Power Attacks aka Great Enablers

By: Mike Corkhill

Power attacks have always been one of those topics when brought up; most players usually say something akin to: “I need to learn them better”, or “I didn’t even think about throwing them”. Worse yet they remember that one time where they got it off, and it won them the game, but then don’t even think about it after that one game.
What’s sad is that every army and faction has access to them and yet so many players overlook them. They are built in tools with the free Warbeast/Warjack points you get. Whether you take one jack/Beast or you take 9 slayers and 3 bone-nodes you have this incredibly powerful toolbox that can open up options in your game. So what do I mean about enablers? I call them enablers because they can enable you on the assassination, or scenario win.

So What can you do? 

Lesser warbeasts and warbeasts that are part of Warbeast packs cannot make power attacks.
• A light warbeast can make head-butt and slam power attacks. A light warbeast with at least one weapon with the Open Fist weapon quality can make throw power attacks.
• A heavy warbeast can make head-butt, slam, and trample power attacks. A heavy warbeast with at least one weapon with the Open Fist weapon quality can make throw power attacks.
• A gargantuan can make head-butt, slam, and trample power attacks. A gargantuan with at least one melee weapon that has a location of L or R can make sweep power attacks. A gargantuan with at least one weapon with the Open Fist weapon quality can make power strike and throw power attacks.

The Assassination

Knockdown is one of the most dangerous conditions to acquire in the game. It negates tough, drops your Defense down to 5 versus range attacks, auto-hit in melee, and make it so that larger based models cannot block line of sight if they are knocked down as well. Once the caster is knocked down, it usually means the end of the game.
If you look at your options above you see that Head-Butt (Causes KD), Slam (Causes KD), and Throws (Causes KD) are all options for Light, Heavy, and Gargantuan beasts as well as their Warjack counterparts. Head-butts need a roll to hit, so if you have a high DEF caster, you’ll struggle even with boosting.

If you’re like me and can’t roll dice to save their life here’s a couple tricks

Throwing Directly away aka 3 point shot

24 Apr 1992: Guard Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls takes a shot during a first round playoff game against the Miami Heat at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

⦁ If you line it up right you can throw an opponent’s model directly away right on top of their caster.
⦁ What you need
⦁ Beast or Jack with an open fist(s)
⦁ Opponent’s model with an equal or larger base as your Opponent’s Caster
⦁ A direct line and distance between the Opponent’s model being thrown and the Opponent’s caster
⦁ So as you can see in the diagram below if your beast has an STR of 11 and you win the Strength check vs the opposing model when you throw it directly away you will make it land hitting the caster. The rule of least disturbance will trigger and the caster will be moved to make a landing spot for the model you just threw.

⦁ Do damage to the thrown model and Collateral Damage to the caster based upon your strength.
⦁ Now you have a Knocked Down caster. SHOOT IT!!! CHARGE IT!!! KILL IT!!


Slamming bigger models with smaller models aka The Angry Bird

⦁ One thing that I’ve caught even experienced players with is Slamming Large base Jacks/Beasts with Medium base Jacks/Beasts.
⦁ You’ll take a -2 on your attack roll, and you’ll only move the Large base model half the distance rolled, but here’s the thing a DEF10 Jack is sooo much easier than a DEF18 Caster.
⦁ In the example below, you can see the classic “My caster is hiding behind my Jack to deny line of sight” positioning

  • This is where the Angry Bird works best. You only need to move the Opponent’s large base a fraction of an inch to get the KD result.
  • Declare the slam, force or spend 1 for it, boost it (trust me), and go for it.
  • Once the Caster is KD…well you know the drill.

Scenario and Power Attacks

For Scenario play power attacks are fairly straightforward.  Tramples can clear many troops at once.  While slams and throws can get models out of zones or out of contesting your flags.  The idea is the same, kill or move models as efficiently as posible to get scenario points.

The Big Guys

Gargantuans and Colossals bring all the Power attacks and two extra attacks that can help on the field.

  • Head-butts and Slams have a 2″ melee range.  This is huge to help against casters hiding behind other troops.
  • Slams also move models an additional 2″ on top of your roll.  You can really extend the KD threat.
  • Power Strike – Slamming with a punch always good when you are trying to clear a zone and KD a model.  Slam model hit 1d6+2″
  • Sweep – Pick an arc and roll to hit everything within that arc and melee range. Clear a zone in a hurry.

Take your time to get to know Power Attacks and you’ll step up your game on the table.