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So you saw my last post painting Karchev the Terrible and the Spriggan.

Time for some infantry!
Iron Fang Pikemen!
I sprayed them with a can of something bone
As you will notice their are no pikes.  I have a buddy doing me a HUGE favour and is brass rodding them for me.  LOVE YOU IAN!
After i based them I used a dark red on the cloth.
This is assembly line painting at its best.  Painting jacks is far more fun.  This is driving me nuts!  After The red I put some Pig metal on the shiny bits.
The some grey on the base and got it ready for the wash.
Then I hit them with some black wash.  Something oil.  I don’t know what its called.  Doesn’t matter.  I cover the whole model using a big brush to save time.  Even the bricks on the base get hit.  Once that was mostly dry ( I am impatient) I started the highlighting process.  Side note.  Don’t mix red with white.  Not the desired colour I wanted.  Pink is nice but not in my IFP.  So I did it again using my original red and a brighter red.  Bam.  That worked much better.  After the first pass of highlighting I did it again using the brighter red.
I also used my bone mixed with Menoth white to highlight the armour.  Hitting it it on all the edges.  After the first pass I decided not to do the white.  Mainly because there were 12 models and I am lazy.  Overall I liked how it tuned out.  Not looking forward to doing a 2nd unit though.  I may sit and throw a little more detail on them a little later.  After I forget how shitty it was to do 12 models at once!
After I got to this point I got the arms back from Ian.  And finished them the same night!
For a change up after the IFP were done I also did this bad ass. (okay this dude will win some games -ed)
Then I went to a local tournament and bought these guys. (and he dropped after going 2-0 -ed)
I attacked them and pounded them out.  No play by play just BAM.
I have a limited colour selection at my disposal.  So little that when I went to paint her hair I had nothing that jumped out.  The browns looked very boring.  So I went with blue.  And then Rich told me I have failed Khador and should quit the faction.  Oh the love I get at my local hobby store!  ASS.  I like how it tuned out so if I get another Man Hunter I might have to give her some pink hair to really tick him off.
And as I write this I just finished Yuri the axe.  But I was too lazy to take a pic.  So I’ll do that next time!
At this time every Khador model I own is painted!  Not sure how I will expand the army now.  Going to have to play a few games with them and see what it needs!
If you made it this far thanks for reading!
(and they look great scott! Even better as I didn’t have to paint them! -ed)