You know they are a good choice for Trolls when some of the top players hate playing them!
And much like Warders they are better in twos!  So don’t get one unit get two!

I know they have been out for a while but I just got my second unit!

At first I wasn’t sold on them when they first came out.  I felt they didn’t have a home in my E Madrak list….. Well I am no fool and I can admit when I am wrong.  And boy was I!  I have only played two games with them so far with Bearka and they are great.  They have now found a place in my Madrak list.  Can’t wait to give him a go!



Like a lot of their new plastics the Fire Eaters are bang on.  My two boxes had very little flash that needed cleaning.



I have learned to go through and dry fit all the pieces.  That way there are no surprises when it comes to fitting.  I used to just crack the box and start gluing everything.  Then I’d get to the last piece and it wouldn’t fit because I had glued something in the way…..yes I know I am not smrt.


Once I had figured out what went where they went together very fast.  Most of the time just using clue and no Green Stuff.



I didn’t glue them to their bases as I figured putting some cork or a custom base on them would make them stand out from the other unit more so then just painting them in different coloured clothes.


I really like this guy.  Super great job whoever modelled these guys.  The flames look fantastic and will really stand out after painting.

Great job PP.