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4 and OH- How blind luck, complicated rules and broken AF models can help you (almost) win tournaments

DERP bird know that DERP is the word

I played a couple tournaments in the past few weeks and managed to achieve the vaunted 4-0 at both, winning one and coming in second at the other. Now we all like to think that we have moments of brilliance or that games are carefully orchestrated ballets of precision and genius, but frequently I find they are messy, complicated blunder fests of luck. Does that mean I’m a sloppy, dumb assed player who plays sloppy dumb assed players? No, I don’t think so. I try very hard to play a good tight game, but Warmachine is a complicated game that we play under strict time constraints and shit gets weird. Continue reading 4 and OH- How blind luck, complicated rules and broken AF models can help you (almost) win tournaments

Interview with Marc Andre Leblanc- winner 10th WE

axe colour dual crossed copy

Marc Andre Leblanc is a prominent member of the Canadian Warmachine Community and is very active in the international meta. He has been attending WTC as part of the Canadian team since it’s inception and was captain last year. He has won innumerable tournaments but some of his more recent ones are OTC 2016 and the New England Team Tournament.  He is one of the best warmachine players in Canada if not the world and is also a very modest and amiable gentleman. Continue reading Interview with Marc Andre Leblanc- winner 10th WE

Interview with LVO Masters winner Jeff Everitt

12033160_10156081424755300_3464931777064668977_nJeff “That Guy” Everitt is a very accomplished member of the western Canadian Warmachine Meta and has also been a prominent player in the international warmachine scene in the last couple years. He attended WTC last year as a member of team Moose and this year is heading up the same team as Captain. He won Wet Coast 2015 and just last week won the Las Vegas Open. Jeff gave me the opportunity to interview him about his LVO win!

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Party Foul is now Streaming Games!

Not that its a good thing but if you want to see some fun off the wall games or some competitive tournament lists give us a follow.

If you miss all the action live we will be uploading the games shortly after.

Have a specific match up you want to see on the stream?  Let us know.



Jeremy McClure, saying “Ok” or maybe “I need a spliff”
Jeremy is a very active member of the Southern Ontario Warmachine Meta, attending at least a couple tournaments a month and playing regularly throughout the week.

I got an opportunity to ask Jeremy a few questions about his experience at the seventh world ender!

Jeremys winning lists!


1. Hi Jeremy and congrats on the win! How long have you been playing the game  and how many factions do you play competitively? Do you consider Legion  your main faction? Was this your first World Ender?

 Thank you androgynous Party Foul duck! I have been playing the game since 2012. I started by playing Cygnar, and switched to Legion in 2014. I consider legion my main faction as I have not played anything else for almost 2 years. I am lucky that I am able to attend a lot of tournaments so I believe this was my 5th world ender.

2. You played Saern tier and Epic Vayl Tier for the tournament. I understand you’ve been experimenting with the Blight bringer for Quite sometime but decided not to bring it along, why is that? Also, Saern Tier, that seems a bit unusual, can you explain the benefits of using her in tier over not? 

I played about a dozen games with BB trying to see if it clicked with my style, but I find it very slow and a bit cumbersome to make use of the buffs it offers to infantry. I haven’t played much infantry in the past couple years, so it will take some getting used to.  

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OTC 2016 Lists Post #1

So, after taking from what I could assume to be FAR too long to do this. I’ve gone and checked all the lists, fought with some people to get them to correct them and have them all formatted for posting (Special thanks to JDWhitee for the assistance, I didn’t even think about thanking him earlier. I blame lack of sleep and my eyes wishing to bleed after staring at my computer screen for far too long). YES, it is across 3 posts, only because the data is too large and because we didn’t have a system for everyone to submit their lists on, I’m still working on normalizing the formatting so I can make an excel spreadsheet. Though my Spreadsheet-fu is not the greatest, I will soldier on and get it done. Though the hardest part is over, lists have been verified and if I made any mistakes (which I most likely made a few) feel free to SEND an email to, please and thank you.

Oh and click on the list to open it. If you’re lazy scroll to the bottom and click Expand All.

Anyways, without further adieu.

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