM!   Too much.  There goes that batch.  Sad panda.  Time to mix some more.  How the hell am I going to get the right ratio again?  Uh I hate this.
Ok fast forward some swearing under my breath and presto.  Beast 09 and Karchev are DONE!  Well to my level of abilities anyway.