So a buddy of mine bought a bunch of the Crucible Guard stuff as it was coming out.  A fair amount.  But he never got around to gluing it together.  And he is a bit OCD when it comes to assembling.  He likes to pin everything.  Which as you know would take a long time.  So he decided to dump it.  It was a great deal and with a Slow Grow league starting I figured I would snatch them up instead of starting Ret for the league.  I over estimated out much I was getting and found myself quickly buying more to build up my collection.  Thankfully the store offers a discount for being in the league.  Then I had the great idea to ramp it up and have 2 fully painted lists ready for action for Captaincon.  I was originally going to play Cygnar.  But now I have a mission.  The question is can I get two lists done before Captaincon and get some games with them before I leave!?

First thing I had to do was talk to someone who knows more about CG then I do….which is very little.  After a discussion on lists I was able to built 2 lists for me to paint up.  Up until this point I was just painting whatever peaked my interest.  Now I have to focus and put everything else aside that isn’t a part of these two lists.  I was looking at Gearhart but I don’t have it in me to paint 2 full units…the rocket men will be enough of a strain on me!

Prima Materia
Locke Painted

Vulcan Painted
Liberator Painted
Toro x 2 Painted
Vanguard Painted
Suppressor Painted

Hutchuk Do not own yet can borrow
Trancer Not Painted
Gorman Painted
Mechanik Not Painted

Combat Alchemists Painted
Dragons Breath Rocket Painted

So as you can see I’m almost there with this list.  Just need to borrow one and paint 2.

List 2 on the other hand….

Magnum Opus

Syvestro Painted

Vindicator Painted
Toro x 2 Painted

Hutchuk Do Not Own Can Borrow

Trancer x 2 Not Painted
Mechanik Not Painted

Rocketmen Full Not Painted
Gunner x 3
Captain Strom Troopers
Dragon Breath Rockets Painted
Dragon Breath Rockets Not Painted

This list is going to challenge my ability to paint fast!  21 Models to paint before Feb 9th weekend.  I mean I don’t have to be fully painted for the event…but if I’m not fully painted I won’t take the faction…which would be disappointing.  So do you think I can get it done?

As for my paint scheme well since I was originally going to go with Ret, I was thinking about a very crazy bright green.  In my mind almost neon in green.  I wanted it to be so bright you couldn’t help but come over and look at them.  But then after the Crucible Guard deal came up I didn’t feel the Neon was going to work for me.  I was looking around the hobby store for something that jumped out at me to excite me about painting this new faction.  Back with my Khador I had experimented with a Candy Apple Red to great effect.  So much so it made me hate the rest of the faction I’d painted because it wasn’t the Candy Apple Red.  So I found a Candy Racing Green.  The plan is to paint them with the same techniques.  Basically you prime it black then you hit the spots you want green with silver.  Then you use the Candy Racing Green and do 3-4 coats on the silver.  All this using an airbrush.  The silver will show up under the green giving it a metallic look.  Which will save me the time of highlighting the green.  I also had the idea to rust up the faction.  Since they are very corrosion based I thought this was fitting.  And I have had a blast rusting up everything!  Check out the pics!