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Conquest to Viktor Conversion

Ok again I am NOT a good at doing conversions.  If you have seen any of the other models I have posted they have always been done by someone else.  Gobber/Minuteman, Kraken base, and my agonizer jr.  All done by other people.   But this one seemed pretty silly to get someone else to do.  Be prepared to laugh…

First thing I did was hit up a dollar store.

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Looks innocent enough….

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Beast 09 Conversion

After making my Extreme Ruin, every time I looked at Beast 09 it made me sad.  He was just so tiny.  I have an unassembled Destroyer just laying around and I have been toying around with the idea of making him Beast 09.  Problems with this idea.  I would have to sculpt ice on the axe myself since Spud said no.  Spud is the guy who made my Agonizer Jr for my Cygnar.  I figured that he could pound to out the axe effortlessly.  But Spud said NO.  It didn’t interest him and was far to easy.  He wanted to push me to do it.  But I barely paint….sculpting is beyond my skills and comfort zone.  The Destroyer would also require a left arm.  Which thankfully can be ordered from the PP online store.  For only $15 and $15 for shipping I could be the proud owner of an Extreme left arm.  Its tempting but no.  I have all the left over bits from Ruin just laying there as well.  And Ruin is substantially bigger then Beast 09.  So thats what I went with.

It begins!
It begins!

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Minuteman/Gobber Tinker Conversion

So my dream has not only been assembled but it has also been painted!  Its done.

Thanks to Ian for making it all come together and to Greg for painting it up for me!  Now I have the itch to dig my Cygnar out for a few games!

Yes I know someone else did this already.  Sorry I didn’t know it when I first posted it.


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I Once Had a Dream.

I once had a dream about this epic conversion.  Gobber + a Minuteman.  Its a Cygnar light warjack.  What if you put the gobber in the front and made it look like it was piloting it?  HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?

*Runs out and buys a Tinker and Minuteman.

*Take Gobber out and puts it against the jack…and no no this doesn’t look right.



So my genius idea…is going to involve more work.  Dreams of just gluing him to the jack and it all lining up to make it look good are done.  Now major work must be done….dream is fading.

So I sit and think for a bit.  Looks like just has to be ground down to get the gobber to fit.  Nope I don’t have the tools for that.  Could as Ian.  He did that great base for my Kraken….ok yes lets ask him.

3 days later I get this text.


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You know they are a good choice for Trolls when some of the top players hate playing them!
And much like Warders they are better in twos!  So don’t get one unit get two!

I know they have been out for a while but I just got my second unit!

At first I wasn’t sold on them when they first came out.  I felt they didn’t have a home in my E Madrak list….. Well I am no fool and I can admit when I am wrong.  And boy was I!  I have only played two games with them so far with Bearka and they are great.  They have now found a place in my Madrak list.  Can’t wait to give him a go!



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Denegrah the Soul Weaver- And her custom base.

After the amazing work I had done on my Kraken’s base I decided Denny needed some kind of love for her base too.   We bounced some ideas back and forth and came up with this.

Just have to finish Denny now.  Ian magnetized the wings but I am torn if I should just glue them in so I don’t always have to fiddle trying to get them in.

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