This past weekend was the 3rd year of Montreal’s Team Tournament; or commonly known as TEQ. The teams consist of 5 players and TEQ shoots for 16 team.  Unfortunately, a team dropped out last minute so we only had 15 teams this year. This was the first year attending and I was on a team with people from my old meta in Ottawa.  We team consisted of Matt Houle, Bruce Berndt, Conor McKergow, and the infamous George Schweizer from Moose Machine.  Matt, George and I were 3 of the 5 players from our OTC team, so they asked me to come along for the ride for TEQ.


I was running my Mercs with General Ossrum in Hammer Strike theme and Magnus the Warlord in The Irregulars theme.  The lists looked like this:


General Ossrum                                                              

– Ghordson Driller
– Grundback Blaster
– Grundback Gunner
– Grundback Gunner

Ogrun Bokur

Steelhead Gunner

Horgenhold Artillery Corps

Horgenhold Artillery Corps

Horgenhold Forge Guard (min)

Horgenhold Forge Guard (min)

Horgenhold Forge Guard (max)

Hammerfall Siege Crawler

Hammerfall Siege Crawler


Magnus the Warlord

– Mangler
– Mangler
– Toro
– Toro
– Talon
– Talon

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios

Gobber Tinker

Hutchuk, Orgun Bounty Hunter

Kell Baloch

Savio Montero Acosta

Alexia Ciannor & the Risen

Horgenhold Artillery Corps

Kayazy Eliminators

Kayazy Eliminators


Not the make this post ridiculously long, so you can take a look at my teams list here. Our team name was OG Keyforgers and the plan was to get some Keyforge in between rounds but the TO’s ran a tight and solid schedule so there was really not long breaks between rounds; which was nice because we finished 4 rounds at a decent time.    But the foot notes of their lists looked like this:

Bruce playing Circle
Krueger the Stormlord in The Bones of Orboros theme
Kromac, Champion of the Wurm in Call of the Wild theme

Conor playing Retribution
Garryth, Eye of Vengeance in Defenders of Ios theme
Thyron, Sword of Truth in Defenders of Ios theme

George playing Grymkin
The Heretic in Bump in the Night theme
The Child in Dark Menagerie theme

Matt playing Khador
Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Champion in Armored Corps theme
Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova in Wolves of Winter theme


Round 1
Scenario: Spread the Net

We got paired against DOA 3.0 and I ended up playing against Mathieu Lacombe.  Mathieu ended up dropping Vayl, Disciple of Everblight in Primal Terrors and I went with Ossrum

Mathieu had two Hellmouth’s to place and he had them in the center of the table and in his rectangle zone.  They were positioned so they could spit of a tentacle and contest my flag and my rectangle zone.  I was able to take out the Hellmouth in the rectangle on turn two.  Artillery Corps + Fire for Effect (from Ossrum) + Brutal Damage x spiked dice = Dead Hellmouth.  I was able to crit stagger the Blightbringer and hit him with the Siege Crawlers and their Seige Breaker cannons The max unit of Forge guard went to jam the center zone one of the min units went into the my rectangle zone to stop the chosen from coming into the zone and I had the two Gunner jacks in the zone, one towing the zone behind a forest and the other one hiding behind the horde of dwarves.  Mathieu was able to get his flag and rectangle zone and was able to use the remaining Hellmouth to contest my flag on his turn.  But he moved the Blightbringer up to kill the Blaster in the zone by buying attacks.

Mathieu had a harrier in the back corner.  The dice gods failed me with four dice and dice +1 for damage and I left it on two boxes with the first shot.  I was able to crit stagger the Blight Bringer again and both Siege Crawlers and the other artillery corps lit it up but it was still kicking.  I then moved the Driller into the charge range of the Blightbringer and the house in the middle of the table was stopping it from coming towards me and taking out the Driller.

I was able to take out his solos with the Seige Crawlers quad cannons that were on his flag and I put a Gunner jack in my rectangle zone but with 4 of his flag.  On Mathieu’s top of four turn, he backed up the Blightbringer to get out of the Drillers threat range and he started to make his way hard towards my rectangle with Chosen and Warspears.  Bottom of 4 I finished of the Harrier, and Ossrum casted Energizer and the driller moved to the left and then had a charge path to the last hellmouth.   The driller with 2 focus went in and did its thing and took out the Hellmouth; opening up my flag for Mathieu’s turn.  The Siege Breakers and the one Artillery Corps finished of the Blightbringer.  Turn 5 Mathieu and I traded blows and we both were able to keeps items the center zone and my rectangle zone to come to a stalemate there, but I was able to get my flag on my turn and I sent the driller up to his zone to go after the Harrier in the other corner as it had moved from the pending charges from the second min unit of Forge Guard.

Turn 6 the Chosen came in a finished off one of the Seige Crawlers and the remaining two Warspears + officer of one unit came in to deal with the Driller but the damage was spread out so it was fully functional.  I went into bottom of 6 up on scenario 5-2 and my flag was a guarantee point as there was no legion to be found nearby.   The last point that was plausible was Mathieu’s rectangle zone.  I sent in 3 charging Forge Guard to deal with the officer and one after a Warspear that was in melee with the Driller.  The Warspear grunt was taken out, but I began to sweat bullets as I needed all 3 Forge Guard to take care of the officer.  The Driller was way out of control range at the beginning of my turn.  I was able to get Ossrum up the board enough to get within control and cast Unstoppable force; given his battle group Bulldoze.  The driller walked up to the remaining Warspear and pushed him out of the zone; giving me 2 CP and winning on scenario 7-2 bottom of 6.  Out of all of my games, this one had the most moving pieces that could have changed the outcome of the game, thus it will be the longest description of event out of the 4 games.

Our team ended up taking the round 3-2 with the death clock claiming The Heretic against the High Reclaimer, but in trade Circle came to the demise of the death clock against Zerkova.  Thyron was assassinated by Garryth in the mirror match and Gearhart got the best of Kromc and Kromac was also assassinated.


Round 2
Scenario: Invasion

Our team got paired up against Queues de Castor and I got paired against Chris Orr and his Grymkin.  I dropped Magnus into The Dreamer in Dark Menagerie theme. Chris and I had very good game, there was a lot of threat gauging and we were both playing the attrition game and unfortunately Grymkin warbeast can do it better than merc jacks.   It was going back and forth until I proc’d the Arcana Sacrifice and all of the Grymkin beast healed back to full.   Killing one model tilted the game drastically.

Turn 2 I was able to score 1 CP as Chris forgot to move a Gremlin Swarm into a zone.  But the rest was board was in constant state on contest.  I made two fatal error on my part that allowed Chris to gain the advantage on Control Points.  On Turn 3 I had Kell Baloch within 5 inch and aiming against a Gremlin Swarm.  I got greedy and rolled for damaged of the first shot instead doing to auto 3 and only did 1 damage and then the second shot I missed because the dice gods punished me for being greedy.  I could have scored another CP that turn if I would have just did the auto 3 each time.  The other mistake was on my 5 turn and I was losing the attrition game hard, but still contesting the zones I needed to; riding that 1-0 on Control Points.  But I had a moment of panic with two Clockatrice’s, two Skin and Moan’s on my side of the center zone, itching for that Magnus flesh.  I moved the remaining models I had to block charge lanes to Magnus, but moved one eliminator out of the right zone.  Top of 6 Chris went to move The Dreamer and once she was lifted off the table I realized my error and just face palmed. Then a Cage Rager came up and killed the eliminator that could go back to my turn.  On Turn 4 Acosta got to Chris’s objective but left it on a few boxes then met his end to a Skin and Moan.  At the bottom of 6 and my turn, I saw that the game was lost I had one Risen grunt, an engaged Artillery Corps on multiple fronts and Magnus.  Chris and I discussed what would happen the next turn and a half and I decided to call it with Chris winning on scenario 4-1 at the end of 7 turns (technically).

Thinking back, I should have just played the game out to the end, even though there was no chance and go the distance legit.  All I know is that those two errors will never to be repeated (hopefully).

Team OG Keyforgers went 1-4 this round.  I dropped the ball on my notes for this round, so all I got was Matt won against Josh’s Skorne, Bruce lost to Dave Beauchamp’s Skorne, George lost the Grymkin Child mirror (like one model difference mirror) against Marc-Andre, and Conor lost the Ret mirror match against Dave Lamarre.



Round 3
Scenario: Recon II

This round we were playing against Infernal Rejects and I got the Merc mirror match against ‘JNR’ and Fiona in the Steelhead theme.  I decided to drop Ossrum again.  I won the dice roll but picked the board side as the board was little heavy on the obstruction terrain so I picked the side where Fiona and her cultist goons could hide the least.   JNR went first and did what you usually do, you run everything up.  Fiona moved up sitting at the front line of the Steelhead force and she did her spellcasting and was sitting on no focus and a Steelhead Arcanist went direct in front of her.  But when JNR passed the clock, I saw that there was more than inch gap between the Arcanist and Fiona.  I instantly thought, “I could pop feat, move up all my guns, and try to kill Fiona Bottom of 1”.   I checked the distance, saying that I wanted to see what the threat was on Fiona’s feat would clip next turn, but my thoughts were the devil Dave saying, “DO IT YOU FOOL!   UNLEASH THE FURY!!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!” and then I had angel Dave saying, “Dial it back ya dummy, if this doesn’t work then you waste some shots.  Put yourself in a better position for turn two when it can be feat o’clock.”   I bounced in between murder and the long game what it felt like 5- 8 minutes.  I don’t think that it actually that long, but it felt like time slowed down with the bloodlust for a turn 1 assassination.  I decided against the kill and moved up, put my battle engines in a spot when Fiona’s Befuddle spell can’t move them back towards my board edge, casted Fire for Effect on my left Artillery Corps and Snipe on my left Siege Crawler and shot some stuff.  All is well.

Top of two comes, Fiona hits a Siege Crawler through a cultist and turns just rotates it.  Then hits it with Curse of Veils bringing it down to Base 7 Defense.  Steelhead Cannon Crews with the help of their Steelhead Gunners light it up and then a Toro comes in a finishes it off.  My other Siege Crawler took some hits but was still on the table. I lost some dwarves, (Spoilers!) but they came back next turn.  At the end of top of 2 Fiona was more than an inch behind JNR’s objective, I had a Toro on my right flank with my Driller on the other side of the table and the house that was in the middle of the table with Anastasia de Bray engaging 4 of 6 Forge Guard on the right side.  AND Fiona dropped her feat on one focus, so one less dice on attack and damage rolls.

The clock get switched over to me and I see that the chance of me losing my second Siege Crawler next turn I can’t deal with the Toro this turn because I would be in Fiona’s feat with a min unit of Forge guard as I have a house in the way of my max unit and potentially di Bray have the free strikes to take models out the min unit of Forge Guard that would go in on dive minus 9 on three dice because of weapon master and Fiona’s feat. I would have lost board positioning on the right side and then giving up zones.

I can see clearly now, angel Dave is gone.

I have the remaining Siege Crawler’s Siege Breaker Cannon with Snipe and two Artillery Corps that can out threat the range of Fiona’s feat (Guns Range 16, Fiona’s control area is 14).   With my Steelhead Gunner in range of both Artillery corps giving out the +1 to attack rolls with Veteran Leader, the Artillery Corps on the left side activates and had to move an inch to get in range. Fire for Effect was up kept so rolling 3 dice to hit, 4 dice for damage adding the brutal damage dice.   The Artillery Corps rolls the hit and it was dice – 1 for damage.  After Fiona blows her focus to negate 5 damage, she was sitting on 4 boxes.  The max unit of Forge Guard moves up to get out of the way for Ossrum to cycle Fire for Effect to the other Artillery Corps; then drops his feat just for good measure to absorb any alpha strike coming down the pipeline.  The second Artillery Corps was already in range, so it is able to aim; going up to an effectively RAT 8.  The Artillery Corps get the hit and then rolls enough the get the assassination.

At the end of the round Conor, in his third Ret mirror match of the day, got assassinated by Thyron. Bruce played his Kruger list but got assassinated by Zaadesh.   George played The Heretic, but met its demise against Zaal, and Zekova went the distance against Epic Zaal and took the game on scenario.  OG Keyforgers went 2-3 on the round


Round 4
Scenario: King of the Hill (That’s right!  Big ol’ plot twist them throwing out a 2019 scenario)

The final round we got paired up against Rusty Jank Rookies.  I ended up playing against Kyle and he dropped Sloan in Heavy Metal and I went ol’ faithful, Ossrum.  After list choosing Kyle said that neither of his list were geared for a scenario like this.  If you don’t know what the scenario looks like it is very spread out.

I went first and I ran everything forward.  Kyle deployed to my left side of the board so a Gunner jack went to right zone and just sat behind my objective towing the zone.  I was very careful with the double Stormwall threat range with the guns and kept my solos out of reach.  Kyle started his turn and moved up and put her two hunters on top of the hill outside of her deployment zone and respecting my range of my shooting. The two hunters and a storm wall take some shots at the left Siege Crawler, but left it with roughly half its boxes.  My second turn Ossrum drops his feat and a Blaster jack takes out Harlen Versh.  An Artillery Corps takes a swing a Sloan because it could but missed.  The remaining Artillery Corps and one of the Siege Crawlers almost take out one side of a Stormwall.  There was a min unit of Forge Guard on the left side, so 4 of them run up to engage the two hunters for the greater good and the other two keep back with one behind a wall, but staying within command of the leader.  The Ogrun Bokur runs up base to base with the flag keeping a house in between it and the Cygnarian walking shooting gallery.

On Kyle’s turn he moves back Sloan a tad and has a Stormwall blow the Blaster jack off the table, then lays down some covering fire.  The other Stormwall moves over makes paste out of the Forge Guard in front of the Hunters.  The Hunters go to finish off the last two Forge guard but missed the one behind the wall.  Both Stormwall’s chuck out some Lightning Pods to contest the left zone with his objective, center zone and the flag in the center of the map.  Instead of me scoring 3 CP’s I only score 1 on the right side zone.

Top of 3 rolls around and the Forge Guard take out the center Lightning Pod and the Left Siege Crawler using it Quad Cannon to take out the one on the left.  The Siege Breaker Cannons and an Artillery Corps with Fire for Effect take out Kyle’s objective getting 4 more CP’s, getting a 5-0 scenario win.  At the start of the first round when Kyle was asking the max threat I could get my Siege Crawlers guns and I told him with Snipe and feat I can hit something 24 inches away with Siege Weapon rule on the guns at that range, Kyle said it got to his head and he played very conservative which wasn’t the best plan as the line of skirmish where our forces met, was on the other side of the zones for me.  We talked about what things he could done differently and I hope that Kyle took it as a teachable moment, because it was fun to play against

The OG Keyforgers went 4-1 as a team with Zerkova taking it 5-0 on scenario against Menoth. George played The Child and was able to assassinate Xerxis with a Clockatrice.  Bruce won it on scenario with Kruger against Legion’s Lilith, Herald of Everblight. Conor ended up taking the Cryx grenade and Thyron got assassinated by Asphyxious and the Slayer spam.

Overall, we went 2-2 on the day and we placed 10th overall with Canada Polar Bear taking first place.  The TO’s did something cool and at the end of each round they picked two teams at random to go pick out what I like to call the, “Thanks for showing up” prizes.  There was enough prizes for everyone that participated to leave with something.  I ended up scoring the Rathrok pin from Privateer Press.

I’d like to thank again, the team over at Hard 7 for running the event, the people I played each round as it’s always a good time to get games in; regardless of tournament or not, and I thank the lads from my team as they have an entire meta in Ottawa to choose from and they threw me an invite to come along.  If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have went.

If you have never gone to a team tournament, I highly suggest that you do as it adds a different element than a regular Steam Roller and it serious when it needs to be, but mostly a laid back atmosphere; which equals out to a good time.


I’ll catch you in another time!


Dave Wieland