The Forge Seer has been out for a little while now and I’ve been able to get some games under my belt with them.  Yes its them because you should always take 2.  I did do some dabbling on what jack to put on my Forge Seer.  Now I didn’t try every jack available because once I put Behemoth on him there was no point.  He is the winner.


With the Forge Seers being able to give their focus from 7″ away from Behemoth means that they can be way back and out of the danger zone.    Have 2 Seer’s means that Behemoth is always doing max damage.  And he isn’t a drain on your war caster.  But you still get the benefit of his points in the Jaws of the Wolf theme.  Which means your Seer’s will be FREE!

Being Jack Marshalled to the Seers lets you do some pretty interesting things.
1: You can aim for plus 2 rat plus use the Jack Marshal ability STRIKE TRUE to gain another plus 2 to Behemoths rat.  Making him rat 8.

2:  If you really want to get silly you can take the Winter Guard Artillery Kaptain for his Artillerist ability giving Behemoth another plus 2 rat. For a total of Rat 10.

3:  Keep in mind whatever your shooting at will be without any of their Def/armour buffs because being Jack Marshalled to the Seers gives Behemoth Blessed Weapons!  To benefit from this Behemoth must be in the Seer’s command range.  When you’re shooting say an Arcane Shielded Stormwall,  instead of being armour 22 your blessed guns ignore the spell and you are dice off 5 instead of dice of 8.

4:  Also because Behemoth is Marshalled to the Seer his weapons are also magical.  Again Behemoth must be in the Seer’s command range.  Hello Menoth jacks.  Passage isn’t going to save you now!  Or even Ghost Fleet theme.  You can obliterate the Wraith Engine or Blackbanes Ghost Raiders with ease!

5: Also if you aim you can use the Jack Marshal ability called Take Aim.  You get plus 2 to hit and plus 2 to your damage rolls.  Making anything you directly hit take a boosted pow 16 and all the blast damage would be boosted pow 9s.  Pretty legit!

Ok the negatives to Marshalling a jack…. they can’t shake effects.  So if your jack gets blinded/shadowbined/stationaried/knocked down…or any other shakeable effect you are going to have a bad turn.

I have tried the Destroyer on a Seer.  I just didn’t find it had the same kind of damage output that you get with Behemoth.  I like it so much that I have even don’t it on my Sorscha 1 list out of theme.  A few of my opponents in my meta used to say it was a waste….until they saw the work he did all game.  Now they have settled into being salty about it.  Their tears are delicious.

Seriously if you’re a Khador player and you haven’t run Behemoth on a Seer….GIVE IT A GO!