Ok again I am NOT a good at doing conversions.  If you have seen any of the other models I have posted they have always been done by someone else.  Gobber/Minuteman, Kraken base, and my agonizer jr.  All done by other people.   But this one seemed pretty silly to get someone else to do.  Be prepared to laugh…

First thing I did was hit up a dollar store.

Looks innocent enough….

Well this doesn’t look right.

So hack and slash.

There now you can see what I’m thinking.

I cut it down to 3 rings.  And started adding some bits I had laying around.

Told you that you’d laugh.

Then I got the Viktor.  And it had better bits!  Ripped off the small parts and added the big bits.  The back shield I put on with a magnet so I can pop it off easily.

And Bam.  Finished.  The great thing is its just like a condom.  It just slides on.