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These rules are completely and blatantly stolen from WTC (thanks Norbert for sharing!) Replace any reference to Steamroller 2014 with Steamroller 2015 ! Also replace any reference to WTC with OTC!

Awards are TBD.

– OTC is a team even with each team comprising of five (5) players

– a maximum of 16 teams will be accepted

– backup players are allowed for each team under the following conditions. Back up team members must submit their lists at the same time as the core team does. In addition, they must specify which core member(s) they will substitute for.

– Each player will be required to bring 2 lists of 50points each (no specialists), observe character restrictions (per player, not across the team), and use the “2 Lists Required” rules in the Army List Variation section.

– Across a team, no warcaster/warlock may be repated.

– The OTC is run under the official WARMACHINE and HORDES game system as published by Privateer Press.

– The official Steamroller Rules (SR2015) published by PP will be enforced for the OTC. All scenarios should be considered possible to be chosen at the event.

– conversions are permitted as well as the majority of parts are PP and the model is recognizable on the table. Submit pictures of converted models if you are concerned. non-approved models will not be allowed to be used.

– There is no painting requirement but models must be based on the appropriate base size and have their front and back arcs clearly marked.

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More  INFO to follow!