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Greylord Forge Seer/Behemoth Combo

The Forge Seer has been out for a little while now and I’ve been able to get some games under my belt with them.  Yes its them because you should always take 2.  I did do some dabbling on what jack to put on my Forge Seer.  Now I didn’t try every jack available because once I put Behemoth on him there was no point.  He is the winner.

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In defense of SPAM!

Yummy! Comes in under-costed warjack or unbalanced warcaster variety!

I feel like I’ve written this article before, or at least had this argument more times than I care. Still, it seems that amidst all the belly aching and doom and gloomery over Mad Dogs and 2Una bird flocks it’s time to drag it over the coals again and tell you all why I think SPAM is good for the game!

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