It’s tournament battle report time!


Pre-Tournament thoughts:

This last weekend I went to a Steamroller the town over with the hopes of doing ‘ok’. It was supposed to be the final event of their JML but we blew it up into a full blown 30ish person event. To me I just wanted to get a few points to secure my spot in the Alberta Invitational.

Here are the lists I took:


Magnus2 (Irrelgulars)

-2x nomad


2x press gangers

3x halberdiers

Alexia and risen

Kayazy eliminators






This list is my work horse. I love this playstyle and it’s been working very well for me. You could call it my sweeper.


MacBain (Laelese)

4x nomad












I designed this list to deal with double judicator, but I have also found it does very well. Many people don’t understand how choir and countermeasures on unkillable cav shuts down shooting, and the jackhammer threat is very real. You could call this the pivot.


Game 1: Scott O w/ Butcher3 on 2 rectangle, 2 objective, center circle

Pre-game Thoughts: I have a bit of an unnatural fear of Butcher3. I’m sure Magnus2 could have handled it, but I went with MacBain to ensure I’d have enough heavies to threaten his caster, although I realized it was risky if he caught me with a good feat and kill all my heavies at once. Then again all of his winter guard would be useless against my choir protected jacks.

I won the roll to go first and deployed heavily on the left flank to threaten a scenario rush. He deployed more centrally.

Turn 1: Fortune goes on a nomad, coutnermeasures on the flamebringer, and I rush up. He moves up to be out of range.

Turn 2: Upkept both spells and ran the feated cav into his face to contest all the zones and block the jacks, and then move up to threaten. He uses one jack to throw a cav out of the way which allows a juggernaut to get in and destroy the freebooter. This was actually bad because the freebooter was key to knock down targets with 2 handed throws to set up the assassination, but he did it because it threatened 1 inch further. He did his best to keep butcher threatening but out of range of a charge by leveraging a building.

Turn 3: Given he was only camping 2 I figured this was the best time to go for assassination. Sylys upkept fortune, countermeasures dropped, choir sung battle, ragman deathfielded, one of gastone’s nomads killed the jugger in my face, a nomad ran over to Butcher3, and 6 jackhammers later Butcher3 was in the dirt.

Post-Game Thoughts: Dark horse FTW! Most people aren’t used to MacBain in this meta, and he simply didn’t see the jackhammer threat. With fortune the 8s to hit isn’t so bad thanks to the reroll, and hitting at pow 20 is more than deadly. I felt a bit underhanded in this one because when he went after the freebooter I actually tried to encourage him to go after a nomad, but then again if I had been successful karma would have likely meant he would destroy the nomad with fortune up. Either way, I was glad to have a quick first win and be able to check out the other armies.


Game 2: Cory Burns w/ Goreshade 4 on 2 rectangle, 2 objective, 2 flag

Pre-Game Thoughts: Cory is a top notch player but this game was heavily in my favor. His lists (including this sentinel heavy list) just couldn’t compete with Magnus2 on a live scenario like this.

I won first turn and we both deploy across the board w/ Anastasia in ambush.

Turn 1: Bullet dodger goes on the buccaneer, escort on Mag2, and everything runs up. He runs up to tempt me with a couple of sentinels to trigger vengeance.

Turn 2: Kayazy and Anastasia move in to contest his flag, and I jam with everything and feat. He can’t break through and I go to 1-0.

Turn 3: I’d like to clear the right zone but it just isn’t going to happen, so I continue to jam, and destroy his objective to go to 3-0. My mistake was not also committing the buccaneer to his flag, but luckily his dice fail him and Imperatus fails to kill an eliminator, so I go to 4-0 on his turn.

Turn 4: I do nothing and go to 5-0.

Post-Game Thoughts: Like I said, nothing against Cory, he’s a great player, he just didn’t have the tools to deal with my Magnus2 list. But hey, I was happy to go to 2-0 and take out one of the meta’s boogiemen.


Game 3: Chris Dancocks w/ Dreamer on 3 flag, 2 circle, 2 objective

Pre-Game Thoughts: Last event Chris and I had a tight King of Nothing vs Magnus2 game, and it looks like it was time for another long battle. Luckily it was on a scenario that favored me, but his did win first turn so that was going to be a bit of an issue. On a side note, I can’t drop MacBain here because the deathknell basically takes away my feat.

Turn 1: There is a building in the center of the table and he splits his forces, with dedicated gremlin swarms to contests both sides. He also buts down the 5 inch aoe that is rough terrain for me which was going to be an issue for my jacks trying to trade with his heavies, and puts mirage on a skin and moans. Knowing that he’ll need to contest the scoring elements next turn, I put out my upkeeps and generally hold back.

Turn 2: He aggressively pushes up and contests everything with half his gremlin swarms while keeping some in reserve. He also cast the -2 to hit and damage spell on the left halberdiers unit defending the circle. With him in my face I knew I needed to do something, but he didn’t give me a lot of good options as it wasn’t likely I could kill the skin and moans in my circle. I instead decide to focus on my flag. I clear off a couple of gremlin swarms, gorehounds, and a crabbit, while Anastasia contests his flag and I feat to lock almost everything down going to 1-0.

Turn 3: A gremlin swarm contests my flag, the mirage skin and moans kills my eliminators (stupid placement on my part), and he cleverly arcs a spell to kill Anastasia (1-1). It’s at this point that I first get nervous about the tied score, but then realize the advantage in going second, in that I will have the final opportunity to score each turn. With that in mind I continue to kill the models contesting my flag, use the nomads to kill a skin and moans on the right, destroy his objective, and the buccaneer runs to contest and I start running halberdiers over to contest later (3-1).

Turn 4: A crabbit is next to contest my flag, but then changes his mind to be placed in Dreamer’s control to be able to kill Ragman, but doesn’t contest the flag (we agree after that this was a critical mistake). He then kills the buccaneer while Dreamer stationaries some halberdiers (most importantly the leader), and a cage rager tramples in to kill Alexia (4-2). The risen swing into the left to help contest the zone  (5-2).

Turn 5: He continues to clear his flag and grind, and almost scores the center flag (5-3). I then take a chance that my nomad can slam the mirage skin and moans out of the left zone (needs a 7) which would secure my lead, but miss, so I just continue to jam (6-3).

Turn 6: Time is getting low for both of us, but it’s a big turn for him as he clears his flag, destroys the embarrassed nomad, and my objective (6-5). I just play defensively, clear and jam (7-5).

Turn 7: A cage rager tramples in and starts beating on the nomad, beating him back enough to contest the flag (no systems out though), and clears his flag (7-6). I try to think about how to deal with the cage rager, but then realize I just need to contest his flag, so I do and the game ends 7-6 with less than 5 minutes on the combined clock.

Post-Game Thoughts: Oh my god what a stressful and tight game. Don’t get me wrong, we are both very friendly players and had a great time, but Chris and I have been having some epic games lately that are neck and neck down to the wire. Had the crabbit contested it would have ended 6-6 and I would have won on points destroyed (thanks to partial units not giving points), and that really specks to how close it was. The use of that rough terrain spell (which he upkept all game) was brilliant and something I haven’t seen Dreamer player do to me before and drastically changed how our heavies traded. Overall I was very proud of this game, and the trip was worth it just for this, but now I had to calm my nerves and prepare for the final game.


Game 4: Mark Ewanec w/ Anamag on 2 circles, 2 objectives, and a central rectangle

Pre-Game Thoughts: There were three undefeated players, Mark and I, and Darrell on the pair down. The best thing was that we all drove down together so no matter what we were taking a few trophies back with us. That said I was not in a good shape for this game. It was a double chosen that could shred infantry with cav charges (which Mark is great at) and on a scenario that isn’t very live at all. I had to drop Mag2 as his feat cancel’s MacBain’s feat, and my hope was to clock Mark, or maybe slowly clear one zone and hold onto a lead until turn 7 (or clock).

I win first turn and deploy rather heavily to the right, while he deploys more evenly.

Turn 1: My usual upkeeps and run up to be out of range of the blight bringer. He puts the armor spell on the central warmonger unit and pushes up to be out of charge range, other than the warmongers that jam down the center.

Turn 2: My feat can cover almost everything so I lock almost everything down while trying to put myself in a position to threaten the hellmouths, and I take the opportunity to get the jump on the warmongers, hoping to kill the two lead ones, but the nomads only manage to kill 1 (due to high armor and tough). He doesn’t really do anything other than shoot with his blight bringer to save time on a turn that will be ineffective anyway.

Turn 3: Anastasia, the eliminators, and a unit of halberdiers set up to contest the left zone while I concentrate on the right (a building in the center means the middle zone isn’t likely to be scored). The nomads try to hack away, but again the high armor and high means I only kill 1 warmonger. I try to jam the right chosen with my infantry but I’m a weird spot now where my own nomads and terrain is in my way. Not to mention the hellmouth that refuses to die. In response he feats and gets a ton of work done. He kills roughly half my infantry (including Alexia) and a nomad escaped destruction only due to bad dice (had he killed the nomad I may have conceded).

Turn 4: With my army decimated it’s not all about the clock, and at this point there is still a ways to go. I still fail to kill the damned hellmouth on the right, hack down a few more models with the nomads, and even Magnus2 is charging in to get work done (protected by the building). He continues to kill infantry, and a nomad.

Turn 5: Getting more desperate it’s all about carefully spreading out my force to bleed as slowly as possible. He kills the last nomad and more infantry.

Turn 6: It’s getting down to it. I’m almost out of pieces and my only option it to put Magnus2 in danger. BUT I finally kill the hellmouth, so there’s that… He’s down to 5 minutes, thinks about what he can do, and decides to go for an assassination on Magnus2. Unfortunately he comes short and in doing so he clocks.

Post-Game Thoughts: Well I got my ass handed to me. I should have known better and properly bogged down the chosen. I can blame me being mentally drained from my last game, but I don’t want to take anything away from Mark, he’s been killing it with Anamag. We talked about it after and he would have been better off going for the easier to kill objective, and then doing a 1 second turn on turn 7 as there was no way I was going to counter score. I wouldn’t say I deserved this win, but I’ll take it!


Post-Tournament Thoughts:

Going 4-0 is awesome, and that epic game with Chris will be one to remember (should have taken pictures…). In the end due to strength of schedule Darrell (who was also undefeated) came in first, I took second, and Mark took third, so our car took home ALL the trophies! I don’t care that I came in second, doesn’t bother me at all, and in fact I’m happy Darrell and his Circle won because I believe it’s his first steamroller win ever.

Magnus2 was great as always, although I know that the CID changes mean my battlegroup will need to change (likely to Nomad/Mangler), and who knows if Magnus2 will get changed. The MacBain list never saw the double Judy’s it was meant for (in fact no one even brought them) but it did well enough against Butcher3 when I needed it to. Obviously that list will also be effected by the CID and I’m not sure how at this point. I really wish there was a mat 7 non-character jack in mercs, as it’s would be great for jackhammer, but you can’t have everything.

Overall it was a great event, I scored more than enough points to ensure my spot, and now I can goof around and play with some builds.


Thank you for reading!