Since the Battle Engines got an official errata and the Celestial Fulcrum got a decent buff in boxes, the ability to manage fury for your constructs and cap up faster on boosts, I decided to get my second Fulcrum painted and take it to a local tournament! 

I considered all the caster options for running the fulcrums and in the end I had to make a decision between Krueger 2 or Balder 1 in Bones of Orboros Theme. Both of these casters do a decent job of keeping melee threats off of the fulcrums, allowing them to shoot longer. Krueger does more for ranged protection but Balder has an ARM and Damage buff and runs Wolds better so  I decided to try the fulcrums with Balder 1.  I also decided I wanted to run a wrath so that I could have an ARM buffed colossal behind all the guns to anchor with, the problem is that with the fulcrums pulling 6 fury off wolds a turn, Balder was actually going to be fury starved and pretty much just upkeep a spell and camp or he’d end up cutting himself silly.

This is the list I settled on:

Baldur the Stonecleaver – WB: +31
–    Woldwyrd – PC: 9
–    Woldwyrd – PC: 9
–    Woldwrath – PC: 37 (Battlegroup Points Used: 31)

Celestial Fulcrum – PC: 19
Celestial Fulcrum – PC: 19

Blackclad Stoneshaper – PC: 0
Blackclad Stoneshaper – PC: 0
Blackclad Wayfarer – PC: 0

Sentry Stone & Mannikins – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5
Sentry Stone & Mannikins – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5
Shifting Stones – Leader & 2 Grunts: 3

THEME: The Bones of Orboros

There were a number of things I wanted my off list to do:

  1. Make me want to play the Fulcrum list! Seriously, if I take Wurmwood I’m just going to end up playing him 3 times.
  2. Crack armour. The baulder list deals with medium armour fairly effectively but will probably falter against Khador jack spam or armour skew.
  3. Kill infantry swarm, I wasn’t sure how much infantry the fulcrums could handle and I’ve had a bad time into Zaal2 immortal spam, so I wanted something that could handle that as I was expecting a player to bring it.

So to fullfill all those requirements I reached for my Tanith list and made some adjustments to put a unit of reeves in for the high arm troop spam opponents:

Tanith the Feral Song – WB: +31
–    Druid Wilder – PC: 4
–    Warpwolf Stalker – PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 19)
–    Loki – PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 12)
–    Scarsfell Griffon – PC: 8
–    Scarsfell Griffon – PC: 8
–    Scarsfell Griffon – PC: 8
–    Gorax Rager – PC: 7

Swamp Gobber Chef – PC: 1

Sentry Stone & Mannikins – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5
Sentry Stone & Mannikins – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt: 2
Reeves of Orboros – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
–    Reeve of Orboros Chieftain & Standard – Chieftain & Standard: 4

So all set! We showed up and there ended up being 12 players including 3 World Team Canada players, so it was a pretty good field: 2 Circle, 3 skorne, 2 Khador, 1 Legion, 2 Ret, 1 Cygnar, 1 Merc!

GAME 1 VS David Beauchamp, Khador: Vlad1 and Sorcha 2


Dave is a great player and has some nasty lists that blow stuff off the table like crazy. Last time I played David I tried Tanith into his Vlad 2 and didn’t really have a good time of it. I also didn’t like the idea of sorcha 2 into Tanith either so I went with Balder and David went with Vlad.

Vald went first and deployed conventionally with a fairly even spread across the frontage. I deployed with a everything shifted heavily to the left and only the sentry stones on the right to hopefully tie down a unit or two and contest that flag.

Dave moves up and I am immediately threatened by his battle group, so I have to first turn feat just to prevent getting charged from his feated jacks. I run up and position the left most fulcrum in the stones. The other Fulcrum has to be further up the table than I want due to a wall, I put stone skin on the Wrath but in retrospect I probably should have put it on the middle fulcrum,

Dave goes and positions his battle group with just enough jacks to draw in the wrath, he shoots down the middle fulcrum with S&P rockets, field gun and destroyer.

My turn and I am going to try and kill a couple jacks and score as many CPs as possible. The stones port up the fulcrum into base contact of the left flag and it hammers a jack and kills a couple rockets. The black clad hunters marks a jack and the wrath charges in and takes out one marauder and leaves a juggernaught on 2 boxes (taking out cortex thankfully). One shrimp takes out some winter guard and the other runs to the middle flag to score that. On the far right the sentry stones pick off a few winter guard and score there giving me 3 CPs.

Dave’s turn and he allocates 3, casts Signs and Portents, feats  and two marauders take down the Wrath. He does a fair amount of damage to the wyrd on the central flag with shooting, softens up the fulcrum and runs his destroyer over to the right flag.

Beginning of my turn and there are 2 winter guard and a juggernaught with 4 boxes contesting the left flag and a full marauder and 4 infantry contesting the middle flag. It will be super easy to clear the left flag but the full marauder is going to be an issue. The right flag is right out as twigs won’t kill a full khador heavy anytime soon. I clear the left flag with a wyrd and one of the fulcrums guns, the fulcrum also puts a good amount of damage on the marauder. The wyrd on the middle flag has to adjust to get all the contesting models in his line of sight but hits all the 6’s and clears that side. That leaves me with the marauder, the Blackclad charges a mechanic in the front of the marauder, kills him and battle wizards a stone spray over the marauder hitting and knocking him down. Balder charges in and manages to scrap the marauder with his last attack needing a 10 on damage and I score to 5.

Whew, that was a good deal of luck involved there, Dave gave me a 30% odds on killing the marauder with balder and I don’t doubt that his math is on point, overall I didn’t have an option though as I wasn’t going to get another turn anyway!

GAME 2 VS Jon Fairs, Ret, Vyros 2 theme vs Balder 1.

Two Fronts

Jon had Vyros and Kaelyssa so I was going to drop Balder regardless as I didn’t really want Helios dragging my stuff all over the place and I hoped that I had enough boxes to be an issue for Kae Bae.

I won the roll for first, which was huge and our colossals squared off. I ran up to threaten as much as I could with an even deploy and a sentry stone on each flank.

Jon moved up rather cautiously, throwing out covering fires and casting decel.

My turn and I try and hit some crits on the fulcrum sprays getting one on the far right griffon in the woods. I put a pile of shooting into that one doing a decent amount of damage but overall, between shield guard and decel the damage is fairly minimal.  I also feat.

Jon pulls the damaged griffon back for repairs, uses Helios to suck in a wyrd and builds synergy by killing it and a couple twigs. He concentrates power on the right griffon and sends it in on the right fulcrum, leaving it on 9 boxes. Vyros feats.

My turn and I focus on killing griffons, I don’t want him to feat move the manticores but if I leave the griffons alone they will start killing battle engines anyway. I wreck 3 griffons and damage a 4th decently but at the end of the turn he’s got both manticores in threat range of the wrath. I pull the damaged Fulcrum back into the stones and heal it up to about 16 boxes.  I do drop a rapid growth in front of one just to make him cast Easy Rider and I score 1 in my zone.

Jon’s turn and he builds synergy, casts easy rider and sends in both manticores. After all the dice are rolled the Wrath is left on 1 box, which is a fair bit of luck on my part but Dave assures us that that is actually average, I’ll just have to take his word for it. The helios is within 9 and a bit inches of the wrath.  Vyros scores his zone.

My turn and I want to back up the wrath but can’t take free strikes so I go for the critical stationary on the fulcrum spray and land both of them with the red fulcrum freezing both Manticores. It certainly is my lucky day! I back up the Wrath to max melee range on both jacks and smash one and take out the cortex on the other, so he won’t be doing shit next turn. I also kill all but one griffon, I back balder out of the zone an to avoid super helios suckage. The Wrath is healed up to about 10 boxes.

Jons turn and he can’t get onto the Wrath so Helios charges the red fulcrum and blows it to little stone bits. Vyros scores his zone again.

My turn and the Wrath goes in on Helios and dusts him up a decent amount, the green fulcrum aims and puts a lot of damage into it and a couple twig charges finishes it off. I kill some support and score my zone again.

Jon pretty much concedes, the game really hinged on who lost Helios or the Wrath first but he builds a point of synergy and Vyros goes in to try and finish the Wrath but fails, then the wrath punches a twig to knock Vyros down and bam bams him dead.

A good game and very touch and go, definitely turning out to be my lucky day though as the dice have been sliding my way so far!

GAME 3 VS Corey, Naaresh VS Tanith.


I haven’t played against Naaresh since he was released in MK 2 but I have a decent idea what he does. There was a nice forest in the middle of the table which heavily influenced my list choice. Corey got first turn and put blur on the swordsmen, put lamentation up and up he ran.

I moves up and ran the reeves to the extreme right, my battle group behind the forest. Admo on Loki and Scything touch on the Stalker.

Corey runs the swordsmen in to jam and tramples a Sentry into the forest to beat on a scarsfell, Molik tramples in as well, finishes the bird and fate walkers himself. Naaresh pushes into the middle with Lamentation and the agonizer and krea move to cover the Sentry.

So I have 2 problems, I want to relieve myself of the swordsmen jam but I also want to take the sentry sitting in the woods. I decide the sentry is priority, but I will do as much work on the swords dudes as possible. Loki shift over and drags the sentry out of the agonizers aura and deep into my lines. The Stalker moves up and kills the Sentry and Sprints back (costing 2 for lamentation) to safety. I hit some swordsmen with twig sprays and melee attacks hoping one would tough so I could stick Affliction on them but no luck. Tanith feats,  moves back to find the corner of the kill box and arcs a rift into the swordsmen instead.  The reeves go and shoot down a few more.

Corey’s turn and he feats with Naaresh and moves to the flag. The sentry tramples into the forest and Loki admos back out of threat range of Molik. Molik tramples in to the forest as well and kills a scarsfell. The swordsmen go in and miss a bird who elusives away and kill some twigs and leave the sentry stone on 1 box. Naaresh scores.

My turn and I ask Corey Moliks defence and armour, DEF 17 ARM 23 against shooting, well that’s a bit of an issue and I have to tease out a shield guard. I start with the sentry stones, left one moves to contest his flag and the right one kills a few swordsmen.  Tanith shoots her gun at Molik and Corey shield guards to the sentry. I mess up here and move on to the reeves realizing I left 3 fury on tanith and didn’t put up admo, oops! The reeves go and finish off the swordsmen and then I activate Loki and confirm that Naaresh’s feat is WHILE in his control. I opt to warp for Hunter so that I need two boosted 9’s instead of an 11 and then 7. I manage to hit both and drag Molik in. The Stalker activates and kills Molik but it fills both him and Loki, gonna be some frenzy action next turn! My remaining bird moves into the forest to try and cock block the sentry and puts up Elusive (for 2 again!).

Corey gets his gladiator onto the left stone and trashes it. The sentry swings at the scarsfell but misses and it dodges away. He brings the krea into the forest and paralyzes the stalker. Naaresh scores his flag again going to 2.

Okay, I have a serious issue, too much fury and I need to get something in to contest Corey’s flag and the bird is pretty much the only thing that will be able to do it! I gamble and leave the bird on 1 fury, the stalker on 2 and loki on 4. Only the Stalker frenzies, that is good! I set about killing the Krea with guns (not easy with a shield guard nearby!) and I think Loki drags it in to finish it. I run the Scarsfell to contest.

Corey kills the scarsfell with naaresh and the sentry and the gladiator repositions to get back in the game. He scores to 3.

My turn and I need to reverse the pressure now or I’m done! Between loki and the stalker the sentry goes down, the stalker sprinting in to contest. The reeves run left and Tanith moves up and scores her flag.

Corey’s turn and between the Gladiator and Naaresh he kills the stalker but importantly Loki admonitions up a few inches closer to naaresh’s flag. He runs the beast handlers right to gum up the reeves. The agonizer even gets in on the action.

My turn and I confirm that the gladiator and agonizer are full on fury, time to switch from scenario to assassination! I clear the reeves with twig sprays and they advance and put two decent CRAs into Naaresh. Tanith moves up but misses her gun shot on Naaresh, she throws scything touch onto loki and primal as well. I clear one model out of lokis charge lane and he charges Naaresh and puts him down hard.

GAME 4 vs Tim, Ossrum vs Balder


I’ve played into Tim’s gun bunnies a lot and I always have a ton of trouble due to the high volume of very accurate shooting that is deadly to medium armour warbeasts and lightly armoured infantry. I went with the double fulcrum list simply because I’ve played Tanith into bunnies before and it’s not good at all, she’d probably be just fine into Damiano but I wasn’t expecting that.

Importantly I won the roll for first and jumped all over going first, if I go second I probably have to feat bottom of one and lose any edge I could get by threatening. I put stone skin on the red fulcrum and heavily weighted my deployment to the left with only the sentry stones sparing for the right zone.

Tim put out fire for effect and snipe and moved forward, opting not to feat for a first strike. I think he shot the snipe mortar but didn’t do any damage.

My turn is going to be a feat turn, thing with the feat is it doesn’t give cover to any of my important pieces and only really protects Balder. I need him to be up table far enough for the slow down effect to stop hammer dwarves from getting to my stuff but if I do, there is the danger that Balder could get shot to death. I decide that it is a risk I’m going to have to take to try and protect my pieces.  I upkeep stone skin on the fulcrum and decide not to cut for one to fill balder up.  I decide I want to take the one mortar out and focus on that, the wrath clears a hole with its gun and I port up the red fulcrum and hit it with the flame cannon killing all the guys in take up range as well. Besides that I kill a couple dwarves, move balder up, cast a rapid growth to try and cover him as best I can and camp 2. I run the blackclad up to screen balder as well.  The manikins on the right try to cripple a spray bunny but fail spectacularly.

Now, to be clear, I wasn’t exactly baiting an assassination, I didn’t have any tricks or gimmicks to protect balder besides the DEF 18 and little bit of screening. I thought Tim would only be able to get 2 aimed shots needing 10’s and about 4 or 5  non aimed shots needing 12’s and I felt that balders position was risky but that if I wanted to win this game I needed Tim to have some bad dice to start with. The more shots taken at balder the less fire the Battle Engines would take and maybe I would have both left next turn.

Unfortunately my math was a bit off on the number of shots Tim could manufacture. I failed to factor energizer into my calculation and he ended up being able to take 4 aimed shots and about 4 non aimed shots plus a fire for effected mortar that could aim. Tim feated, energized and started in with the assassination run, I have to be honest I was a little worried!

Luckily for me Tim’s dice failed pretty miserably and he hit baulder 3 times, I transfered an 8 and took 5 damage and when all was said and done I still had all my important pieces. Tim did kill all the manikins on the right and scored a point there.

end of my turn 2 just prior to Tims assassination run.

My turn and I decide I need to kill as many hammer dwarves as possible, they are the main threat to the wrath, and I needed to lock down the right zone to prevent any more scoring. Between the fulcrums and wyrds I clear off the wrath and kill a ton of dwarves. The wrath gets stone skin, balder moves behind the red battle engine and camps 3.  The wrath moves into the right zone, kills a few dwarves and a spray bunny.

Tim’s turn and he focuses fire on the red fulcrum and takes it down. With the fulcrum gone balder is exposed and he takes about 4 more shots on balder, reasoning it’s an easier way to get damage on the wrath (wyrds are full as usual). Unfortunately Tim’s dice fail miserably again and very little damage is done.

My turn and I have to get the Wrath into Tims line of gun bunnies or I’m going to get shot to pieces. I use the wyrds and manikins to clear off the wrath and he charges about 4 bunnies and the TAC. He knocks a bunch of shit down and kills 2 bunnies (god stone skin on him is amazing). The green fulcrum focuses fire on the remaining bunnies crippling 2. balder moves into the rubble and camps 4.

Tim’s turn and he’s in a bit of a pickle with a lot of his gun bunnies engaged by the wrath. He focuses his fire on the green fulcrum and takes it down, also taking out a wyrd with some remaining hammer dwarves.

My turn and things are attritioning hard but with the wrath in a position to lock down the bunnies I feel alright. I clear off the remaining hammer dwarves and the wrath kills 2 more bunnies and engages a couple more. No one is scoring anything.

Tim’s turn and he tries for a last ditch assassination on balder but I’m camping so aggressively now it’s not going to happen and Tim clocks out.


I got lucky every single game. Game 1 it was about 30% or so that I kill the marauder to score the 5th point, game 2 Jon left the wrath on 1 box (average I’m told), 3rd game my opponent filled his remaining beasts and I survived a statistically very good assassination run in game 4. All my opponents played good games but I just got the luck where I needed it to pull it out. Not to say I didn’t play well, but I’m not sure I could have played the games any better and if the luck wasn’t there I would lose. The Balder list performed better than I thought and I was impressed with the shooting output and balders ability to camp aggressively.


The Fulcrum is a fantastic gun platform in a faction with limited access to high pow boostable guns. It has a lot of secondary abilities on all of it’s guns that are situationally brilliant and I used every single one to good effect at this tournament.  Crit Stationary on the spray is especially nice and I’ve found new love for making marshaled jacks stationary! The fulcrum is relatively survivable to ranged attacks but will still go down to focused fire so I had a tendency to focus them on a flank with the Wrath anchoring the middle and sentry stones harassing the other flank.

The reliance on taking fury from wolds is a boon and a curse. First off it means you have to have enough wolds to feed the fulcrum so it’s best in lists that run enough wolds. It also means that if you lose a fulcrum you will most likely have excess fury reducing your effectiveness on a turn you just lost a key piece. Still, I think the Fulcrum is well balanced and worth consideration in any list you are running a couple wolds and almost mandatory in a bones theme that runs a lot of them. I’m even interested in trying Bradigus with it to see if it helps him manage the fury and allow him to camp more aggressively.


I was convinced double fulcrum would be gimmicky but I was impressed and the list made a very effective gun line with a solid anchor in the Wrath. Stone Skin, the feat and rapid growth all make a solid package that protects the fulcrums and makes the Wrath a serious beater. I tried double fulcrum with Balder 2 but was unimpressed, I don’t like armour skew without defensive control tech and Balder 1 does that better IMO plus Balder 1 doesn’t mind camping where as Balder 2 likes to spend his way down to almost empty and with double fulcrum there just doesn’t seem to be enough fury to go around!

I’m interested to try it with other casters that can provide the same level of defensive control like Kreuger 2 but I have concerns that he won’t be to anchor as effectively as a Stone Skinned Wrath.


The Fulcrum is legit and a model that should be considered seriously when running a couple wyrds or a bones theme list. It’s far from being auto include but it will have a home in a few solid list options, in that regard it is very well designed and I’m glad I own two!