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It’s okay to win your own CON.


The Southern Ontario Open was this past weekend and it was a ton of fun! JVM won iron gauntlet and Tim Banky, co-founder of the convention, won Masters. I played both events and had a great time, it was a well organised and run event and is starting to draw more “international celebrities”. If you didn’t go this year you should totally make a point of going next year, it’s a quality con, up there with Captain Con, Grots Con etc and well worth the time. Continue reading It’s okay to win your own CON.


Alright we are having another raffle for our Patreon supporters.  So head on over to our Patreon and pledge!

We are giving a way a fully painted 75 point Ret list.  Painted by Party Foul Greg.  The draw will most likely be in June.  All the proceeds are going to Podcasting Gear.  Winner is responsible for shipping costs.

Vyros 2
Elara 1

Continue reading Raffle!