Lazy mans Collosal! Cherry the wonder Conquest. 2015-02-23T14:29:08+00:00


So I was able to get my hands on a Conquest. For a great deal! $60 for a previously enjoyed colossal, thanks Mike L! Man it was in rough shape. It was in many pieces and freshly stripped. Who ever glued him together the first time was afraid he’d fall apart. They must have used a bottle on each joint. So I asked a buddy of mine for help. He picked him up and gave him some love….11 pins later he was back together.


My Khador colour is my primer. So that saves me a ton of time. After that I hit it with some base colours getting it ready for the wash.
This guy is HUGE! But so easy to paint. I was a little intimidated. I didn’t want him to look like a bag of poop on the table. I used Behemoth as my model for keeping the same paint scheme going.
After I almost killed my bottle of something Oil



I was ready to highlight this beast. It was pretty easy since he is so big! I did two levels of highlights on the red. And one on the cream.

Once he was done he needed a name….. I thought on it for a while and decided on Chernobyl. Cherry for short!


because tragedy is hilarious!