Well that title should say it all!

Ever since the Ontario Team Championship wrapped up I have been thinking about what other format of competitive tournament play I would love to play in.  We have a Store Wars series going on which is a blast.  And that got me thinking…..Invitational!  Very similar to how the Store Wars events are run  with just a few tweaks and adjustments.

So after a few months and numerous phone calls and meetings I am happy to announce; the invitational is happening! 

Party Foul Presents the World Ender Invitationalaxe colour dual crossed copy

The concept is simple.  The finals will be held in September 2016.  That will give us enough time to run all the events.  There are two ways to qualify.  You either have to win an event, or place high enough at multiple events to score enough points to make it in.  As it stands right now there are going to be 13 events at 11 different stores, that could change as the year goes on.  We could add a store or a store could drop out.  In the end we will have 16 players meeting in September to fight it out as the top player.

There will even be a Last Chance Qualifier the night before the event.  For the players looking for one last crack at making it in.  Going to be a long night!


Each event will run a standard Steamroller from the current packet.  So when the new one is released in 2016 the qualifiers will immediately switch over.  It will be two list, Divide and Conquer 1.   This means that you bring two lists with character restrictions and you have to use each list at least once.

Points Break Down
1st: Ticket to the Invitational
2nd: 10
3rd: 7
4th: 6
5th: 5
6th: 4
7th: 3
8th: 2
9th: 1

10th and on sorry better luck next time.  As players qualify they will move out of the points race which will bump up other players into the running.

In the event that a person wins a qualifier that has already won a past event their ticket will go to their opponent in the final round.

In the event that a person wins a qualifier that can’t make the invitational; tell the event organizer and the spot will go to their opponent in the final round.

If a person wins an event, then days, weeks, or months later can’t make the final, let us know and either another player can earn a wildcard spot or another event can be held if there is enough time to organize it.
Hours after posting the first event there is already 18 people going with 6 maybes!  Exciting stuff.

So far here are the list of events.  More are planned I just didn’t want to create too many in one day!

Ottawa- June 14th Kessel Run
Kingston- July Kingston Gaming Nexus
Buffalo- August 29th Collectors Inn
London- Sept 12th Game Chamber
Burlington- Oct 17th Hobby Kingdom
Mississauga- Nov Titan Games


St Catherines- Jan – 16th Toy Trove
March TBA

April TBA
June TBA
June TBA
July TBA


Follow all the action from the Facebook group.