Goreshade 3- Lazyman style! 2015-02-21T03:27:10+00:00

Alright Scott here again doing another lazy mans painting blog. I have decided that 2015 after Templecon will be my year of Cryx. A new faction I just started collecting around Black Friday. I have been painting like a machine ever since.

So Gor3shade is one of the casters I wanted to learn. So after I got him I decided to continue with the Incorporeal style. Plus its easy. And if you’ve been reading any of these….I’m lazy.
I started by basing him white. Saves me having to paint over another colour to get them white.
I also make my own custom bases. This one isn’t perfect but I am lazy.

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I took by base dark blue and put it on all the armour plates I could find on both the mount and Gor3shade. Once that was done I took my blue ink and covered him in it. Armour and all the fleshy parts of the mount and Gor3.


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I decided to use light blue on the symbol on his cape. I used my mid tone and did some highlights with the lighter blue.




Then I painted the Cape in Abbadon black I think it was and did a 2:1 mix with mechanicus grey. As you can see being neat wasn’t a concern. Also I hate Greg for making me mix paint.

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Then it was time for highlighting. I started with My mid tone first and traced the armours edges. Then went over it again with my highlight blue. I through on some brass to make it pop a little and re did his hair. Straight white.

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I did another pass on his cape as well. Do make it contrast a little more. Washed the base with oil and did my LOS arcs. Bam done.




BAM! Lazyman style!