I once had a dream about this epic conversion.  Gobber + a Minuteman.  Its a Cygnar light warjack.  What if you put the gobber in the front and made it look like it was piloting it?  HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?

*Runs out and buys a Tinker and Minuteman.

*Take Gobber out and puts it against the jack…and no no this doesn’t look right.



So my genius idea…is going to involve more work.  Dreams of just gluing him to the jack and it all lining up to make it look good are done.  Now major work must be done….dream is fading.

So I sit and think for a bit.  Looks like just has to be ground down to get the gobber to fit.  Nope I don’t have the tools for that.  Could as Ian.  He did that great base for my Kraken….ok yes lets ask him.

3 days later I get this text.


Oh snap!  He took it and made it a reality!  Happy dance.  A day later I get another text.


He looks awesome.  Can’t wait till he is painted up!  I am going to have to play some Cygnar for a while and put the Cryx aside to Gobby can get some table time!  This makes me want to convert all my jacks to having pilots…..but that sounds like a lot of work….but the Hurricane is coming out soon…..OMG!