This weekend I went to not just one, but TWO Steamrollers. This was the result of two neighboring cities accidentally holding an event on the same weekend, and my wife surprisingly allowing me to go to both.

The goal was simple: Stop Calgary. Lately one town, Calgary, has been winning all of the events, and I wanted to do my part to try and stop them. Two of them in particular, Cory Burns and Chris Dancocks, who had their WTC lists posted were my primary targets given I knew what they would be bringing. After a couple of days of planning and scheming the answer my group came up with was that my normal pair of Thexus/Magnus2 would not do the job, and instead we made a Siege2 list:

Max commandos w/ UA
Max commandos w/ UA
Max trenchers
Express team
Express team
Trench buster
Trench buster

I have not played my Siege2 much, and the few games I did play I made major mistakes and kept forgetting abilities, so my expertise was not good with the list but it seemed to be my best shot, and if nothing else I’d get more practice with Siege2.

Pairing with it was my standard Sloan list:

6 hunters
5 fireflies
Min mechaniks

Of course my other goal was to go at least 3-1 in each event and score some tournament points for our Alberta league.

Tournament 1: Nerd City Steamroller in Red Deer

Game 1: Sloan vs Matt’s Goreshade3 ghost fleet
As much as I wanted to practice Siege2, Sloan loves seeing Cryx when they don’t have slayer spam. The game was pretty point and shoot, and my early feat took out the Kraken and an entire unit. Past this it was mainly a matter of using the magic attacks I had to slowly kill off the blackbanes, while scoring on the side I had cleared. In the end I won on scenario, and no shame to my opponent as this was a pretty awful matchup for him.

Game 2: Siege2 vs Brynn’s High Reclaimer double Judicator
Oh… my… god… I hadn’t seen this list on the table before, but man is it a beast. Thanks to choir the Sloan list was off the table, and with them rolling 4 dice to hit drop the two lowest (with potential Mark the Target and boosting above that) my infantry didn’t stand a chance. Realizing this I went all in on assassination, ran my infantry up to die, and put Siege2 behind a building in range to get to High Reclaimer. As expected he killed a ton of dudes but left the caster in a place I could get to him IF I killed a choir member in the way and ate two Judicator freestrikes… so I went for it. The first freestrike only did 8 boxes, but the second one cranked and left Siege2 a bloody corpse. Honestly I was lucky to even have the chance. Had High Reclaimer moved back, or the Judicators moved together to block my advance, then the assassination would have been off the table. Brynn went on to win the event, so that made me feel better.

Game 3: Sloan vs Przemyslaw’s Dreamer
This was an odd list with a bunch of lights he was testing out. Honestly this should have been an easy win for Sloan (and Siege’2 was off the table due to all the Rattlers), and it started off well. Early feat took off 4 lights and a gremlin swarm, turn two I took off a heavy, 2 lights, a krabbit, and a gremlin swarm, and it was only after that when he started getting into me. The issue was that I gave up a couple CPs while I cleared out the army, and then just before I had basically tabled him and he wouldn’t be able to stop me from scoring over and over, I didn’t walk a model into a zone, he scored a couple more, and won because he had 5 more. He was elated, but obviously I was disappointed with the brainless blunder. Oh well, shake it off, regroup, and focus on saving the 2-2.

Game 4: Siege2 vs Darrell’s Vyros2
Again this was an odd build, and not the griffin spam you would expect, but instead a mix of lights (and Imperatus of course) and two units of sentinels. I thought I would have the advantage, but good positioning and feat really reduced my alpha, and suddenly I was on the receiving end of a bunch of vengeancing sentinels and lights. The game turned into a grind, with a turning point being when an express team grievous’d Imperatus, allowing Siege2 to take it out. Eventually I won on scenario, but this was definitely a game that forced me to learn this list quickly or be eaten up.

Tournament 2: Showcase Gaming in Lethbridge

Game 1: Siege2 vs Kelly’s Fyanna
I had promised myself to play Siege2 even more this event, and Kelly quickly revealed to me that he was new to the game. As such I made sure to make it a positive experience and explain some rules and give some tips along the way. It ended up as a scenario win as I cleared one side, but this was one where I wore my Press Ganger hat more than my competition hat.

Game 2: Siege2 vs Mark’s Anamag
This was good and bad: bad because this was a clubmate I had driven here with so it sucked to face each other, but good because we had played this match up in a practice game in which I won AND had learned some tips to do even better, such as using the Express Teams on the Chosen rather than the Hellmouths. Things started very well with a combined trencher shot and Express Team shot taking out a hellmouth top of 1, and then the way he came at me I felt he was in a very poor scenario position since it was spread the net and his pieces weren’t where they needed to be to score. As such I proceeded in a way toward the scenario game, and immediately regretted it. Whereas I should have feated and gone in to kill a few Chosen and jam, instead I killed off some support pieces, and even though I was infront of the Chosen a forest had prevented me from engaging them. The result was an Anamag cavalry charge of doom that cleared out nearly two units, and then some war spears came in to finish off my stormclad. Basically half my army was dead, I was overrun, sure to lose the attrition game, and likely the scenario game now too. I did have a good shot at assassination though, but the Express Team not only didn’t knock down Anamag it didn’t even hit, and then Siege2 missed the hard 6 needed to start the pain train, and it all fell apart. This game really showed how when playing Siege2 my mind has to be on the attrition game and not the scenario game like I’m used to, and how a positioning mistake can result into an absolute slaughter. Mark ended up coming 3rd, so at least my loss wasn’t in vain in getting our club into the top 3.

Game 3: Siege2 vs Lyonel’s Maelok
I don’t think I had met Lyonel before, and knew he had the bye the last round, so I started the game putting my Press Ganger hat on, but very quickly had to toss it aside and desperately strapping my competitive helmet on because he certainly wasn’t a new player. The game started well with the commando’s popping their mini feat and using their grenades to take out a unit and a half of gators. I likely would have got 2 units worth but I forgot to cast Fury on the charging Trenchers and they did almost nothing. As expected the two attack gators started killing off my infantry, while mortality on a commando unit let a swamp horror do its own fair share. The game turned into a grind, but given the line of battle was so far forward I was also getting ahead on scenario. With models getting low on both sides, and Siege2 now doing the heavy lifting while Maelok went into revive mode, I eventually managed a 9-4 scenario win. Compared to last game I was much happier with the way I was using the list aggressively, but clearly there was room for improvement.

Game 4: Sloan vs Caleb’s Skarre1
I was tempted to run Siege2 all day, but this was another dream matchup for Sloan as he didn’t have slayer spam in his pairing, and bottom of 1 I feated and basically shot off 2/3 of his army. Some feated Stalkers that jumped out from behind a building started causing some issues, but after a few turns they were dead and he was almost out of models, allowing me to win on scenario. Again, no shame to my opponent, he’s normally a 3-1 player who has been threatening top table, but this was just an awful matchup for him. (But was a perfect ‘feel good’ game for me to end the weekend on!)

Post-Weekend Thoughts:
You may have noted that I didn’t play either of the people I was worried about and teching for, as is the Murphy’s Law way where if you tech for something you won’t face it. Of course another factor is that early losses meant I wasn’t on the top tables they were on.

Although Calgary took 1st in both events (again…) I came out of this feeling a lot better about my Siege2 game. Before this weekend I felt like Bambi trying to find his footing on the ice, but now I feel I can play it reasonably, and plan to practice it even more. The big things I need to work on are: 1) being more aggressive and realizing this list is an attrition list, not a scenario list, 2) getting better with planning ahead with putting out Fury and, 3) using Desperate Pace, and improving my turret placement.

I’m also deeply concerned about the double Judicator list, especially since someone from our club is looking to play it too, so I’m going to need to figure out an answer ASAP, and I really am not sure what it is in Cygnar… maybe Kraye… maybe Siege1… I don’t know…

Anyway, thank you for reading, and if you have any comments on my lists or my game I’d love to hear them. Cheers!