OTC 2017, Fun and games!

I always look forward to the Ontario team championship run by my partner in crime, Scott. It’s a great format and lots of fun where you meet a ton of people and play lots of games. It has all the feeling of a convention but only requires a one day commitment!

Dave “Chewie” Gauthier is the embodiment of pro!

The team I played on this year was a mixed bag of good friends who all enjoy playing the game but aren’t necessarily the most competitive, which was great as it was relaxed and full of joking and beer!

Our team; the Basket of Deplorables (No, not because we support Trump but because I liked the phrase), was made up of Circle, Trolls, two Khador and Cryx, you can check out lists on the OTC site: ontarioteamchampionships.com .


Our first round was against The Syndicate and we did all the pairing nonsense and I got a game against John McNeil, who I’ve known for years and who had pushed my shit in hard with Krueger 2 during the stormlords heyday in MK2. John hasn’t been keeping up with the game much due to work and an unhealthy obsession with Guild Ball so don’t judge too harsh!

His pairing was Una 2 and Kromac 2 so I had to drop Una 2 but surprisingly he picked Kromac2 because he “hates mirrors”. I can appreciate that but I think he gave me a serious threat advantage in that case.

Scenario was Outflank, boobies, whatever the double circles is called!

Anyway we set up and I went first to threat the board spreading my army out evenly (sorry no pics), and he put his monkey on the left and kromac ghetto on the right. I went up killing a mannikin from each unit and John moved up carefully measuring threat ranges. I wasn’t really paying attention till he got to ghetto and realized he was only measuring 10.5″ and I informed him that the average bird is 12.5″ with feat. He shuffled Ghetto back but then I noticed that Kromac looked like he was in range of 2 birds (one with mirage), at this point I probably should have let him move his caster back so we could play a real game but I didn’t… why? I think it was partially because I’m usually a stickler for clean play and don’t take back or ask for take backs, and actually find it mildy insulting if my opponent offers to let me take something back. I also didn’t offer because  I felt that I would be letting my team down if I told him to push Kromac back. Was that right? Letting winning overtake what I think is a sporting attitude? In retrospect I think not offering was the wrong thing but more on that in a later article.

I started my turn trying to clear off the sentry stone and alten ashley who were blocking some real estate around Kromac. My HOF stone blew up his sentry stone with one hit and the other stone hit a 12 to kill Alten. Then feat,  double primal, HOF on a bird, run a bird for flank, charge and one bird kills him.

love it!

I don’t want to spend anymore time on this but I will say John was a very good sport about it and we chatted and caught up for 45mins after. Great guy.

Our team lost 2-3, so off to the losers bracket!


dudes! Spammed!

We played an Ottawa team next; Team Wizards Tower, which had PG semi-automagic and we both made jabs about playing each other. As it shook out I grabbed him regardless of pairing process as soon as he was offered!

Knowing George would play Zaal 2 I played Wurmwood, mission was The Pit.

George went first and trundled up with all his dudes.  I launched out a hellmouth taking out 4 immortals on the far left side and postured aggressively.

George got 4 immortals on my shadowhorn with vengeance but they were out of Zaals control and didnt hit DEF 15. Zaal goes to his flag and feats while the hordes advance.

My turn 2 and I hit the far left unit with as much as I could taking out the rest of the unit and the escort on the other unit on the left/middle with a stranglehold. I make my first mistake here and leap the goat behind the immortals and unwittingly expose him to possible retaliation (my feat forest won’t extend far enough). I run a gobber to contest and then make a second more graver mistake when I forget to activate my gremlin swarms on the far right to pull them back.

Georges turn and he kills the goat with advancing immortals (they got vengeance from me killing the excort) and he kills the gremlin swarms clears his flag and scores as do I.

Mistakes were made.

My turn and I’m feeling the consequences of my mistakes. I do manage to muster enough attacks to almost eradicate the left hand unit and jam a few things into tibbers face but I can’t contest his flag so I go to 3 and he goes to 2.

George pushes in and contests my flag with an immortal from the intact unit and tibbers kills two sentry stones and a wyrd, the krea runs to body block for tibs. He scores and were tied at 3.

My turn and I clear off the remnants of the left unit but dont want to trigger vengeance on the full unit, the krea gets hunters mark and the pureblood charges in but doesnt make the zone, kills the krea making an opening for the Feral. Feral gets primal, tibs gets curse and the feral ruins him. I run the bokur to contest his flag and put as much as I can into the zone.

George kills the feral between Hakar and the remaining immortals and Zaal charges into the zone and kills the bokur and George wins scoring to 5!

Great game and I think the match up is manageable but losing my goat and gremlin swarms for no reason really hurt my ability to contest.

My team got swept this round so off to play with the other double losers!


We play against some gents from Oshawa; The Durham Region Irregulars!

Mission was Entranched? (the reconish one with no zone)

We went through the pairing process and I get Eli playing Cygnar. At first I thought he was playing nemo 3 and was a bit worried. That’s not a comfortable list for my pairing but as we deploy I learn it’s nemo 1 and I breathed a sigh of relief!

Eli’s list was very… unconventional, tiered and including two units of stormblades. Good thing there was no pathfinder and no magic weapons other than nemo.

I went first and the stupid thing about this table was that there were two fantastic terrain pieces mid board to anchor my forest wall off of so I didn’t care which side Eli picked.

I deployed heavy on the left flag with gremlins to run scenario delay on the right. Eli deployed fairly evenly with the lances giving more weight to the left.

I moved up as aggressively as I could while still having a forest wall, killing a mannikin from each unit.

Eli put arcane shield on the cav and postured rather timidly on the left.  Nemo walks to the wall and puts up decel.

My turn 2 and I decide I can hold the feat a turn and satisfy myself with throwing out some wraithbanes on a mannikin and the one wyrd who can get on the cav. I kill 3 cav with the wyrd and most of the left stormblades. I run a swarm to contest the right flag.

Eli spends a couple focus to increase Nemo’s control and he gets more aggressive with the remaining stormblades killing a couple twigs, the two remaining cav charge the wyrd and cripple it. Nemo feats and puts a bit of damage on all the beasts. Thunderhead walks up to the flag and pulses but Eli learns that its not magical so doesn’t hurt the swarm.

Look at that literal wall down the middle of the board!

My turn and I kill the remaining blades on the left, the two remaining cav and most of the blades on the right. Port up the tree, stranglehold Dynamo and feat. Swarm sabotages Thunderhead. I Score 1.

With very little to do Eli backs up and Nemo kills the swarm on the right with nemos gun (blast). He kills the gobbers with storm blades. We both score 1.

My turn and I primal the goat and he goes up and throws dynamo back into juniour. I kill almost all remaining storm blades, strangle hold Thunderhead, bunker up and contest the right flag with the remaining swarm. I score to 3.

Eli, kills the Goat with Dynamo, Thunderhead shoots into my exposed right edge damaging a bokur and crippling the other wyrd. He moves up the Firefly to contest my flag, electro leaps fail to kill lanny. Acosta charges in and kills a sentry stone (I think).

My turn and the feral kills the firefly, I hellmouth his stormblade CA pulling Thunderhead out of contesting the right flag and run the swarm to the flag scoring 2 for the win!

Our team managed to go 4-1 this round getting our first win and keeping us from getting the Buy!


We pair up with Team Focus and Fury and these guys have like some sort of flow chart and algorithm and shit to work out the pairings! I just throw random shit at them to mess with their OCD.

I shake out with Nathan who is playing Ossrum and Shae, so I’m getting dorfs and I pick the tree.

Mission was whatever two fronts is called now.

I go first so I can get up the table, Nathan picks the side he’s on and that’s great as there is a house and forest to anchor my forest wall on. I deploy heavy on my side with the two swarms over to contest his. Did I mention he had 12 bunnies? 6 spray and 6 gun ones!

I move up staying out of feat plus energizer threat and forest up.

Nathan moves up and between a fire for effect mortar and a regular mortar takes out a sentry stone with blast damage (do the math on that one). That hurts.

Lookit that nice terrain/ forest/ cloud wall there as well!

I adjust and deploy the gobbers to fill the gap in my wall. I kill half the hammer dorfs. I run one swarm to my zone, obvious I won’t be able to hold it and the other to his zone.

Nathans turn and he juggles FFE  and a spray and kills the other sentry stone .  The hammer dorfs kill my objective and the swamp gobbers get killed as well.

My turn 3 and I guess I have to feat now that my screen has been blown away.  I do a bunch of shooting and a charge on the two fore bunnies crippling both. I primal the goat with the feral and he goes, leaps and cripples two more bunnies. The pureblood sprays off the rest of the hammer dorfs , then feat.

Nathan kills the shadowhorn and the bokur who charged and feats.

I decide to back up and hold the zone with the swarm, or at least that was the plan. I take a few shots that cripple another bunny, stranglehold another,and I kill one mortar and the ogrun with the big cannon.  I then derp on my fury and try another strangle hold not realizing I needed 2 for rapid growth. So like an idiot I dark path behind the forest but don’t put up the rapid growth that would have screened my pureblood.

Nathan’s turn and a lot of bunnies move up and hammer my pure blood killing him. He also hit the wolf with the mortar, his mortars were brutal!

I’m feeling on the back foot hard here but Nathan has had to funnel a lot of his bunnies in on the left side of the forest. I’ve crippled 4 and killed 1 so I go in and between the bokur, feral, 2 wyrds and cassius I cripple 2 more and kill another. I then rapid growth up to protect my stuff.

Nathans turn and Ossrum has finally moved up enough to make a play for my zone, he advances and spells the swarm off, does a bit of shooting into the wyrds crippling one and destroying the other. He scored 2 with the objective putting him at 3.

So it’s do or die time, if he scores again I’m screwed. I can’t get my other swarm into my zone so I do what damage I can, crippling another bunny and then run the feral warped for armour into the zone.  Knowing he can bulldoze him out I throw the shifting stones behind him to complicate things. I then run lanny to the far left corner around the edge of a house. I then rapid growth between the feral and ossrum so he can’t straight charge.

So Nathans turn and he’s got 6 mins to my 8 and he has 10 bunnies still but 7 of them are crippled, some on just a couple boxes. He has to kill a full health feral and a DEF 19 lanny to win. We’re both tired and hungry and he shoots everything at the feral and then advances to try his luck with Ossrum but comes up pretty short of the kill.

My turn, heal and primal the feral, port him into ossrums back and the dorf gets eaten.

WHEW! Tough game, 12 gun bunnies is hard and if it weren’t for some favourable terrain and my swarms it would have been a cake walk for Nathan! Of course if he had more energy and time at the end I think he could have worked out a better plan, but like I said, we were both pretty done in.

My team pulls out another win going 3-2 this round to end 2-2 and 19th place! All in all respectable and I had a ton of fun! Wurmwood is so technical and satisfying to play, so amazing.


So we had a great time and laughed a lot and told many stories of grand victory and undeserved defeat! In the end some scrubs won the thing but I don’t give a shit about that, we all knew they were going to win it anyway. Great thing is we made more friends and fantastic memories!

If you haven’t been to OTC you should try it next year, it’s fantastic fun!

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