First Take on New Ret

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week since CID dropped, I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed by options and flooding war room with lists to enjoying the options. I’m sure I’ll settle into my favourites again eventually, but for now everything is fresh and new and exciting.

I’ve played 7 games with new Ret, though one was a disaster from clocks stopping and counting backwards to dubious measuring and a tonne of proxies. So I’ll skip that one. The Sunday before last, we drove 3 hours to the nearest “Big Meta” and got 3 games in, followed by 4 games this weekend locally. Photos from the first set of games are spotty, as I didn’t intend to write them up, but there are more for the final four. Apologies for any mistakes in my opponents lists. I might mis-remember some models.

Game 1: Goreshade vs Xerxis 1 Invasion

  • Goreshade (defenders)
  • Sylys
  • 2x Chimera
  • Phoenix
  • 2x Halbs and UA
  • Rifles and UA
  • 2x HRT
  • Arcanist
  • 2x Thanes
  • Fane Knight Skeryth
  • Lys Healer


  • Xerxis 1 (Masters of War)
  • Gladiator
  • Tiberion
  • 2x Karax
  • Swordsmen with UA
  • Cetratii and UA
  • Legends of Halaak
  • Tyrant Commanders (2 I think)

Winning the roll off my opponent picked the side with a trench. There was a building right in the middle of the board, the odd hill and forest, but nothing critically important.


I deploy centrally. Rifles on the far right, unit of halbs on each flank, support and HRT in the middle with the phoenix, chimeras on both flanks. He deployed with the 2 karax on my right flank, cetratii on the left, swords in the middle. Xerxis and his beasts more to the left, legends on the far right with a forest in his deployment.

Turn 1

Halbs advance move, get desperate pace and shield wall to the half way line (7″ deploy, 6″ advance move. 8″ shield wall, 3″ repo =24″) Chimeras run behind them with the left hand rifles running 12″ as well. HRT and the fane knight advance centrally to cover both sides of the board if needed, Goreshade advances, puts down a cloud to cover the left hand side and two on the right. A mistake was made here, an extra cloud was placed, I cast DR on the right hand unit of halbs.

Skorne considers what to do. Given how far up the halbs are, threatening 13″ he elects to run, jamming up everything on the right with karax, the swords centrally and cetratii about 5″ away from the halbs under defenders ward. The commanders hand out pathfinder so no terrain is an issue. Tibbers and the gladiator are left, central, with Xerxis making it to his trench.


Turn 2

Rifles CRA and kill 2 cetratii, halbs decide to not charge, popping minifeat to kill one more and chip damage another whilst killing swordsman or two, then repo back under shield wall leaving a few halbs to jam. On the right the halbs get stuck in and kill half a dozen or more Karax, and repo back to stay in feat range. Goreshade pops feat, puts down some clouds to hide the phoenix from Tiberion.

Skorne decides not to kill anything so as not to become stationary… Karax shield wall and jam harder, swordsmen get in annoying places to guard Tibbers as he runs up, Cetratii walk around the halbs to contest the zone.

Turn 3

Rifles and halbs clear out several swordsmen and the Cetratii, leaving one swordsman blocking the charge lane for the phoenix onto Tiberion. Rifles also chip damage Tibbers. Goreshade puts -2 ARM on tibbers and the unit of Karax contesting the right hand zone, the halbs mopping up most of them whilst the HRT aims and cleans out the final swordsman needing 10s to hit. Phoenix gets concentrated power and charges Tiberion, killing him. Scoring one CP, at which point Skorne concedes.

Game 2: Rahn vs Old Witch 1 (Spread the Net)

  • Rahn (Forges of War)
  • Sylys
  • 2x Phoenix
  • Helios
  • 2x Battle Mages
  • 2x Artificer
  • Magister
  • 2x Arcanist units
  • 3x Arcanists


  • Old Witch (Jaws of the Wolf)
  • Behemoth
  • 2-3x Destroyer
  • 1-2x Demolisher
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • 2x Forge Seers
  • (something costing 8 points? A shield guard or something)

Similar set up to before, central building, a trench on both sides, large cloud on the far left and middle right. I won the rolloff and decided to go first.

Turn 1

Rahn TKs the phoenixes and himself then walks into the zone, polarity shield on the Helios thanks to theme. Battle mages get force barrier and run, Helios runs. Phoenixes hide behind clouds on either side of the board

Khador basically just run. Destroyer on the left fires a shot at the magister but misses, the widowmaker cleaning out one battle mage. Scrap jack runs behind the building, with the old witch in a trench with iron flesh on herself, the cloud hiding scrap jack and the left most destroyer  from most of the battle mages.

Turn 2

Rahn allocates nothing, all the jacks get fully focused and CP’ed up from the arcanists. Helios walks forward and pulls in a jack, Dice+ 3 kill him with a focus spare. On the left, Battle mages advance into the cloud, pull in another destroyer, knocking him down. Phoenix fails to kill him or cripple anything important at dice off 1 with 4 attacks. On the left, 3 battle mages go around the cloud to pull the destroyer closer, with the rest then pulling him through the cloud. Phoenix cripples some more stuff on him but fails to kill yet again.

At this point rahn is in a trench with sylys and a magister, Helios about 8″ to his right, but the flanks are wiiiide, and nothing really inbetween. Rahn Tks a few things, but apparition makes it almost pointless. A force hammer pushes the destroyer out of melee, but .5″ short of hitting behemoth with the slam.

Khador goes for the assassination. Behemoth and the destroyer pop a few shots but fail to connect. Scrap jack runs at Rahn, old witch teleports in and casts her signature spell. Fails to kill needing 7s to hit and dice off 2 damage (I think) and leaves him on 1 box.

Turn 3

Rahn feats, arcane secrets. slams OW into scrappy, killing her.

Game 3 Vyros2 vs Butcher1 (The Pit 2)

  • Vyros2 (Forges of War)
  • 7 Griffons
  • Imperatus
  • Gorgon
  • 2x Arcanists
  • 2x Arcanist units
  • Artificer with a Griffon
  • Fane Guardian


  • Butcher 1
  • 2x Grolar
  • 2x Juggernaut
  • WGI with UA and 3 rockets
  • Joe
  • min Uhlans
  • Mortar

My opponent is just getting back into Warmachine after a hiatus and is missing a few pieces from his lists, but its still a lot of highly accurate, hard hitting attacks on high armour. with WGI doing their thing. Uhlans under fury are scary.

A forest cuts off the left zone from the rest, and there is a trench on the far right of my side (Khador went first). A small statue in the middle of the board.


Butcher in the middle of the board, jacks either side, uhlans far left with the mortar, WGI on the right.

I deploy Vyros near the trench with the artificer and his jack, Imperatus centrally, Griffons everywhere, Gorgon on far left.

Turn 1

Fury on uhlans, IF on WGI, everything runs.

Griffons all get focus and run under fleet, imperatus runs, Vyros casts decal and hops in the trench under force barrier. I position two griffons on the left to absorb Uhlan charges, the rest of the jacks in odd triangles to absorb shots. Imperatus behind the statue to limit charges.

Turn 2

Uhlans charge 2 jacks, knocking them down and doing some serious damage to the griffons, then repo into wall of steel… apart from one that takes a free strike and dies, leaving them out of wall of steel. Grolars advance into the central zone and pop a few shots, chipping the jacks at dice off 8. On the right the WGI shoot a few jacks and throw some rockets out, shield guards split out the damage so its mostly just shields gone.

Vyros upkeeps synergy and hands out 2, artificer’s gorgon walks and sprays three WGI with RAT 7, killing 1, KDing another (tough). Far left griffons with only 1 focus advance and the pair of them clean out a few more infantry, building synergy.

Vyros advances to the left to catch the Uhlan’s griffon within synergy range, who only has 1 focus thanks to KD shaking. He kills both easily at dice off 1 basically auto hitting. 1 griffon under CP charges a grolar and badly dents it. Another griffon charges a jugg and takes out the fist. Artificer gives Vyros2 force barrier, Imperatus charges the left Grolar, finishing him off with 2 initials and side stepping into  the other grolar and finishing him off too.

Turn 3

Butcher pops feat, charges Imperatus and kills him once, leaving him on 4 boxes after he revives, casting full throttle. Jugg finishes him off and the other puts a few swipes into a griffon basically killing it. Mortar does some damage to the griffon in the left zone, whilst WGI under +4 STR charge 3 jacks, one CMA missed, one wasn’t under feat but still hurt and the other got crippled entirely, leaving the 2 griffons and a gorgon sorely hurting with 2 or 3 systems down each. Butcher is close, camping one.

Vyros upkeeps synergy and the jacks around build up the chain. Vyros charges with 5 focus onto butcher, leaving him on only a few boxes, despite dice off 2 and buying 6 attacks… Comes down to a griffon walking through the forest under fleet to put a fully boosted swing into Butcher’s face and a failed tough to seal the deal.

Game 4: Rahn vs Butcher 1 (Recon 2)

  • Rahn (Defenders)
  • 2x Chimera
  • Helios
  • Ryssovas
  • 2x Priests
  • Aelyth
  • AFG
  • 2x HRT
  • Arcanist
  • Sylys

Same Khador list. Terrain has changed with a big forest in the middle of the board and one in my deployment Khador won the roll off again and went first. I picked up the trench.


Khador deploys all his jacks on the left, Mortar and WGI on the right. Uhlans also left. Helios deploys opposite the jacks, Ryssovas centrally, AFG lef, HRT scattered around.

Turn 1

Everything runs. Iron flesh on the WGI, retaliatory strike on the central grolar.

Helios tramples forward and drags one Uhlan towards him, missing two shots, even after a boost. Ryssovas run/charge and kill it, and stay in the zone. Rahn TKs the AFG and puts polarity shield on the ryssovas. Chimera runs into the forest, AFG advances and throws out two difficult terrain AoEs.

Turn 2

Mortar takes a hail mary shot, missing a ryssovas, but only 1 for deviation means he clips 5 of them… 6s kills, I make no tough rolls. 5 dead. WGI run into the zone (a few of them do anyway…) Central grolar runs into the forest but more than 3″ away from the AFG LoS. Jacks run to contest left zone with butcher on the flag. Uhlans walk into melee but all 3 fail to kill aelyth.

HRT on the right cleans out one WGI, Helios walks forward, boosting two punches into the cav and killing them, pushing the other jacks out of the zone. Chimera runs around, to contest the flag, the other chimera into the forest to get LoS to the Grolar. Rahn TKs two jacks to turn them around to deny charges and then TKs the AFG, who can now walk into the zone to score and clear out most of the remaining winterguard. With a priest, who sprays the final two winterguard, then repos back to the flag, scoring three.

Turn 3

Jacks kill the chimera contesting the flag and with full throttle and butcher, all the ryssovas die. Middle grolar knocks down the chimera and leaves it with 2 boxes, Mortar misses and the infantry take out the HRT. Butcher scores the flag and contests the left and right zones, making it 4-1.

Helios runs to within 4″ of the left flag and 2″ of the jacks. Rahn casts force blast, pushing butcher off the flag and the jacks out of the zone. With the priest on the flag and helios in the zone I score 2, 6-1 victory.

Game 5: Kaelyssa vs Bradigus (Invasion)

  • Kaelyssa (Legions)
  • 2x Hydra
  • Arcanist
  • 2x Sentinels and UA
  • 2x Artificer
  • Destors
  • Destor Thane
  • Ghost sniper


  • Bradigus (Bones)
  • 2x Sentry stones
  • 1x Shifting stones (opponent screwed up and deployed 2 units, didn’t tell me until after the game)
  • 2 wold watchers
  • 2 wold wight
  • 2 wold guardians
  • megalith
  • 3 stone shapers (?)
  • Big shrimp
  • Tinker

I lost the roll off, immediately making the theme benefits pointless. I an not sold on new Legions… Strong infantry, poor benefits. Circle choses the side with a tasty wall in the right hand zone. Leaving me with… a trench? on the far left. (this game was SUUUPER intense, very few photos taken)


Kae and jacks in the middle, Sents either side. Destors far left. Simple. He deploys stones on either flank, Bradigus more to the right, wold guardians centrally.

Turn 1

I run. Destors get Blur and Force Barrier, Thane in the trench. Sentinels advance, the right hand unit getting Force Barrier. Jacks run. Kae gets refuge. Destors stay outside of aiming range of his mannikins.

Left hand sentry stone gets one fury, right hand gets three. The left hand one teleports closer, and the mannikins charge, all missing. Unit of shifting stones teleport in to jam a little more. Left hand wold light advances, stone forms, animus’ and puts a shot into a sentinel, but misses. On the right the sentry stone teleports away, putting 2 mannikins in the trench. the left hand light advances and hides behind the forest. Guardians run to the zone. Megalith and Baldur hide behind the wall and a few rifts are thrown, blocking my advance a little.

Turn 2

One jack gets pathfinder, Kae pops feat, advances, shoots something easy to trigger refuse, PH both jacks and refuges back. One Hydra shoots the left most sentry stone and at dice off 3 fully boosted, leaves it on 1 box. I consider not using the other hydra… But scoring on the left zone is too good to miss. So he advances, kills it. Destors do some funny charges, mostly ignoring the ARM 21 light (yaay…) seriously damaging the wold wight and killing a stone shifter, repoing back into the zone. Destor thane does some damage to the light, finishing off the wold wight with 2 shots then repoing out of the way. Destors get Force Barrier again, left sentinels charge, getting a few sorely needed spikes to kill an 8 point light.

On the right Sentinels run/charge, smacking a wold wight and contest the zone with 4 or 5. Both units popped minifeat and the right hand unit gets Force Barrier.

Bradigus spends ages faffing… Forgetting I have stealth we have to undo some activations. The sentry stone advances and with 3 sprays kills 1 sentinel, bradigus feats, pushing the guardians into the forest. Big shrimp kills 2 sentinels whilst aiming despite being DEF 14, ARM 20. Wold watcher on the right charges some sents, killing 2, but can’t clear the zone. Wold wight advances, pops animus and kills 2 more sentinels, leaving 2 contesting.

Wold Guardian in the middle takes one free strike and clears out one sentinel, ramming his way to a jack and killing it at dice+3. The other guardian takes a free strike and kills the other jack. Tinker advances into the middle zone. I score 1.

Turn 3

Sentinels vengeance, chip damaging some stuff, the one left on fire dies. Kae PH herself, kills the tinkerer and refuges into left most zone. Sentinels grind through a wold guardian, leaving it on minimal boxes, whilst the final few sentinels clear a wold wight and kill a stone. Artificer slams the wold watcher, pushing him back, but still contesting, some damage done. Destors charge the wold guardian, killing it, but leaving one fairly healthy. Destors consider running to the other side of the board but decide to keep Kae safe instead.

With 8 mins left on his clock and nothing able to contest the left most zone with me 2 up, he concedes.

Game 6: Goreshade vs Kraye (The Pit 2)

  • Goreshade
  • Phoenix
  • 2x Chimera
  • 2x Min halbs and UA
  • 2x Ryssovass (one proxied by rifles)
  • 2x HRT
  • 2x Thanes (proxied by A+H here)
  • Aelyth
  • Arcanist
  • Lys Healer


  • Kraye
  • 4x Centurions
  • B13
  • 2 Arcane rifles
  • A+H and Murdoch
  • Squire

I won the roll off (1 in 6!) and elected to go first. He chose the side with a trench.


Ryssovass, halbs, jacks, goreshade, jacks, HRT, Ryssovas, Halbs. Easy!

He deploys a jack on either flank, 2 centrally A+H on the right, with the B13, 2 rifles on the left.

Turn 1

Advance move, shield wall at halfway line with desperate pace, Chimeras following. One unit of Ryssovass in the middle, the other on the left flank. Goreshade on the hill slapping down clouds to cover the left flank and some of the middle.

Centurions trample, repo, polarity shield, barely toeing zones. Middle ones are out of Ryssovass walk and attack range. Some pot shots are taken, killing one Ryssovass after he toughs once.

Turn 2

Right unit of halbs pops mini feat and puts 3 CMAs into the jack, tickling it at dice off… many. Repos to shield wall. Middle Ryssovass advance a little, spreading out to block tramples. I forgot Goreshade has a -2 ARM spell, so he casts it once on both flanking jacks. Two HRT chip the right hand one for better damage.  On the left, halbs minifeat, shield wall, stab for some damage. One Ryssovass gets in and tries to cut out a movement, failing. Goreshade has popped feat and hides just off the hill with the phoenix.

He elects to not kill stuff. Kraye puts two shots into a chimera, damaging it, A+H and the rifles and B13 clear out 5 models, with the right most centurion killing 2 halbs out of feat range. Everything polarity shields and digs deeper.

Goreshade puts -2 ARM on each of the jacks, halbs and HRT clear out the right most one, in the middle, the ryssovass barely scratch one, requiring Aelyth and the phoenix to finish it off. On the left the centurion is left with 5 boxes, and the objective is left with 3 HP. Chimera walks behind, boosted combo strike at dice off 1 to kill it.

Lots of poor rolling salvaged by a few great spikes on each jack.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention -2 ARM isn’t an upkeep. (the joys of having so many changes to remember!) Honestly, this game it wouldn’t have made a difference. I would have upkept it this turn, then hot swapped it to the middle centurion. I could have loaded up the phoenix with more focus and cast ghost walk on the left hand unit of ryssovas to get even more stabs on the centurion.

Opponent conceded, declaring Ret OP because “trenchers can’t be that far up the board”.



Loving new Ret! Definitely a few gaping flaws that weren’t fixed, Legions theme is like a Fresher on their first night out at uni. Messy, incoherent and keen to go home with anyone just to feel validated. If it wasn’t for destors being quite fun now (I love me some cav) and sentinels being the solid, expensive box they have always been, just 2″ back. Next up might be double destors with Goreshade ARM 22, tough, ARM debuff that can ignore LoS from the large bases sounds quite good, and digging deep to kill choir/shifting stones/squire is a beauty.

Haven’t managed to try Shadows yet as I only own 1 min unit of Infiltrators and 1 unit of MHSF. But I have a few ideas.

How are other people’s games with new Ret going?