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In this instalment of Circling the Drain I’m going to look at preconceived notions that the community as a whole has about the Circle stable of options and how we, as a community, need to shake these out of our heads and open our minds and play time to new and exciting options.

Let’s head down the Drain!



In defense of SPAM!

Yummy! Comes in under-costed warjack or unbalanced warcaster variety!

I feel like I’ve written this article before, or at least had this argument more times than I care. Still, it seems that amidst all the belly aching and doom and gloomery over Mad Dogs and 2Una bird flocks it’s time to drag it over the coals again and tell you all why I think SPAM is good for the game!

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Council Fire Con- Circle Tournament Bat reps


I went to Council Fires this past saturday, a miniature convention, in Brantford and played in their warmachine tournament and had a fantastic time! I was super excited because I would hit my 200 games for the year goal at the tournament on the last round! Let me tell you about it: Continue reading Council Fire Con- Circle Tournament Bat reps

Battle Report WTC Charity Event

Today we participated a WTC charity team event at X-Planet in Mississauga.  Lionel was great to host the event and donate half the proceeds to the boys going to the WTC this year.  8 teams showed up to play the 3-man team event.

My team was Tim, a member of Canada’s WTC teams, and Jeremy… who is not… yet.  Tim played Circle, while Jeremy played Legion and I played Cygnar for the first time in 3 years….

I mean what can go wrong.

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SOO Double Champion Bubba Dalton

13051721_491257791066215_4239687565190369987_nDespite only having joined the warmachine community a couple years ago, Bubba Dalton has wracked up some impressive wins and plays and comports himself in the manner of a life long veteran. He has won many local tournaments, was on this years OTC winning team, qualified for masters at CaptainCon 2014, 2015, 2016, Templecon 2015, Southern Ontario Open 2015, 2016 and just recently rocked SOO winning both IG and Masters in the same weekend. Last year he was a member of Team UN at WTC (going undefeated) and joins Team Canada Goose for this coming year.  Bubba is an extremely strong warmachine player and a jovial gentleman to hang out with.

Qualified for Masters at:
On Team Canada – Goose

Our Buddies over at Moosemachine streamed a bunch of the games and you can check them out at:

You can check out the Iron Gauntlet Finals here:

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Goreshade, Lord of Ruin – A Guide

Ok this will be our longest post ever.

William Cruickshanks aka Archnomad is writing a great in depth article on all things Goreshade, Lord of Ruin.  Its a WIP so he will keep adding to it.  Its massive but worth the read.  Multiple times.  Let it sink in.



1. Introduction
2. Ghyrrshyld , Lord of Ruin – An Overview
2.1 Goreshade’s Card
2.2 Goreshade’s Matchups
3.0 What should I take with him? 
3.1 Warjacks
3.2 Units
3.3 Solos
3.4 Mercenaries
4. Common Army Compositions and their Roles.
4.1 The Kraken
4.2 Double Jack
4.3 Single Jack
4.4 Single Cav
4.5 No Cav
4.6 Character Overview
5. Tricks of the Trade
6. F.A.Q.

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OTC 2016 Lists Post #1

So, after taking from what I could assume to be FAR too long to do this. I’ve gone and checked all the lists, fought with some people to get them to correct them and have them all formatted for posting (Special thanks to JDWhitee for the assistance, I didn’t even think about thanking him earlier. I blame lack of sleep and my eyes wishing to bleed after staring at my computer screen for far too long). YES, it is across 3 posts, only because the data is too large and because we didn’t have a system for everyone to submit their lists on, I’m still working on normalizing the formatting so I can make an excel spreadsheet. Though my Spreadsheet-fu is not the greatest, I will soldier on and get it done. Though the hardest part is over, lists have been verified and if I made any mistakes (which I most likely made a few) feel free to SEND an email to, please and thank you.

Oh and click on the list to open it. If you’re lazy scroll to the bottom and click Expand All.

Anyways, without further adieu.

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