I was asked to do a video showing my painting techniques.  Sounds horrible.  So I did it.  There are far better people out there to show you how to paint.  But not the way I paint.

Here is out Vlad came out.

Click here for the video Vlad part 1.
Click here for the video Vlad part 2.

I don’t like to throw away brushes.  Here are what the two brushes look like that I painted both Vlad and Valechev with…

Here is a step by step how I painted Valechev if video doesn’t do it for you.

Here is Valechev primed.  I prime him in my base colour for Khador to save a step….and because I am lazy.

First paint I did was the grey on the cloak.  I use a variety of GW and P3 paints.  I try to keep my paint pallet small so I don’t have options to slow me down.

I did some black on the inside of the cloak.

I like to put a little red on each model to keep them uniform.  For Valechev thats his crotch robe.

Then I just did the little bits of Pig Iron that needed it.  Mainly his sword and the little bits of armour on his legs.

Outline of the cloak done with one of my 4 browns I own.  Vlad fails at a photobomb.

I didn’t wan too use the same brown for his hat so busted out another brown!

Did his beard in yet another dark brown.  Then I covered the whole model in the dark wash.  NULN OIL is my go to.  I cover the whole model in it.  I hate how my models look painted until I have done this step.

I don’t like to wait so while it was drying I figured out how to hold him and paint his flesh.  I am HORRIBLE at faces.  I don’t even try to do them anymore.  Last time I tired I think it was Hawk and her face made it look like her make up was set to whore.  Had to re paint her face.

Added some flesh wash to his well….flesh.  This is the only way for me to get any kind of detail on a models face.  I don’t even do eyebrows.  Unless I want them to look like Sloth from Goonies.

I put some white in the recesses of the sword then washed it with arcane blue.  This will give it a little glow effect.  I also mixed jack bone and the grey to do some highlighting on the cape….which I forgot to take a pic of.

Used Khador red to highlight the little red that is on Valechev.

And done!