The Great Token Shitstorm 2017 and why you are wrong about it!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be aware of the new 2017 Steamroller CID that was released last Wednesday and the ensuing shit storm that it created on the inter webs. Funny thing is, all the nerd rage and uptight constipation wasn’t about the actual scenarios but about a this little nugget:

A measurement marker is a token, template, glass bead, or other item used by a player to mark a specific place on the board based on pre-measurement. For example, a player might use a glass bead to mark the charge range of an enemy warjack, or might place an empty model base to determine if a friendly model will fit into a specific space after charging an enemy. A player cannot have more than one measurement marker on the table at any time.

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(★) TUNE UP! — Jack Marshall

Well hello there! I’m Josh, the sometime editor here at PartyFoul, and I’m here with what I hope will become a new article series. As you can probably guess from the title of the series it’s going to be all about fixing some of the disregarded aspects of Warmachine and Hordes. I am by no means an expert, heck I wouldn’t even call myself all that much of a player. Rather I’m treating this series as something of a thought experiment. With the impending arrival of the Community Integrated Development (CID) from Privateer Press (PP) my hope is to bring some oversights to the attention of the community in hopes of seeing them rectified, or at least to get an explanation from PP about why things were done.

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BRICKHOUSE in da house!

Well I have decided to put Khador away and play with new toys.  And one just came out.  Cygnars new character warjack Brickhouse.

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First think I notice about this jack is the price.  Wow was it ever expensive.  More then I am used to paying for a jack.  I was expecting mid $40’s but it was high $50s.  (In Canada that means more then $70).

Time to dive in!

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The kit is primarily plastic.  A couple small bits, head and legs are metal.  This should make it easier to change that ridiculous stock pose.  Seriously how did that ever make it past marketing?

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Even have a sweet custom base from Secret Weapon for him.

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Lots of flash and bits to clean off.  Doesn’t matter to me so much as I’m a horrible at this hobby.  But if you’re meticulous then you’ll probably spend upwards of 30min cleaning it all up.

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Sometimes you have to balance models to get them to glue just right.  I am very impatient and wish glue would work faster!

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Bam! Trying to get the pose just right.  I probably should have put the head on at this point but I waited until I had both arms on.  That was a mistake.  Ended up almost busting off the Ironman arm trying to get the head on.

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And finally done.  Aside from cleaning off all the flash Brickhouse goes together fairly easy.  As you can see I put the hammer down so he wasn’t so crossing guardish.  Now just have to wait for Greg to get home from vacation so I can get him painted and on the table!